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Create a High-impact Inbound Marketing Strategy: 5 Reasons Your SaaS Company Should Trust Incredo

October 14, 2020 – David Tashjian

Create a High-impact Inbound Marketing Strategy: 5 Reasons Your SaaS Company Should Trust Incredo

Inbound marketing is a strategy most SaaS companies have heard of by now, if they are not already using the world’s most revolutionary digital marketing strategy. At Incredo, it is our belief that if a SaaS company is reliant upon outbound in place of/more than inbound, they are missing out on a tremendous number of customer conversions. Essentially, they are wasting their money on outbound.

Disclaimer: The Incredo team in no way stands by an “inbound and inbound only, to the death!” mantra; outbound marketing still may have a place in your company’s marketing strategy depending on what you are looking for. While we are indeed one of the top content marketing companies and recognized champions of inbound, we still value the efficacy of outbound – though for technology industries like SaaS, inbound should take the pilot’s seat.

A well planned and executed outbound strategy does provide a decent ROI, and you will find customers that you otherwise would not if you were solely using inbound. We make the argument that both traditional marketing and the strategy of the future should be used. For SaaS companies, Incredo suggests that your resources should be approximately 90% devoted to inbound efforts and 10% to outbound. Let’s have a look at inbound marketing statistics. 74% of organizations rely on inbound approach to marketing and content marketing is the leading strategy, leaving social media marketing, marketing automation, and mobile marketing behind.

We are not going to get too much into defining outbound marketing, because if you are old enough to stand on your own two legs, you already are familiar with the traditional strategies – you have watched television commercials and looked at or read paid advertisements, such as billboards or site banner ads.

You are a SaaS company, so inbound marketing is going to be your lifeblood, as these companies require rapid growth to edge out the sea of competitors that reach to the horizon. You wish to become visible to your customers, remain market salient, and do so at minimal financial investment. So, if those three points sound good to you (and if they don’t, fare thee well!) read on and you will understand why choosing Incredo will be the wisest marketing decision you will ever make.

1. Small team, but rapidly growing

Why is our small team now ten times its size than it was three years ago? Because we are amazing at what we do for our clients.

Between our development/design and our marketing/content departments, Incredo is at present a 30 person powerhouse. This means that since we are relatively small in numbers of bodies in the room, we can be flexible to accommodate any client changes to strategizing their marketing campaign, and in a more than timely fashion. It also means that we are large enough to handle tasks from medium-sized SaaS startups to enterprise level companies, and since inception we have been growing in scale at a breakneck pace.

Incredo is the porridge that Goldilocks chose – nimble enough to accomplish tasks in a rapidly changing landscape, yet staffed with enough talent to take on any marketing challenge.

Our modest inbound marketing team is also profoundly educationally diverse – we come from backgrounds as varied as aerospace engineering, dentistry, linguistics, MBAs, public administration; the list goes on. Having a team that comes from a diverse educational and experiential background is key for creative and collaborative problem solving in business.

2. We save your SaaS company tons of up-front $

It is not just the revenue we generate for your company with our top-tier level of marketing that puts money into your pocket – more of your money stays in your pocket when you choose Incredo.

The geographic location of our offices here in Yerevan, Armenia, instead of (name anywhere in North America or Europe), means that we charge our clients 50-80% less than our competitors. The reason is primarily connected with lower operational costs. Price per hour that is considered quite high for the Armenian reality may be 10 times less than the average price per hour abroad. It’s clear as a day that we don’t charge less at the expense of quality. Lower living/renting costs afford us to stay one more step ahead of European or American companies.

Let that soak in for a second: 50-80% less than competing agencies

Would you like to see an example? Here’s one of our competitor’s rates, and then ours:

content marketing agency

Being based in Armenia means that we deliver exceptional results at a fraction of what competitors charge, and we can still keep the lights on and our bellies full. Which, trust us, is important, because you don’t want a content writer working on an empty stomach!

3. A la carte or holistic, use Incredo for only what you need

As we mentioned earlier, we have a hybrid marketing and content department working in tandem with web design and development under the same roof. While most of our clients hire us as an ace of all trades (that’s right, ace, not jack), handling everything from branding to SEO to redesigning a website from the ground up, not every SaaS company needs all that we offer, or needs it all at once.

That’s OK with us.

