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How SaaS-Based Video Editors Can Be Your Next Best Marketing Tool

03.10.2022 – Artash Arakelyan

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How SaaS-Based Video Editors Can Be Your Next Best Marketing Tool

Videos are the most compelling forms of communication today. They are also highly effective forms of marketing. But, like anything else, video production takes time and money to plan, execute and produce. They also elicit skills that you may not have on your own or with your team. 

Thankfully, we live in the age of Software as a Service (SaaS)-based video editing programs. These tools help amateurs and professionals alike to take their marketing vision from an idea to the final product with only a little more than a computer with an internet connection. 

What Is A SaaS-Based Video Editor? 

A SaaS-based video editor is an online video editing software that enables marketers to create and edit videos remotely with a little upfront cost. The best part of a SaaS-based video editor is that it allows anyone with a bit of creativity and experience in marketing to put together professional quality videos without needing any kind of technical know-how or videography skills. 

How does a SaaS-Based Video Editor Work? 

SaaS-based video editors work similarly to other productivity applications such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. It is online software that allows you to create videos from different file formats, customize, and collaborate with a limited number of people. Once the video is uploaded to your account, it can be made publicly viewable on the Internet. Thus, you can strategically promote your brand or business through them far and wide. 

SaaS-based video editing programs are accessible to businesses via platforms like YouTube. However, if you are looking for an online video editor which is suited to your business, several factors will need to be considered: 

Considerations Purpose: 

When choosing the best SaaS-based video editor for your business, it is very important to decide the purpose of the video. What are your goals when using it? And to that end, how effectively will you use it? 


Content in this context, can be anything from your sales pitch to testimonials and endorsements. Before beginning a SaaS-based video editing workflow, ensure you have a strong draft. 


The budget is also an important factor to keep in mind while choosing which video editor to use for your marketing campaign

  1. Branding: 

You will have a unique opportunity to promote your brand or business on the promotional video that you create with a SaaS-based video editor. The video, when done professionally can not only attract new customers but also reflect your brand value. 

Customer Service: 

When you sign up for a SaaS-based video editor, you will need to choose good support features. Identify good SaaS-based video editors based on their customer service quality built on adequate research. However, if you are new to such tools, it would be wise to consider editing services based on user reviews. 

SaaS Architecture 

SaaS architecture is a model where the software is hosted on the cloud and is accessible to users over the Internet without downloading. Everything happens online which ensures access to your video editor account from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Most companies use SaaS as a service to make all their applications available to users through an Internet browser. So, instead of buying software, they subscribe to their services through a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan based on their specific needs. 

InVideo is one of the best examples of SaaS architecture and also the best video editor online employed for video editing. This model is also very convenient for users because you don’t need to buy expensive programs or need specialist knowledge to install them on your computer. 

What SaaS-Based Video Editors Can Offer You? 

SaaS-based video editors can benefit you in multiple ways as you set out on your video-based brand marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Creates a Good First Impression: 

A major percentage of any client base judges your brand or services based on the first impression they receive from your videos. If you can create a video with quality content and fine graphics, then rest assured that people will remember it long enough to see the potential of your brand. Thereby, if they ever need your services or products, there are greater chances that they will recall your impressive video over other competitors, landing you loyal clientele.

This process begins with a good, solid pitch that fully captures the ethos of your brand. Once you have this information established early on in the creative process, you can develop a video that will be fondly remembered by your target audience. 

  • Directs to Your Target Audience: 

You can use a SaaS-based video editor to target specific markets by uploading your videos and distributing them through specific channels or formats for wider outreach. For instance, you can create videos targeted at individuals living in a certain region, customized to their local language. This is necessary and effective when your service or product caters to wide-ranging markets. You can also post videos for a certain industry and target all the people who are related to that specific industry.

Although the idea of uploading a video and sending it out to targeted audiences is nothing new, with a SaaS-based video editor, the process gets better allowing certain perks and benefits. For example, you have the flexibility to upload unlimited videos and distribute them according to your regional or industry preferences. This method can be more convenient for brands over traditional marketing platforms because you don’t have to rely on third-party organizations to widen the reach of your videos. 

