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How Much Does Hubspot Consultancy Cost at Incredo - SaaS Inbound Marketing Agency

Why Hubspot?

With the ever rising need for inbound marketing and more and more companies understanding the real benefits of acquiring clients through valuable, educational content, inbound implementation is becoming a crucial aspect for their business. Naturally, they conduct a research to find out where to start and what else they need besides a compelling content strategy that resonates with their target audience.


Most of them come across Hubspot, the world’s leading marketing and sales all in one automation platform and after diving deeper, learn that most of the successful companies ranking highest on search results use hubspot to make their business truly shine. With all the web screaming that in order to be successful in your inbound marketing endeavours, you absolutely need to implement hubspot, they think that they have found the dark chest of wonders, the pandora’s box. All they need now is open it and make a wish, and they will be far ahead from their competitors, stomping all the problems they have at the moment.

When these companies start using hubspot, everything seems so easy and they think “hey, this is getting even better, it’s like a dream, just do the basics and get rewarded”. But if everything was that simple, I wouldn’t be writing this post. Likewise, if you are reading this post, you too know it doesn’t work like that and you are searching for a solution. Keep on reading, you may well find what you are looking for.

Hubspot Background

hubspot was founded in 2006 and is based on one simple idea: help people find what they want, not enforce it onto them. 2 young students at MIT met in 2004 and saw this problem. The traditional marketing methods didn’t work any more, buyers had other preferences, they wanted help and education, not enforcement and harassment. Thousands of email that never got opened and constant calls from salespeople that ended before they could even begin, made them realize: it’s time for a change.

But in order to make the shift possible, there was a ton of things that needed to be done.Start a blog on your website, find social media analyzing tools, hire an seo consultant, buy keyword research tools, have all your content distributed through different channels manually, deal with multiple passwords and logins, use different kinds of analytics and the list goes on and on. What the founders created in the first place, is an all in one sales and marketing automation software that has a single password and a single place for everything. From social media to blogging, keyword research and analytics, hubspot offers everything; all in one place.

As a start up ourselves, we chose to go with hubspot, simply because they are the best out there provide real results. average clients report about 3-4 times more leads with around 6 months of using hubspot and double sales numbers.

With over 30% market share in marketing automation software and over 40% in evaluation growth rate, hubspot is the uncontested leader in inbound and marketing automation. They don’t just help bring more traffic, generate more leads and increase your reach, they help transform the way you do business in general and approach your buyers from a whole new perspective: their own.

Hubspot doesn’t costs too much: a $200 investment from the first month. But as your contacts and leads increase, the price goes up by $100 for every 1000 new contacts generated. It can become quite costly as you go on, especially if you are a small business. But with all the buzz around the web, everybody thinks it’s still worth it if they get the ROI that other companies report. Those reports start from 10k a month, a reasonable investment right? More information about Hubspot pricing here.

When is the Right Time for Considering a Consultant?

As time goes by, companies realize that something isn’t working out the way it should. They mastered the basics, like thousands of others have, they implement the best practices, just like thousands of others and get small to medium return on their investment: JUST like thousands of others. This is where problems start to come up: Its hard to keep up with the ongoing costs and seeing little to no return on your investments. It kills all the motivation and brings up thoughts like “I am doing everything right?” “Where are the results that everybody tells me are going to happen?” “Is inbound even good for my business?” “Am I on the right track?”

All these questions pop into their mind and never leave. With so much investment every month, there should at least be a positive sign of ever getting it back right? But they fail to see it, because it’s not there. This is the time when they start thinking of quitting hubspot since they can’t keep up with the costs, and honestly, why even bother? Nothing is happening, nothing is changing, and whatever is, is too slow.

Those who do not quit however, conduct a new research. They start looking for professional help: consultancy.Hubspot experts that can tell them WHY they are lagging behind so much and what can they do to overcome their issues.

If you are still here, reading this post, means something isn’t working for you or you have very limited time or experience to keep trying out new ideas especially if you are a startup, small or medium business. High costs are difficult to deal with and you simply can’t afford countless trial and error procedures, until you find whats right for you. Well then…

How Can Incredo Help You?