Some of you guys are already pretty good at page design, but maybe your target audience are English-speaking natives and your company is headquartered in Italy, so you need English experts for your content generation. Or, perhaps your writers are Ivy-educated, top-notch wordsmiths, but nobody on your team has a clue about how to wrangle SEO.

Whatever the case may be, Incredo offers marketing packages custom designed for varying scales of SaaS companies, or we can put together a bespoke package for your unique needs. Finally, if you simply want to hire our content department, or any other niche service we provide, we will arrange that.

To expand further on this topic, on our Services page you will read the following text at the top:
“True marketing isn’t about big budgets and unlimited resources. It’s about making your audience happy.”

We take the same approach to our clients – Incredo’s goal is not to land massive clients (though we have no problem doing that!) and send over the fattest invoices. Rather, our leadership’s vision is to make each of our clients happy, irrespective of their budget. You want your audience to be happy, Incredo wants your team to be happy.

As an Inbound Marketing Agency, of course we will try and upsell a client on one of our services if it will generate more leads and customers for their SaaS business. Remember, we are here to make clients happy. But, for example, while we are proud to be a Hubspot Gold Partner, Incredo will never coerce you into paying us for our Hubspot expertise if it is not going to generate an increase in your revenue.

4. We use our ages to your advantage

Here’s a fun fact about our team: our team ranges in age from 18-33, with the median age being 24 years old (by which age most Armenians are already married, with a house and kids, FYI). This means that every single person on the Incredo team is a millennial – the first generation of digital natives. Case in point: our CEO started Incredo five years ago, but he had already had five years of professional SaaS marketing experience under his belt before launching Incredo.

You might be a millennial or not, but the fact is that if you are practically born with a smartphone in your hand, you are going to be digitally fluent, and have 0% accent.

Marketing SaaS is technological in nature, and the Incredo team was born with it in our veins. It’s one thing to learn how to speak a new language, and another to speak it as your native tongue.

5. SaaS, SaaS, and SaaS

Incredo is an inbound marketing agency, yes, but a dedicated SaaS marketing agency. While we are palpably proud of our success for our clients, you may wonder why don’t we actively extend our marketing expertise into other digital sectors. Well, remember how we mentioned our vision is the happiness of each of our clients?

By focusing on a single marketing sector, we ensure that we do not spread ourselves thin. We have marketed successfully with companies in other industries, such as medical devices and outsourcing, but SaaS marketing is where our heart is.

Providing primarily SaaS marketing services, Incredo has an advantage over our competitors in two ways:

1. Our knowledge and expertise in the SaaS industry grow quickly and organically, as we are constantly exploring, discovering, and testing the latest SaaS marketing technologies and methods. Day in and day out, our entire team lives and breathes SaaS, and as with any facet of the digital world, learning and using the latest technological innovations is vital for being the best in your field.

2. Because Incredo’s team is not distracted by spending too much time on marketing in many industries other than SaaS (a handful of us love fast cars, but we’ll leave that to other marketing agencies), customers can expect not only higher quality work from Incredo, but a turnaround time faster than competitors can dream of providing.

Who knows what the future will hold? Maybe one day Incredo will branch off into marketing Armenian apricots as well (California has nothing on Armenia when it comes to apricots!), but until then we are focused on being a SaaS-only agency, which is why we are one of the best SaaS growth marketing mavens out there.

We are committed to your company before we even hear from you

Drop us a line, and you’ll quickly realize that we are on the same page as you – we are downright excited to work on fresh inbound campaigns for new clients.

Our commitment to focusing primarily on working in SaaS is not myopic; it is deliberate. This is a burgeoning, rapidly growing market, so to stay at the top of our game Incredo has dedicated ourselves to the future for successful SaaS companies – inbound marketing with zero compromises in qualitative results.


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David Tashjian
Post by David Tashjian
October 14, 2020
David is the token American here at Incredo. Raised as a native English speaker in the United States, he lends his English expertise to generate impeccable content. With professional experience in business development and marketing, David knows how to write content that sells. In college he studied history, philosophy, and international relations. Unlike his fellow talented teammates, he speaks little Armenian, but he is working on it. His personal interests include making music, cooking, and exploring Armenia, his newly adopted homeland. David is the eldest person at Incredo, and gifts his teammates with an endless fountain of wisdom.