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Why HubSpot Templates Are the Best Choice for Inbound Marketers

November 12, 2015 – Sona Hovhannisyan
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Why HubSpot Templates Are the Best Choice for Inbound Marketers


HubSpot offers hundreds of awesome email, landing page and website templates, which makes HubSpot marketplace a dream for designers. However, even if your company does not have a designer, with HubSpot licence you will be able to get:

  • More than 80 premium templates which you can start using in just a few minutes
  • Custom template design, which will help you have a customized design just for your business
  • Preview template performance and design: You will be able to see how templates would exactly look with your logo, fonts and colors before buying the template.

In Hubspot templates marketplace you will have the chance to get templates which are highly appropriate just for your company. Though there are many other template providers like WordPress, Unbounce, Instapage and others, here are the main features why HubSpot templates are the best choice for you.


No technical knowledge needed

Unlike many other template offering websites, HubSpot makes easy for its users to manage all of their templates and create additional ones. With the help of HubSpot template builder, users can categorize existing templates and build/customize other templates for their future campaigns.

The builder is very convenient to use, there are drag and drop options for marketers with little coding experience, however there is also an html editor for designers and developers. This builder gives all departments the right tools they need for building successful templates.

There are two other features of HubSpot templates that deserve to be mentioned here:

  • Drag and drop functionality: If you want to arrange pages of your website, with this tool you can just take the ‘content box’ and move it by dragging it to another place of the page. It’s an amazing feature to do little changes, like changing the images, setting the Slider, updating blogs without any technical knowledge
  • Button Creator/Split testing: In HubSpot COS(Content Optimization System), you have the chance to build buttons and test their effectiveness, which is a great chance for inbound marketers to select the right buttons for CATs and increase conversions on their website.

Landing page testings

Most of the template providers like WordPress, have two general categories: standard website pages and blog posts. Thus, to create a landing page in WordPress, you must use form plugin which requires some configuration.

With HubSpot on the other hand, everything is much easier here, as with HubSpot’s landing page tool, users have the opportunity to add different forms on landing pages to create lists and workflows. Moreover, here, landing pages are personalized based on visitor’s lifecycle stage. with detailed analytics report connected to all pages, users of landing page templates have the chance to know which ones perform best and which ones need improvement.

SEO benefits

Some companies, especially small ones, usually need to get online and get found with their inbound marketing efforts as quickly as possible. These are the right companies which can benefit a lot from HubSpot templates: with some effort, you can convert your company from having no online presence to having a SEO ready website which will be the right starting point for your inbound marketing efforts. Though ready-to-use HubSpot templates will surely not offer all of the benefits that customized templates can offer, they can be a great start for companies who know the importance of SEO.

HubSpot gives companies all-in-one solution for all of their online business needs, This solution includes services like hosting the website, tracking relevant SEO data, presenting it through a robust software that gives companies a chance to manage every single part of their SEO strategy. HubSpot template tool will let you know which are the things you need to do to optimize every single page of  your website for search engines.

HubSpot’s on-page basics

With HubSpot tool, you will be able to generate and categorize those keywords which are necessary  for your company to get found on search engines. Out of hundreds of keywords, you need to analyze and select your top 10. These are going to be the keywords which have a medium level of difficulty,  good volume and which optimize all pages of your website.

To optimize your homepage, you need to pick 1-2 most wanted keywords, because the homepage will have the highest ranking ability of your website. For every page of your website, here are the main elements you should optimize: page title, URL address, meta description, anchor texts, image alt texts, h2 headers.

HubSpot templates are like little steps towards your overall long term goals. Of course, you won’t use them forever, but these templates with their SEO benefits can be a great foundation for your future online marketing plans.

User friendly interface

HubSpot’s new COS offers user friendly template builder which is designed to help inbound marketers to build the most appropriate templates for their online presence in a short time. The template builder comes with a user interface that it easy to comprehend and navigate, which makes it easy to use even for non-tech savvy users. With this builder, setting up styles and organizing layouts is a breeze. Templates and other design sheets can be duplicated or fully customized.