Incredo is a startup itself, so we know how high costs can potentially kill your business, especially when you don’t know exactly what is it that you want but also can’t just sit around trying to figure it out in a year or two: costs are always going to be there and buyer preferences along with the competition change a lot. We are a certified hubspot partner and have all the tools and resources needed to help your healthcare/SaaS small/medium company grow.

Industries We Work with and Our Pricing Range

We offer the same services as other agencies with similar frameworks and criteria: Number of services you need, time windows, types of services, one time fix or ongoing relationships, but with more affordable prices. We really understanding the needs and budgets of startups and small companies. We are one of you: we know whats it like.

On top of that, we offer something that many US companies don’t. We work with clients in specific niche markets that we are experts in: healthcare and SaaS companies. This way we do not have to waste both your and our time on extra research and start working from scratch with each new client. While companies may be different, the general rules of these niche industries remain the same: similar keywords, like minded readers and audience, pricing, understanding of the industry and so on.

So if you are a healthcare/SaaS start up looking for consultancy, we are ready to help. Typically we do Hubspot onboarding and migration for free as part of the first month retainer.

Going Inbound from Outbound

Inbound methodology states that you have to make content which resonates with your audience on such a level that they will come to you themselves. This sounds great, but if you really want to do it, not only you, but your whole team has to clearly understand this and work together, while at the same time become an individual teacher, be it your social media manager, your writer, strategist, researcher, etc. We try to teach this to our clients, since this is a top priority. Its what our team does: but you can do it too. It’s all about understanding and embracing inbound and putting your heart in every piece of content that you create.

Ongoing vs One Time Fix

We offer services based on the needs of our clients. What doyou want to achieve with our help? We can put you on track in a month as a one-time fix and you can take it from there, or we can have an ongoing relationship with day to day operations and education in the inbound ways. We highly prefer long term relationships, since one month is mostly not enough to understand all the key principles of inbound. It may look easy on the surface, but if you really want to make a difference and be original enough to bypass 200.000 google search results, you have to put in some hard work.

Pricing Based on Client Needs

Our prices are 4-5 times lower than those of established US companies charging from 10-50k a month. Although there is no defined pricing for each specific case, it all depends on client preferences and what they want to achieve and in what time windows, but it ranges from 1-5K accordingly.

For example, you might just need a solid content strategy and take care of the rest, others might want everything including social media management, seo, keyword research, guides, ebooks, checklists, web design, landing page optimizations, CTAs and so on. The list can be very long, but you get the idea. For the full package, the prices might go up to 3k a month, but for a few of those services they may start from $500-700.

Time Windows

Our services are also based on how fast clients want to achieve results. There are 3 options: fast, faster and fastest with corresponding price differences. Most clients usually like to stick with fast package since their budget is small and they simply cannot afford more. Another reason is that we are fair to clients and if they are just beginning, there is no point to put so much pressure on themselves and try to do everything at once. Start small and grow as you go. You can always upgrade your package later.

Inbound takes dedication, time and faith. You have to believe in whatever you create, put your heart into it and only then you will start seeing results. If you recognize your buyer personas not as cash machines, but real people with real problems that you sincerely want to help, these emotions will be transferred to them through your content. You may not see super quick results, might have problems along your journey, have multiple successes and failures, but if you truly try for your audience and are consistent about it, it will not go unnoticed.

Why Incredo?

We are a 1.5 year old company, specializing in Inbound Marketing. We provide our clients with detailed explanations of their current position and help them understand where they want to go and what they need for that. Client needs and satisfaction are our top priority. Our team consists of passionate, energetic and highly skilled professionals that have a thing for Inbound Marketing. Delivering expected results through excellence within small amounts of time. This is our spirit: spirit of excellence. Least but not last and we are results driven company. We assess, review and plan the BOF results at the begging of the project. Our impact on the bottom of your sales funnel matters for us the most.

Next Steps

Inbound marketing is super important for every business. If you are considering Incredo, you are on the right track and we have all the available time and resources to put into a good use for your project 1. Even if you prefer to do your Hubspot project with your in house team, we suggest you to read How Much Time You Need to Dedicate to Your Hubspot Projects Weekly? 2. Check out the latest landing page design trends – 6 HubSpot Landing Page Trends You Should Use in 2015 3. For more detailed information about any aspect, book a 40 min free consultation and find out everything you need to know.


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Pavel Aramyan
Post by Pavel Aramyan
August 10, 2015
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