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LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy for 2021: 6 Ways to Promote Your SaaS Company

October 15, 2020 – Artash Arakelyan
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LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy for 2021: 6 Ways to Promote Your SaaS Company

If your content marketing efforts don’t ultimately keep you top of game in your industry or drive leads down the line, you won’t get sufficient ROI. A sound LinkedIn marketing strategy can help you boost your business and avoid getting overshadowed by competition. With 85 percent of marketers naming lead generation as their companies’ most prominent goal of content, learning how to effectively perform SaaS lead generation through LinkedIn can definitely be a huge help in your marketing efforts.

Why is LinkedIn important for lead generation?

LinkedIn has long proven itself as one of the most effective platforms for generating leads and sales, so using LinkedIn to promote your SaaS business is a great idea if you want to achieve higher ROI. Why is LinkedIn so powerful when it comes to SaaS promotions? It’s very easy to see! Combining all of the social connectivity features of other communication and media platforms with an emphasis on users’ professional lives means that LinkedIn is able to identify and directly put you in touch with potential customers in roles or at companies that can use the product you are selling. SaaS companies, in particular, can use a sound LinkedIn marketing strategy to boost initial activity and interest, and it is a great platform for nurturing existing relationships, something truly essential for SaaS companies. Therefore, aside from being an awesome networking tool, LinkedIn is now emerging as a powerful marketing tool with statistics showing that it is 277% more effective for lead generation than other channels.

SaaS lead generation through LinkedIn

Now, if you are planning on using LinkedIn to promote your SaaS business, you need to know how to get started with your Linkedin marketing strategy and the best ways of promotion on the platform. Let’s look at the must-haves of your approach:

Optimize LinkedIn Company Page

This is the second most important action you have to take. If an ad you are running or a piece of content you are sharing/promoting grabs a potential user’s attention, they are likely to come check out your business page to see what you have in stock for them. Adhere to LinkedIn company page best practices: don’t fall into the habit of merely describing your company’s profile on your page. Create compelling and useful content by explicitly stating what your SaaS product does to make a user’s life easier. Attract your potential users by mentioning problems your SaaS product solves, and how the ongoing service you provide will help them achieve their goals in the long-term.  “About” section is probably the first place your interested prospects will visit to learn more about you. So what you have to do is to write a brief but compact overview about your SaaS company, fill in other formal information and add specialties as well. For example, if you offer project management software, include keywords like project planning software, project tracking, team collaboration, etc.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Have your LinkedIn company page all set in accord with LinkedIn company page best practices? Now, it’s time to create some buzz around your product. There are free and paid options for you to check out. Groups are one of the most powerful tools in trying to gain some recognition for your SaaS product. With LinkedIn, you can join hundreds of groups related to your industry and service, which are highly effective for both connecting with prospective clients and determining areas for optimization. Keep in mind that LinkedIn groups aren’t the right option for making hard sells.

Ask for recommendations

Companies are frequently associated with their founders and CEOs. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon and Jeff Bezos or Crazy Egg and Neil Patel. And if you as a founder or CEO are famous for your skills in a particular area (or areas), then your popularity will affect your business. On LinkedIn receiving recommendations and endorsements is feasible for individual, not business profiles. But we are sure you imagine how crucial they are for those prospects who are not yet convinced, are you the most preferable option for them? Therefore you have to ask your existing customers to write reviews about their experience with your company and mention what problems or challenges they had and how your SaaS company helped them overcome the difficulties.

Create a Showcase Page

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are an amazing add-on to your marketing efforts on LinkedIn. They allow you to highlight your products and services individually, without having to create separate business pages. By creating unique Showcase Pages for elements of your business, you can target each particular product’s followers and interested parties. Let’s say you are offering scheduling software for medical and legal companies. Showcase pages can help you address each industry separately, emphasizing industry-specific features. This is particularly useful for SaaS companies, for distributing tailored content directly to consumers interested in specific products and service.

Maximize Content Production

LinkedIn is a great place to publish blog content and articles as it provides attracting eyes that can easily turn into conversions for your SaaS business. One thing you always have to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t restrict yourself to one platform: the content you publish on LinkedIn should be published on other outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Medium and more. Maintaining a consistent presence on LinkedIn and other media platforms can help position you as a thought leader within your industry. SaaS companies can make good use of this approach to show potential customers that they are thought leaders in their respected fields, and that paying for the service will be well worth the investment.

Use LinkedIn paid advertising

As a SaaS business, you can make great use of LinkedIn targeted display advertising especially because long sales cycles are quite typical for SaaS marketing whereby SaaS marketers find communicating and nurturing prospects as they progress along the sales funnel quite challenging. LinkedIn paid advertising allows SaaS businesses to reach precise business audiences wherever they travel online, using distinct targeting strategies and messaging tactics at each stage of the marketing funnel. LinkedIn’s robust ad system allows to understand your buyer personas, and improve your product accordingly. When crafting your LinkedIn ads, it’s important not to rely on one audience only. Experiment along the way and create a number of audiences that you can apply depending on the nature of a given ad campaign. Remember that the target of your ad campaign is attracting (brand awareness, blog promotions, and content marketing), conversion (offering free trials and giveaways), closure (discounts and limited time offers), and delight (premium and referral programs). Whenever you are running ads on LinkedIn, make sure to use high-quality content, case studies and testimonials because on top of awareness, you need your users’ trust. We hope these LinkedIn Marketing tips for your SaaS business will help you get going on one of the most efficient advertising platforms. Have another promotion tactic that helped your business? Do share it with us in the comments section!

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October 15, 2020