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5 Website Metrics You Need to Track to Improve Conversions

July 9, 2015 – Sona Hovhannisyan
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5 Website Metrics You Need to Track to Improve Conversions


When it comes to content marketing strategy, one of the first things of crucial importance is conversion rate. Conversions let you understand how many people walked from one stage to another in your sales process. There are, of course, lots of ways to increase your conversions, but first of all you need to understand what kind of website metrics you need to track. Today, I want to help you get started with 5 website metrics that you need to track in order to improve conversions.

Traffic Acquisition

One of the most important metrics you should track is traffic. Here, you need to understand how people found your website. Was that with the help of social media sites or was that organic search? You need to know this information in order to decide how to effectively put your energy in the right direction. For example, if your traffic is half organic search, this is great news, but if your email marketing brings only 4% of the traffic, that means that you should improve the content you generate and work in that direction.

Page Visits

Be it your blog, your contact page or landing page, I am more than sure that you want to know how many people visited it. Page visits are considered to be the most important indicators of web traffic. To have a good rate of page visits, you need to improve some parts in your website, such as the email subscription list, loading times of your pages, SEO and so on.

TOS (Time on Site)

Another important metrics is TOS, which indicates how long people tend to stay on your website. This is a good indicator for you, as with the help of this, you can understand whether your content is good or not. If you see that people stay on your blog page for several minutes, that means that your article is a good one and it attracts people, but if you see that people don’t stay there for more than 1 minute, that means that there is room for improvement. TOS is one of the signals that Google usually measures in order to rate the website. Just because search engines can’t understand whether that blog post is an interesting and informative one, they look at TOS to make that clear for them.

Page Timings

This refers to how long your pages take to load. The faster is the time, the better it is for your business. This is because, besides TOS already mentioned above, Google also takes into consideration page load time for SEO rankings. If you use Google Analytics, there you can see which is the average load time and which of your pages load against that average number. In order to make sure your page loads faster, you should first of all put the right sized photos in your web site. If your photos are about 3000 pixels, then your pages will load slowly. So, try to put photos that have 1000 pixels. In addition, avoid using Flash or Javascript in your website, as they prevent your pages from loading fast.

New or Returning Visitors

There are 2 types of visitors that your website can have: new or returning. It means that either that visitor is a new one and is visiting your website for the first time or he/she has been there before. This is done by looking at the IP address of the visitor. If that address is new, it means that the visitor is new. For every kind of website, it is better if there are more returned visitors, as it means that the website is interesting for them. There are of course other metrics as well that you should be tracking for your website if you want to improve the conversions. These 5 website metrics will be a guide for you to always analyze the numbers in your website and make sure that your website becomes better from one day to another.



Sona Hovhannisyan
Post by Sona Hovhannisyan
July 9, 2015
Sona is the story-maker of Incredo. With her great writing skills and intellectual information processing she makes the best content for best audience. She is very punctual in everything she does. She has a strong writing experience with MBA degree. Because of her articles, thousands of clients are becoming more informed about different issues in different industries.