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How Much Does it Cost to Design Your Website With Hubspot in 2021?

September 2, 2020 – Pavel Aramyan
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How Much Does it Cost to Design Your Website With Hubspot in 2021?

Website. Probably the most important aspect for any business when it comes to online marketing and sales. It’s like your Armani smoking suit, Ferrari, Rolex and iPhone 6+ that you might have at a business meeting transitioned to online terms.

You might be the pest professional, the God of marketing, but if you look like a homeless man, you will probably go unnoticed. Same can be said for your website. You could have:

  • Greatest content -Amazing offers –
  • Comfortable pricing –
  • The most caring customer service –
  • Best possible website to support all of this – “I think I can skip this”

Here is the thing: you skip the outskirts of all of the great things you offer, you lose business. Its simple.

Don’t try to save budget on the most important aspect. Your website is the primary hub for business: it has to be perfect in terms of design, functionality and content. Cut your budget on anything else if you need, not the website.

This is the general advice. However, different businesses have different requirements. For example if you are a small business or startup, you might not need the best, top notch website right from the start. In this case, it might be reasonable to invest as much as you need for basic needs and continue improving as you grow. Need some website inspiration? Here are also 5 HubSpot COS Examples to be Inspired with

So going back to the original question – How much does it cost to design and develop your website with Hubspot? Read on, you will find out.

Website Design From Scratch

Each agency has its own way of designing a website. Depending on the agency, methods and requirements, cost and timing may vary greatly. As a rule, more experienced agencies will make their explanations and work very detailed, but will require more time. Typically, the design process consists of 3 stages: discovery, strategy and planning. This alone many take up to 20-50 hrs depending on the agency and client requirements.


orange-arrow_hubspot_design_cost_process1  Idea and process discussion
orange-arrow_hubspot_design_cost_process1   Wireframe and revisions
orange-arrow_hubspot_design_cost_process1  Content Generation
orange-arrow_hubspot_design_cost_process1  Programming and deploying
orange-arrow_hubspot_design_cost_process1  Quality assurance
orange-arrow_hubspot_design_cost_process1  Publishing

Idea and Process Discussion

During the idea discussion phase the agency communicates with the client to better understand the company, brand style and voice, business goals, what they are hoping to achieve with their website and so on. The more information you can provide to your agency as a client, the better results you will get in the end.

Of course, there might be cases that the business owner doesn’t specifically know what he wants to get in the end or can’t provide instructions himself. In this case, the agency conducts research on their own and does the job from scratch including content, colors, logo and so on. Naturally, research and brainstorming on the client industry niche may be charged for an additional fee.

Wireframes and Revisions

Wireframe is the outline sketch of a page used to plan concepts, layouts and modules. Naturally, the more wireframes, the more time you need to play them out and plan everything accordingly. Usually it takes 20-25 hours to create one wireframe depending on the requirements of the client and complexity.

After the wireframes are created, they are presented to the client for revisions. During revisions there is some more brainstorming, organizing, making changes and final approval. The agency offers 3 types of wireframe variations so its easier for the client to make up his mind and choose something. Usually, you will need 3 revisions to get the wireframes to their final version.



The content behind the website is one of the key things to create. Even the greatest design will look cheap if there is no quality content to support it. Website content may include everything from text to headlines, pictures, infographics, video/audio, etc. The more quality, strategic content is needed, the harder and longer the job will be and naturally, will cost more.

This is also connected with the number of pages needed: the more pages, the more content, so essentially, more budget. An alternative can be to create the content on your own and deliver it to the design agency based on a preplanned agreement.

This route will be cheaper, but more time consuming. Its a matter of priorities: you need to figure out what you need, when you need it, what terms do you agree on with the agency, etc. How much the design costs will vary greatly based on this.

As a convenient once and for all solution, it is recommended to entrust everything to your agency and not worry about content generation, design, formatting/styling at any later stages. If you don’t have your internal content team yet, leave it up to professionals: investing in their expertise, creative minds and management processes is a much more reasonable in the long run.


After all the clarifications web developers start constructing the website. All the pages and content are created following the wireframes and previous agreements regarding content (either the agency content department covers that part or the client).

For front end development most agencies use programming languages  HTML 5, CSS 3, Java Script and Jquery. The developers make sure that the website complies with the latest trends of the search engines, like mobile/tablet optimization, keyword optimization, etc.

Quality Assurance

Finally, once the final product is ready, it has to be tested and assessed for any bugs, crashes, etc. to make sure everything is working fine. Usually, the more tests you do, the better your website performance will be, but not necessarily. It all depends on who does the job and how well it is done.

Also, keep in mind that the number of pages on your website matter here. The more pages you have, the more chance that something might be wrong, thus more tests are required. On the contrary, if there are a few number of pages, then it’s much easier to plan and implement everything so there is less chance that something might go wrong.

Migration/Website Re-Design

If you aren’t starting your website from scratch, and there is a good chance that you are not, the pricing may vary greatly based on the CMS you’re migrating from and if there is an existing migration connector.
The more complex your current COS is, the more time and effort it will require to migrate everything. In these cases, you should discuss everything with your agency of choice and see if starting a website from scratch may actually be easier and cheaper than migration.
This might take more time, but in the end you will get a clean product with everything functioning properly instead of ever going need to fix something every now and then.

The Team

The team that is going to be involved in the endeavor plays a key role in the quality and timing. Teams that have more experience of working together and know their separate parts of the job will do the job much faster and much better.

Having a niche specialist for every aspect of design will ensure the highest quality but will also cost a lot. On the other hand, working with 1 man-for-all type of agency, there is a good chance that the person will know small portions of everything, but never be an expert in any niche. This will cost you less, but quality may suffer as well.

This doesn’t mean though that smaller agencies cannot deliver quality results. The only problem is that smaller agencies don’t have as much human resources and need more time to do, check and implement everything. But even 1 person alone can make a decent website: its all a matter of priorities and budget.

Incredo’s Approach


We offer quality results and individual approach to each client. Hubspot CMS or, like they name their Content Optimization System (COS), is the main platform that we do our development on. Typically, to help you get the most out of your Hubspot licence we make our development with custom modules, so you don’t to spend twice the amount of time and budget on development issues.

The difference between Incredo and any other agency is that you wont have to double check our work or go over it again with another agency. In addition, we combine our marketing approach with the latest web design and development trends, so the end goal of the web design is your business goals (e.g. buyer personas, buyer’s journey, lead nurturing, blog layout and etc.)

Your goals are our goals, so no matter if it’s inbound campaigns or web design, we strive to create the best possible services for you to skyrocket your business into new heights.

At Incredo, we design experiences building on key principles and proven methodologies. As our company tagline says ‘’Spirit of excellence’’ which translates into an excellent service in everything we do: from simplest posts to programming and design.

Hubspot Design Pricing

Although it’s difficult to give a piece of exact pricing information regarding the design, since the cost varies depending on the client’s needs and preferences, below we present an estimate that you can use as a guideline.

The price mainly varies based on functionality (complexity), amount of content and site pages required, formatting and smart content, number of templates, available time, number of landing pages, CTAs, etc. From scratch website development takes about 4-8 weeks.

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Pavel Aramyan
Post by Pavel Aramyan
September 2, 2020
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