Cost Effective: 

SaaS-based video editors are ideal for small businesses or startups that want to create high-quality videos using a limited budget. They can help you create videos that look professional with more features than the majority of other software available in the market today. They are among the most economical sales tactics now on the marketplace. In short, SaaS-based video editors allow you to create a high-quality and professional-looking video with less time and money. Therefore, even if you have a limited budget, you can rely on a SaaS-based video editor to not compromise on your video quality. This will ensure that you build your brand keeping aside necessary capital for developing quality products. 

Easily Monetizable: 

Creating a video using a SaaS-based video editor is just the first step. The real challenge lies in effectively getting people to watch your videos, recall their intent qualitatively, and eventually engage with your services or products. You can always make use of social media sites and traditional marketing platforms, but with a SaaS-based video editor, you have more control over the target parameters of your campaign. Moreover, most of the top-rated SaaS-based video editors offer tools for you to place relevant online ads for a certain fee. Additionally, they run entire advertisement networks that serve as an additional revenue source. 

Good Brand Reputation: 

Once you create a video with a SaaS-based video editor, it can do wonders for your brand name. A majority of people who view it can create reviews and recommend your product or service to others. This can contribute positively to developing your brand image through an organic, word-of-mouth manner.

You will have the option to display adverts of your brand at the end of each video you create. The viewers will need to click on an advert or visit your website before they skip it. This redirection will help boost traffic on your website, boosting awareness about your brand and services leading a significant percentage of visitors to become clients in the process. This also ensures higher viewerships for your videos, as potential customers have the option to see them in loop and on-demand several times before they finally decide whether to engage with your products or services in the long run. 

A Higher ROI: 

You can increase the Return On Investment (ROI) of your SaaS-based video editor through the services it provides. For example, if you upload an unlimited amount of videos, you can use its advertisement networks to help you place relevant online ads. Additionally, they have the choice to always choose out of these advertisements. But if you are satisfied with the number of views on your videos and don’t want to wait for people to engage with your services, then this option is ideal for you. When potential clients click on these adverts, they are taken directly to a page where they can sign up for your service or buy what they saw in the videos.

The bottom line is that SaaS-based video editors can help increase ROI as they give you various options to make your business stand out from the competition. The software also comes with a lot of templates and tools which in turn make it easier for you to view engagement statistics of your videos and market them efficiently. 


SaaS-based video editors provide almost every kind of customization feature that you may need for your videos. You can easily add your choice of background music, text, images, and fonts for a good viewing experience for your audience. They offer all video editing capabilities without the rigidity of a traditional interface. For instance, this software can help you in creating your customized background music by cutting off the portions that you don’t like, slowing them down or speeding them up, and finally adding your text to it.

The ability to choose from hundreds of royalty-free images makes a good SaaS-based video editor better than most other video creation tools available in the market today. Owing to their high accessibility, the SaaS-based video editors come with several useful tools and tutorials which can hasten your video-making process and uphold its output quality. 

  • Quality:

A good SaaS-based video editor is one of the best tools for creating high-quality products for your business. The fact that this technology is web-based makes it great because no special software needs to be installed on the device. The quality of the services is not compromised even though it is accessible via the cloud from pretty much anywhere in the world without burning a hole in your pocket!

The software has a great sound quality in addition to all its visual capabilities. The interface is user-friendly, so it takes less time for you to create brand videos than you think, reserving excess time for possible iterations and optimization. 

  • Scalability: 

With SaaS-Based Video Editor, there is no limit to the number of videos that you can upload or create. So even if you want to create a personalized video for each of your customers, it can be done without any difficulties. The service is also scalable based on your company’s growth. The same software can be used to create multiple videos in multiple locations at the same time. The software also has a secure payment system and allows you to send invoices after every video that you create. Such scalability features that you invest most effort into creating excellent products and services for your customers. This will enable you to garner higher increases in sales when compared to traditional video editing tools. 


In summary, SaaS-based video editors are some of the best online software for you to use if you want to create high-quality videos for your business. The interface is user-friendly, which makes it ideal for novices and professionals alike. The software can give you various options from royalty-free images to tutorials, and templates as well as a large library of high-quality music. Moreover, you will have access to an entire community of professionals who will help you in creating a good product enabling your business to scale at greater heights. 


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