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Top 10 How To Articles for SaaS CEO’s

November 19, 2019 – Aida Grigoryan
articles for saas ceo

If you just clicked on this article and started exploring it, Congratulations! You are a CEO (or maybe Founder CEO) at a SaaS company. First, good luck with your business.


We have prepared this round-up post so you have the most practical how-to articles at hand and save time. (We know, your job is extremely responsible and your daily schedule is tough.) 


You will find articles that cover topics from branding to pricing and from developing your product to marketing it.


1. How To Start Your Own Brand From Scratch in 7 Steps, Shopify


If your brand assets aren’t completely ready yet or your are thinking of rebranding your company, Shopify’s guide can help. You will learn what aspects branding includes as it isn’t only about designing a logo. You will also find hands-on formulas on

1) how to write a slogan,
2) how to choose a business name, and
3) how to use your brands assets effectively.



2. How To Build, Improve and Pivot A Minimum Viable Product, Cobloom
If you have an MVP, you have developed your core product feature and are ready to get feedback from initial users. Cobloom writes that you should first create your user base, see what feedback you receive from them, understand what market wants from you and make changes to your product. As examples, you will find MVP cases from DropBox, Zappos, and AngelList.



3. How To Deal With Software Development By Embracing The Slow Down Strategy, Incredo


As a SaaS CEO, you (probably) won’t directly be in charge for software development. But even if you hire the best Development Manager, there are certain things you should be aware of. Incredo’s article highlights the importance of collaboration during the project and recommends avoid re-development from scratch at all costs.

Even if you don’t have a tech background, you will still enjoy this post.


4. How To Optimize Your SaaS Pricing Page (Best Practices + Examples), Incredo
SaaS pricing strategy is something you’d like to be perfect. Incredo’s article focuses on many aspects of a high-converting SaaS pricing page.

You will know that everything from number of pricing plans to design and quantity of copy has to do with visitor psychology. You will also see 10+ examples of SaaS pricing pages that have Wow design and and non-standard approach.

After checking out that article you’ll get plenty of ideas on what tweaks can lead to higher converting pricing page.



5. How to find your perfect saas investors and create a winning pitch?, Incredo


As a SaaS (Founder) CEO, you are the one who is reaching out to investors and attends meetings with them. And you probably have tens of questions in your mind:

1) “What data, information do investors need to evaluate my SaaS growth opportunities?”
2) “What slides should I include in my pitch deck?”
3) and more.

Our guide is large enough to answer these and similar questions you have. We also write that international conferences, specific platforms, and personal connections are the most popular ways to find an investor.

What’s the best one out of them and how to target the right type of investor – check out the details with one click.


ceo 2


6. How To Build (And Scale) A Successful Sales Development Team, Sales Hacker


No matter how caring your support team is or how effectively your marketing team works. Sales reps are those who close sales and drive revenue.

Sales Hacker’s article is about avoiding SaaS sales management mistakes and maximizing your profits. Reducing sales commissions, hiring sales reps without proper experience will save you some thousands of dollars. But you will sacrifice more serious growth opportunities.


7. How To Give Software Product Demos That Convince Your Prospects [+9 Expert Quotes], Incredo


As a SaaS CEO, you may be attending software demos, talking to prospects and closing deals. Especially in the initial stages of your startup that’s almost unavoidable.

This post tells that demos with happy ends depend on several factors. Those factors include preparation and prospect company research, interlocutor research, handling unexpected circumstances, engaging the prospect, etc.

Whether you have plans to be part of your sales team or just need a complete guide to train yours sales reps, you’d definitely benefit from our efforts.  


8. SaaS company CEO’s guide how to enter new sales territories, Incredo


Expanding to new sales territories means having a plan to become a global brand. First, you should analyze one single market that is the next and concentrate on it, instead of trying everything at once. Once your target is defined, analyze what has been working for you in the past.

Our author will walk you through the most important aspect of reaching success.


9. How To Drive $150,000 in MRR Through B2B Content Marketing, Premium Content Shop


Marketers and executives are still arguing on what works best: paid ads or content creation & distribution? Even though paid ads may drive revenue, they are more expensive and require consistent investments.

Premium Content Shop’s article talks about the variety of ways you can use to make content marketing work. You will also find quotes from successful SaaS companies like Databox, Gong, Chanty, and more.


10. How To Choose An Agency That Digs Your Business, Incredo


If you are interested in this topic, hiring a full-time marketing team seems extremely money-consuming. And you are right. When choosing a growth agency that will be in charge for generating, nurturing and converting leads, you need to follow several basic principles.

You’d like to work with an agency that

1) previously has helped SaaS companies,
2) is easy to communicate and collaborate,
3) works with modern tools and technologies,
4) has flexible pricing structure so you don’t overspend.

If working with a professional SaaS inbound marketing agency is something your business needs, you can schedule a free discovery call with one of our Business Development Specialists. 


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Aida Grigoryan
Post by Aida Grigoryan
November 19, 2019
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