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Social media networks have developed a lot during the recent few years. Of course, there are many benefits businesses can get from these networks. However, with the development of these websites, people started to forget about the importance of email marketing for any kind of business. Nowadays, many companies think that email marketing is not a trend anymore and it does not work for their companies. However, it is not right. Today, we will show you that email marketing is still trendy and it works for any kind of businesses, such as fitness companies.

Here are some benefits that email marketing can provide for fitness businesses.

  • Provide valuable information to potential customers, in order to make them become your real customers
  • Show your potential customers what kind of business you have, what are your special offers and what they can expect when using your services
  • Keep your current customers engaged and informed about new things
  • Remind your past clients about your existence and about new things that might interest them

Bellow you can find some tips, that if you follow, you will see that email marketing really works for your fitness company.

Create an awesome email campaign

If you want to create a great email campaign for your fitness company, there is no need for you to worry, as there are many free tools that can help you in this situation, like Mail Chimp. With the help of such tools, it will become much easier for you to evaluate your email campaigns, as you can track how many people opened your emails. With the help of this information, it will be easier for you to find out which kind of content your customers like the most and what you should share with them more frequently.

Create email lists

One of the most important parts of any email marketing, is to create that email list, which should included the people you are going to send emails to. However, it is not so easy, because first of all you need to find emails of those people. One of the most frequently way that is used is to ask for their emails when people come to your fitness center and attend different sessions and grow your list.

Send the right emails

First of all, when sending emails, you should keep in your mind that, though it is good that people are always aware of you, it is not a good idea to send too much emails. There is a limit for that and you should stick to it. Secondly, when launching your email campaign, for the first few months you should send as different content as possible, in order to find out in what your potential customers are interested the most. There are many things that you should communicate with emails, such as inform about session schedules, special offers of your fitness center, as these are the main things what customers want from you. In addition, you should also send the links of your blog or social media pages, in order to interact with them in that places as well.

Send interesting staff

In order to keep your clients engaged, try to send as many interesting things as you can. For example, besides sending them information about your new offers, try to send them for example quick 5 minute workouts, healthy eating tips, tips for being in shape, which will help them regardless of whether they attend your fitness center or not. This will make them understand that you are interested not only in your own business, but in your clients as well.

Share some success stories

Nothing makes so much impression than success stories. It really does not matter how much you advertise yourself, because real promotions are in the form of results. If there are certain results, people will start to trust you. For this purpose, for example, try to find some cases, when people who attended your fitness center, lost much weight and try to talk about these success stories. This will definitely motivate your potential customers and make them become your real customers. So, here are the main tips you should follow in order to have successful email marketing campaign in your fitness business. Is there anything you would like to add? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments below.


Artash Arakelyan
Post by Artash Arakelyan
May 20, 2015
CEO at Incredo. 6 years experience in internet marketing and marketing obsessed. Always thinking of traveling in exotic countries and wishing I could eat couture cupcakes all day long. My birthday is on Dec 17 and yes I don't mind anonymous birthday gifts!