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5 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong SEO Firm

September 10, 2014 – Artash Arakelyan
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5 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong SEO Firm


Every company knows that in order to be successful with the major search engines like Google and in order to be visible for the potential customers, having an experienced SEO firm is of the utmost importance. However many companies fail to choose a reliable SEO firm, and, as a result they don’t get the results they want. So, here you can find the signs showing that you’ve hired the wrong SEO firm.


1. They guarantee first page rankings

There’s no SEO company that can promise you a guarantee for first page ranking for your keywords. No matter what they say, it is IMPOSSIBLE! Even the best and most successful SEO consultant can’t predict your position in Google search in the long run. So don’t fall for these promises and if you are connected with a company who guarantees you first page ranking, you better think twice before making a contract with them.

2. They promise fast results

In general, SEO takes a lot of time to bring successful results. So, if the SEO firm you’ve hired convinces you that you can get results in a few days, they probably do it by using some methods which will hurt your company’s reputation. Thus, if you want to have result in a very short time you better do some paid search until your SEO strategy brings you long-term results.

3. They charge too little or too much

On the one side, if you meet a SEO whose monthly price is too little, it means that it is not the one you need to hire. Professional SEO is a very difficult science and if you hear for example 60$ per month for SEO, be sure that it will have no positive impact on your rank or traffic. On the other side, there are SEOs who take the into account the previous fact and charge an enormous amount per month for a few hours. So you better do some research and find what kind of charges are acceptable in your market.

4. They don’t share their experience

If you hired a SEO company that doesn’t want to show you their results with previous clients, it would be a good decision for you to fire them immediately. The reason is, that any reliable SEO firm isn’t afraid of showing their successes or even failures. And if they had failures in the past, it is not something awful, as by understanding their failures and successes it’ll be easier for you to understand their strategy and to construct reliable relationship with them.

5. Your rankings drop

Your rankings can drop because of many reasons. You should follow your rankings and if you notice them declining, it means that your SEO did something wrong. In this case you need to find out what strategy and techniques they are using and if it sounds wrong to you, you should make them stop it. So, these are the 5 main signs which can warn you that you haven’t chosen the most suitable SEO company for your business. And if so, you better consider terminate your contract as soon as possible and do a better research for a your next SEO agency. 


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September 10, 2014