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Is Offline Marketing Dead? How Will Your SaaS Business Respond to It?

October 24, 2020 – Artash Arakelyan
offline marketing

Is Offline Marketing Dead? How Will Your SaaS Business Respond to It?

Operating on cloud is the next step for businesses in the digital evolution. Why? Because information is connected and simultaneously updated through the internet! In 2019, the cloud market is projected to grow up to 206.2 billion from around 175.8 billion in 2018.

For the business owners reading this who may not know what this tech is SaaS stands for software as a service and is a cloud-based application that provides access to users across the Internet. SaaS is hosted by third parties and is one of the three main cloud computing categories next to IaaS (infrastructure as a system) and PaaS (platform as a service).

These cloud technologies have become appealing for businesses of all sizes because information and data are easily accessible through the Internet. The infrastructure and code of SaaS are similar so users don’t have to worry about updating old codes and they can focus more on their actual work.

On top of that, everything is stored in one place, making accessibility and workability easy for everyone. For widespread use with businesses, subscription models are put into place and users can treat these services on a need to use basis. The flexibility of SaaS is the reason this cloud tech is in such high demand.

Secrets Are No Fun Unless They’re Shared with Everyone

Some of the leading SaaS companies are household names like Microsoft, Adobe and Salesforce. These are common SaaS applications that are an integral part of any digital marketing agency or business.

Online, these companies are a force to be reckoned with, but what happens when users unplug? Does the interaction stop there? How do these iconic SaaS businesses go past computer screens, and how do you become one of them?

Well, one of the best-kept secrets of the Digital Age is that you can have a brand to user interactions offline! What?! That’s right! Offline marketing is still alive and kicking. Despite the fast-paced ever-growing reach of the Internet, there are still many people who prefer to consume content and interact with brands through traditional means.
offline marketing for big SaaS companies
Large corporations understand this and regardless of how much traffic is being generated from their most recent AdWord campaign or social media management, they understand how important it is to have more intimate interactions with user’s offline. To help your SaaS business break the Internet mold, here are a couple ways to start marketing offline.

Free 99

Have you ever browsed through the Internet, looking up news articles or maybe shopping and, suddenly, you see an advertisement with the words free trial? For SaaS businesses, one of the best ways to reel in customers is to give users the opportunity to try their products and services free of charge. Why? It allows you to control the onboarding experience for users.

Just like Lincoln Murphy says, it’s all about being able to drive retention. These offers don’t just have to happen on a digital screen, they can happen in person too! Did you know that the number 1 reason attendees go to trade shows is to learn about new products?
Broaden your SaaS business’ reach and sign up to exhibit at trade shows to reach your target audience and extend them an offer they can’t refuse. (Literally, because it’s free!)

Build Bridges

While you’re at these trade shows, it’s always important to network! Not just with users, but with other businesses as well. Some may even be your direct competition. If so, play nicely and see what you can learn from each other.

For other businesses owners, introduce your team and maybe even share your social media management platforms. Strike a conversation about the events of the trade show and share relatable business stories. If you find a brand you particularly like, you can even ask to collaborate with them!
You never know where these contacts could end up and how they could help your business one day, so learn to build bridges and not burn them!

Through the Phone

Cold calling is an age-old offline marketing tactic that your business can use to do research. One of the best ways to acquire customers is to have really great content or products. How do you get that?
SaaS business cold calling
By listening to your target audience! After users have tried the free trial, follow up with their experience by giving them a call and have a short chat. Ask them what they liked, didn’t like, what was easy, and how your team can improve.

Cold calling can also be used as a retargeting strategy because depending on the nature of the conversation, your team can help individual users understand how to use your products for their business needs. Give it a try! The next time you feel like your SaaS business needs an update, ask an experienced user how you can help them.

Think Local

If you’re just starting out your SaaS business, you’re in luck because one of the best places to start building your audience and networking for growth is right at home! Did you know that 43% of business still rely on newspapers for local promotions?
newspapers about SaaS businesses
Make a big impact with small marketing moves and create a newspaper advertisement for your SaaS business. You can even include these local advertisements in your social media management strategy by urging readers to follow your social accounts!

Tip Recap

Elizabeth Harr notes that “offline techniques can be used to supplement online marketing efforts to make your firm’s marketing strategy as a whole more robust.” Head into 2018 with a strong online and offline marketing plan that will make Microsoft and Salesforce jealous. To be sure you know what your options are, let’s take a look at your unplugged options one more time:

1. Offer free trials to your target audience in person by attending trade shows

2. Network with other business owners to expand your brand’s reach and contact list. You may even get a collaboration out of it!

3. Try cold calling users experienced with your SaaS business to retarget them and do research on how to improve your products or services

4. Newspaper promotions still have a large impact on local audiences, so craft a clever paper ad to promote your online business

Good luck and if you ever need help, don’t be afraid to reach out to your local digital agency for some guidance.


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October 24, 2020