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June 17, 2022 – Other
hubspot for inbound marketing

4 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to HubSpot When Utilizing Inbound

If you are considering to implement inbound, but can’t decide on whether you should migrate from your current platform, you have landed at the right place. Today I will show why there is just one optimal platform choice for utilizing inbound, and that is HubSpot.

HubSpot isn’t just a marketing optimization platform. Since its release in 2006, it has been constantly modified and improved to fit the exact needs of inbound marketers in every term you can think of – SEO, content generation, social media posting, monitoring, landing page optimization, built in mobile optimization, reports, deep lead analytics – this list pretty much ends at the very last feature there is, when it comes to inbound.

1. HubSpot was MADE to be the absolute, all in one inbound platform
HubSpot was specifically designed as an inbound marketing platform from the very first day of existence, as opposed to the other CMS platforms that could be modified (with constant oversight of your IT guys) to become fit for inbound. While this is possible to achieve (although it takes way too much time, effort and resources and basically turns your life into a nonstop race to keep up with every small detail), it’s an ongoing process.

With each new trend, shift and add-on coming out, you will need to manually install it and make it work for your CMS. HubSpot on the other hand, is on a 24/7 lookout and upgrades/updates everything to fit your needs as a marketer.

One could argue that there are other tools that are “made” for inbound, like Unbounce and Instapage, drag and drop landing page tools optimized with the inbound methodology that help you create beautiful landing pages, Mailchimp, a tool that helps you manage and automate email workflows, but they will be missing out an important point: HubSpot is an all-in-one platform. It’s not just about landing pages or site pages or your blog – It’s everything at once, all in one place. That’s about as far as comfort, ease of use, time efficiency and resource utilization can go.

2. HubSpot comes with most of the important stuff ready to use
Things like mobile optimization, responsive design and all in one automation, which make a decent part of the core thing, come straight out of the box. Ever since the mobile web browsing surpassed desktop in 2014, mobile responsive websites/content suddenly became a huge priority for businesses.

Every website page, email, landing page, CTA and blog post has to be mobile friendly, otherwise you risk losing business. Moreover, each time you create new content, you have to manually optimize it for mobile usage each time.

Not in case of hubspot though. Website and content generation via HubSpot is already mobile optimized, which essentially means less time, effort and resources invested.

3. Analytics
This is probably the most important thing to consider. Data and analytics make the most important part of any marketing strategy, inbound or outbound. In case of inbound, there are a ton of different software that you can use to measure your results and efforts, but none of them are as good as what HubSpot offers.

If we summarize the core of inbound, this is what we get: you generate leads for your business and later nurture to turn them into customers. The more leads you have, the better. More importantly though, the more qualified leads you can acquire, the faster your business will grow.

In depth lead analytics offered by HubSpot allows you to get as much lead intelligence as physically possible compared to any other analytic tool. If you combine this feature with the rest (smart lists, contact properties and workflows) and create a carefully thought-out strategy, you will be able to get the most compelling lead intelligence possible.

And as we know, information is everything. With enough important information about each lead, you can tailor your content and offering strategy to appeal to each individual person, resulting in a skyrocketing amount sales.

4. Smart content
Smart content is one of the key features offered by HubSpot and a huge part of inbound methodology. Smart content, landing page forms and CTAs are adaptive types of content that change based on the individual information of each unique visitor. If a visitor returns to download another offer from you, he or she will be able to download it, without filling in the same contact information already used before.

Same goes for CTAs and website content. Smart CTAs adapt based on every user’s unique needs and offer just the thing they are looking for. Your website content has the ability to change too! For example, if you know that a certain lead is willing to pay any price for quality service, you can tweak your services page to show higher rates for certain things.

Smart content is unavailable on any other CMS platforms and is very hard (if not impossible) to achieve manually. When used correctly, smart content can increase your lead to customer conversions drastically and continuously provide value to your audience, even after they make a purchase.

There is this thing that will keep getting in your way constantly when not using HubSpot – every time you will need to follow the latest trends of inbound or ad something good and valuable for your customers – you will need to turn to your IT department. Yes HubSpot costs a quite a bit, but the truth is this: if you lare going to implement inbound, there is no other good option than to design your website with HubSpot from scratch or migrate to HubSpot, if you already have a website. This will save you a lot more time and resources in the long run, than migration and HubSpot license purchase combined.


Pavel Aramyan
Post by Pavel Aramyan
October 26, 2015
Content manager at Incredo. I am a doctor who happens to have an MBA degree and generates content for an inbound agency. I am a do-it-all kind of person: When I am not writing, I am busy curing people, when I am not curing people, I tend to kill WCG competitions. Life is fun, and full of wonders: Do what you enjoy most, even if its everything at once