This template builder is beneficial for two main reasons. First of all, inbound marketers will have the chance to fulfill minor demands without bothering developers, who can dedicate more time to major things like website development. Secondly, as templates are user friendly, clients can get the opportunity to change things on their own.

Smart content

Making your website more dynamic and smart is considered to be a must nowadays, if you want to fulfill needs of your users. HubSpot templates give you the opportunity to use smart content. Such kind of content lets your website to be more personalized and relevant to each user based on what your company knows about him/her. HubSpot templates indicate great chances for employing dynamic content.

Gone are the inefficient days of manual lead segmentation. With HubSpot COS’ smart content capabilities, you will be able to target individual users with specific messaging and unique context. This allows you change content on any page of your website based on information known about the site visitor. If the visitor is anonymous, then you can generate content for them based on:

  • Their location(city, country)
  • The way they found your website(search engines, social media networks, internal links, etc.)
  • The device they are currently using (PC, tablet, smartphone)

However, for known leads who have already been converted on another form on your website and who are already in your contacts database, you can offer them customized content based on their profile(revenue, industry, persona, profession, etc)

Instant preview

Instant preview is another great feature and valuable resource for developers which makes HubSpot templates the best choice. One of the most annoying problems developers face is that sometimes coding errors are not noticed until the changes are live. As a result, fixing errors can be as boring and time consuming as having to start from the beginning.

However, with HubSpot COS’ instant preview features, developers will have a chance to check for potential errors while they are working on specific sections. This is a great way to revise the work and see the progress.

Here is how you can preview custom templates that are created for you during a HubSpot template setup.

1. Navigate to Design Manager Sign in to HubSpot, go to Content section and select the Design Manager.

2. Find custom templates created for you In order to see the blog, email, landing page and system templates that are created for your account as a part of the template setup, go to the Templates folder at the top left, click on custom folder and following are the folders and their paths you can find in your template setup.

The following are the folders and their paths that were created for you in the template setup:

custom templates

As an example for you, here are what different landing page templates look like:

landing page template

3. Preview your templates

When you clicked on template from the template folder, to preview your new template, just click on the Preview button.

Preview template button

Analytic Tracking

Another great feature of HubSpot is its analytic tracking. These templates can tell you about behaviours of your users. It gives you the chance to gain information about new and old customer habits and also to check which pages are performing good in terms of sale, speed, traffic, conversion, etc.

Mobile optimization

Everything put aside, just because Google values mobile optimization so much, inbound marketers need to be confident that their pages render properly in all of the devices like PC, tablets, smartphone, etc. If this point is not taken into account, users will have a very poor experience.

HubSpot pays a lot of attention to it and all of HubSpot templates are built to alleviate this concern. These templates are completely mobile compatible and they include an incorporated mobile sub site.  They are all set to perform in the best way across all screen sizes. In addition, those website which are fully hosted on the COS can easily earn the mobile friendly icon in the search results.

Time saving

With constant improvements and new pages being added continuously, templates are there to save a lot of time each week. Templates are designed to be used right away and they come pre coded with all of the essential components out there. Usually, it is just the text and photos you need to add, because other parts of the page, like logo, footer or navigation are constant. With HubSpot templates, you will be able to create new pages just in a few minutes, so marketers can spend much of their time just on customizing the important parts of the pages.

Free trial

Unlike many other template providers out there, HubSpot has a free trial of 7 days. In this free trial package, you can get access to thousands of HubSpot website templates.


Of course, you don’t want to be left in the dark trying to figure out how you are going to use your new templates. Great templates come along with support to make sure users know how to launch new websites or pages. If you have some questions or concerns, you should have the ability to reach out to the template designers, developers or support team to get your website running. That’s why HubSpot pays a lot of attention to support and it has the following support teams: Javascript support, language support, email support, chat support, blog, FAQ, phone support.

The features mentioned above are just some of the numerous advantages that HubSpot templates provide to their users. Just because action is better than a thousand words, go on and give HubSpot templates a try. I am sure you won’t regret it.



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Sona Hovhannisyan
Post by Sona Hovhannisyan
November 12, 2015
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