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Product Spotlight Examples: Using Content Marketing to Build Awareness for Your SaaS Business

Your SaaS business should be using content marketing. Here, I said it. Why? Well, because it works! And also, because 88% of B2B companies have used content marketing in the past year (and yes, that includes many of your competitors).


While most companies have heard the famous “Content is king” saying and know that there are obvious benefits of using SaaS content marketing to achieve brand awareness, the specific reasons behind investing in content marketing are often not clear enough. saas content marketing So, let’s have all the other marketing tactics take a backseat for a while and talk content marketing for building brand awareness for your Saas company.

The Pledge for SaaS company Success: Brand Awareness

Let’s leave your SaaS business and your potential buyers aside for a while. Let’s speak about you. If you’re going to buy a car, how likely are you to opt for a brand that you’ve never ever heard about? No reviews, no feedback from credible sources, nothing that rings that familiarity bell in your head. It’s highly unlikely that anyone making a serious purchase will do that blindly. The same goes with businesses. A SaaS business dwells on leads and sales, and these sales aren’t your typical door-to-door type when buyers can touch and try the product you are selling. Your company sells services and the majority of decision-makers that your SaaS company will come in contact with are not ready to purchase your product the first time they hear about it. They have a specific purchasing lifecycle they need to travel through before they arrive to the point of making a purchase. Familiarity with your product and trust in your company are two components on the way to making that decision, and content marketing is the exact route towards achieving these goals. Let’s make this clear: it’s not enough for a decision-maker to have seen your logo some time in the past. Your SaaS company should build trust around its name, educating and nurturing its prospective leads along the way.

Keeping Goals in Mind

SaaS business company goals Now that we know content marketing can be a huge help in achieving more leads and building trust for a SaaS business, let’s figure out which SaaS company goals content marketing can help us achieve.

1. Build Awareness for your SaaS company Your customers should know you well before their first encounter with you. That’s the ultimate goal. 2. Attract a lot of high-quality leads

These stats may be helpful in painting the picture for you:

  • Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.
  • Businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.
  • After reading recommendations on a blog, 61% of U.S. online consumers made a purchase.
  • Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods.

Well, you get the logic.

3. Interact with leads turning them into interested prospects

While content marketing can help you be featured in searches and create familiarity with your users, it also can help you interact with them on that deep emotional level. Your potential customers have a specific problem to solve for their company, and you can be the one to answer their questions ahead of time with valuable, engaging content!

4. Delight existing customers so they are brand ambassadors who grow with you

Once your potential customer turned into your client, you need double the effort to turn this into a long-term, successful business relationship. Content marketing is the ultimate tool that nurtures your clients and helps them get the most of their experience using the SaaS product.

The “How” of content marketing

Now, let’s see the exact steps that will build a sound content marketing strategy that works. Remember, that at this point you should know and understand your audience to be able to choose the right approach and materials for them. Here’s what you can do to succeed:

Create a content strategy

Once you’ve gained a solid understanding of your audience, you need to reach them with your content to build awareness. To do that, you will need to:

Tell your story

storytelling in content marketing Your company’s story is, without doubt, one of the best content topics for increasing your brand awareness. Share how you started, how you succeeded, and what you believe, along with your company’s values. If your story resonates with your audience, they’re bound to remember your name.

Share across relevant channels

There is more than one type of content that can work well with your specific audience, and you have lots of choice:

  • Your Webpage Blog posts
  • Downloadable guides
  • Video tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Engaging
  • Infographics
  • Snippets of feedback

Share consistently

Create the habit of sharing consistently. Your leads will come back for more and as time goes by, your name will turn itself into a brand.

2. Use your company’s blog

Your blog is the go-to when it comes to voicing your name in your industry. Win over your competitors by creating new, compelling content. For your potential customers to consider you a unique company, you have to produce one of a kind content, so sharing generic stuff over and over again will be of no help whatsoever.

Choose topics that your audience is interested in

You know your audience and you have multiple channels to interact with them. Choose compelling topics that they want to read about. Got users asking questions on Social Media? Answer them using your blog posts.

Follow what your competitors are doing

It’s nice comparing your efforts to those of your competition from time to time. Do a little detective work and see what kind of posts your competitors posting to see which topics are performing well. Given you are in the same niche, similar topics can be potentially high performing for you as well.

Be a voice in your community

Customers love purchasing from brands that share their values and give back to the community. You can participate in the community and solve problems using your content. That’s an awesome highlight for your company.

Send out newsletters

Make sure to always keep your SaaS company at the forefront of your customers’ minds. A bi-weekly or weekly newsletter can be good help in achieving this goal. Make your newsletter an interactive manual that links to your most recent or most successful content and share your company news.

Use social media to promote your content

There’s no underestimating social media’s power. Pick the outlets that suit your business and share consistently across these platforms. Social Media not only enables you to share with your followers, but also interact with them and be featured on their feeds for their friends and followers to see. And that’s so much more attention! With consistency, persistence, and one-of-a-kind content, your SaaS company can achieve the recognition it needs to ace sales and nurture prosperous business relationships with clients. Have another technique in mind that helped your business with brand awareness? Share with us in the comments section!


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David Tashjian
Post by David Tashjian
December 27, 2017
David is the token American here at Incredo. Raised as a native English speaker in the United States, he lends his English expertise to generate impeccable content. With professional experience in business development and marketing, David knows how to write content that sells. In college he studied history, philosophy, and international relations. Unlike his fellow talented teammates, he speaks little Armenian, but he is working on it. His personal interests include making music, cooking, and exploring Armenia, his newly adopted homeland. David is the eldest person at Incredo, and gifts his teammates with an endless fountain of wisdom.