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Top 10 Inbound Marketing Blogs You Should Follow in 2021

August 14, 2020 – Sona Hovhannisyan

Top 10 Inbound Marketing Blogs You Should Follow in 2021

With so many inbound marketing blogs on the web, it seems that one should not have any difficulties finding the necessary information about inbound marketing in a few minutes. That’s right, there are hundreds of articles published each day, some are good and some are bad.

But how can you decide which ones are really worth reading? To make your work easier, today we gathered the top 10 inbound marketing blogs that you should follow. Whether you are a CEO of a company, content manager, content writer or an office manager, these are the main blogs you shouldn’t miss!

1. HubSpot

Ok, let’s face it! HubSpot is the leader of all inbound marketing blogs. If you are a good content writer or an inbound marketer, you probably read their articles every single day. The reason is that HubSpot is the first place you should visit when you need to find the latest news about inbound marketing. HubSpot’s blog consists of four parts: Marketing, Sales, Service and Agency, which are updated almost every day. You can subscribe and receive updates about topics you are interested most.

2. Social Media Examiner

If you are a social media marketer, then this blog should be one of your guides in this field. To better manage your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, you should continuously read this blog. There are all the latest news concerning some updates, innovations of social media websites. In addition, here you can find some awesome tips and tricks from the leaders of social media marketing. With Social Media Examiner you can have access to ”How to” articles, podcasts and talk shows as well.

2. Inbound Marketing Agents

This is the next blog in our list that is really worth reading! Here, you can read some important information about inbound marketing concepts and strategies. For example, their latest blog post about lead nurturing can be an awesome guide for those who want to create effective B2B lead nurturing programs. Resources section will provide quality materials and free tools on lead generation, SEO, inbound marketing and smarketing.

4. SmartBug Media

SmartBug Media is another great company, which was founded in 2007 and had a vision of bringing some experienced inbound marketers together in order to help other agencies with their inbound marketing strategies. With so many great inbound marketers, it is obvious that their blog is worth reading. Here, you can come across with many great articles about inbound strategies, SEO tips, lead generation and other things, which are based on the long experience of their inbound marketers. The awesome thing here is that beside the blog posts, there are some case studies that will help you a lot in your everyday inbound marketing activities.

5. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a blogger, content marketer, strategist who works with companies to optimize their online brands. His blog is all about social media marketing, content marketing and digital marketing. Here, one can find information about blogging, social media networks, search engine optimization and so on. The main goal of this blog is to help businesses get found online.

6. MarketingProfs

This blog is a great destination for marketers who want to get information about everything concerning their jobs. There are a lot of articles about different topics, that will definitely help you to get deeper in that field. There are about 20 categories, where you can find valuable information about advertising, branding, marketing strategy, writing and so on. In this blog, there are many writers, so all their experience is gathered in one place and you can have access to many opinions.

7. Social Media Today

The next awesome blog is Social Media Today. This one should be definitely marked for daily reading, as they generate high-quality content about interesting, attractive, educative and innovative topics that every inbound marketer should care about. The great thing about this blog is that they usually publish more than 3 articles a day. Articles are included in topics called Social Media Updates, Trending, Social Marketing, Digital Strategy and Content Marketing.

8. Heidi Cohen

If you are in inbound marketing field for a long time, you probably know Heidi Cohen, who is a great inbound marketer and blogger. In her blog, you will be able to find some important information about content marketing strategies, email marketing, tips for good writing and so on. Her tips and advice from her long experience can be an awesome guide for newbies in this field. Resources and Books are sections you will not want to leave.

9. The Inbound Marketing Company

This is a great blog for everyone who is trying to learn more about inbound marketing. However, it is worth mentioning that they focus on those topics and articles which are useful and more necessary for SMB (small-and medium sized business) marketers. You can find resources on Buyer Persona, Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy and HubSpot as well as look through the company’s Blog.

10. Quicksprout

The last one, but one of the best ones is Quick Sprout. Neil Patel, who is the only blogger on this website, has a really deep experience and the ability to share it with others. Here, you can find many answers to your various questions relating to inbound marketing. It’s worth mentioning that he writes in a very clear style for newbies, however this blog is also a great resource for experts.

This list can, of course, be continued as there are other great inbound marketing blogs out there. However, these 10 are the ones that every inbound marketer should follow to have a good understanding of today’s trends and effective strategies. If there is a topic related blog you would like to share with others, please leave you comment below.


Sona Hovhannisyan
Post by Sona Hovhannisyan
August 14, 2020
Sona is the story-maker of Incredo. With her great writing skills and intellectual information processing she makes the best content for best audience. She is very punctual in everything she does. She has a strong writing experience with MBA degree. Because of her articles, thousands of clients are becoming more informed about different issues in different industries.