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5 Business Video Types You Should Make as a SaaS Company

05.02.2022 – SaaS Growth
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5 Business Video Types You Should Make as a SaaS Company

SaaS, being a business model where customers pay for the use of software hosted on a remote computer, usually requires a special approach to promotion – for example, one way of special attention is video marketing. Indeed, when an expert speaks confidently about your product in a professionally edited video, it inspires trust and interest from the target audience. Below we will tell you how to properly promote your product with the help of video SaaS marketing:

Some Stats to Think About

Nowadays, a business video is a real Godsend for marketers, including those who promote SaaS. Just take into account the fact that in 2022 the total number of digital video viewers is set to rise up to 3.37 billion, which is 0.11 billion more than last year. Agree, this is a big enough increase to ignore video as a perfect way to promote your SaaS product, right?

In the next paragraph, we will share with you the five most effective ways to promote SaaS solutions through video marketing. You can also learn how can SaaS companies boost user engagements with video marketing.

Five Ways to Promote Your SaaS Platform Through Video

Video helps your customers understand what they can do with your product, thereby increasing your conversion rates. Moreover, videos increase the average time your customers spend on your website, helping to reduce your bounce rate and improve your site’s position in the search results of popular search engines. Here are a few types of business videos for your SaaS platform that can leverage video marketing in 2022.

Videos that showcase new features

When your platform is updated with new features, the best way to demonstrate them is to record a training or presentation video. Depending on the visual concept of your website, you can either make the video animated or combine the screen recording with a monologue from one or more experts from your company.

You can post such videos both on your website and on public platforms such as YouTube. Note, however, that YouTube itself is not a lead generation tool: it brings “warm” customers to your website, where they spend a third more time than others. Therefore, you should announce these videos in all your communities and include the most interesting of them in the email newsletter.

That’s why such content in business is able to become a great base for new posts in your social networks – this way you can achieve a large number of views and clicks to your site, which will increase the ranking of your platform in search results over time. Learn how to run Facebook ads for SaaS.

As for the duration of company overview videos, it’s better to keep them short enough – no more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, potential customers of your platform may not want to spend their time browsing it at all. Also, think about how you can start with the main thing. If you talk about nothing for a long time, then you will lose the interest of the audience.

Product demos, how-tos, and guides

If you only release commercials, it will alienate your potential customers. This is because the vast majority of those who watch videos online do so for either entertainment or education.

Therefore, try to interest the audience with expert opinions, reviews, and informative videos. As for commercials, it is better to release them in the format of stories. They can be funny, heartbreaking, or just plain interesting.

As statistics show, viewers begin to lose interest in the video they are watching starting from 10 seconds if they do not find there what they opened it for. Many people switch SaaS product videos even earlier. How to avoid it? In fact, this problem is typical of overly long guides and product presentations. Therefore, when creating them in your SaaS videos, it’s important to adhere to the following rules:

  • control the duration of the video. Videos with an emphasis on informational content should be no longer than 15-20 minutes, and for commercials, 1-2 minutes is enough;
  • attract attention from the first seconds. If you plan an interesting ending to your video, then be sure to hint at it in its cover. If the video includes a list of steps, notify the audience about this in the introduction;
  • avoid “water”. Think about how to get right to the point – “water” in the tutorial will distract your viewers from the main topic and prevent them from understanding the basics of using your product.

Videos where you help your customers unlock the full potential of your software

Unlike ordinary guides where you explain how to use the basic functionality of your SaaS platform, you can also create expert videos where you talk about advanced features.

Obviously, it’s better to shoot such business marketing videos on behalf of your company’s experts. The advantages of this content submission format are as follows:

  • positive impact on audience loyalty;
  • increasing the confidence of your customers – “direct dialogue” with company representatives always looks convincing;
  • this kind of video only gains its popularity, so the one who manages to “catch the wave” gets more approval from the target audience than competitors. Read more about SaaS companies excelling at social media.

In the SaaS explainer video, you can also demonstrate how serious experts joke with each other, smile, and discuss some funny topics or the ones of the current interest – all this will help to get the presenters and viewers closer.

Testimonial videos for increasing the loyalty of your target audience

Getting feedback from real customers, especially when it comes to the B2C model of business, is quite difficult. However, it is these videos that generate huge interest from potential customers of your business. How to solve this problem without creating reviews from fictional characters? In fact, everything is simple.

Surely your SaaS platform has an administration panel where you can track your customer statistics and conversion rates. This is what you need to use! Make a detailed analysis of the dynamics of your top customers and record a relevant video. In this way, potential customers of your platform can be convinced that your product has helped improve the business performance of existing clients. This type of video content is guaranteed to arouse interest from future buyers of your services and increase sales.

Brand story videos for emotional connection with your potential customers

Even if your SaaS business is a “completely commercial story” without any touching moments with ups and downs, to increase the interest of the target audience, it would be better for you to come up with a more interesting story and translate it into a narrative video format.

Invite top people in your company to shoot your video, offer them to talk about their professional development in the context of developing your SaaS platform, and summarize everything by saying that your team is constantly working to ease the everyday tasks and difficulties that most entrepreneurs face when providing their services through the Internet. It is advisable to stick to some original script and visual design when shooting this video – you may be inspired by the canonical video of other companies that have been digital moguls for several decades in the global market.

A Few Additional Tips on How to Make Your Videos Attractive

Aspects such as resolution, audio quality, and editing have a significant impact on whether viewers will watch your videos. Therefore, ensure that all your company videos have the following quality parameters:

  • resolution not lower than 720p;
  • clear sound without extraneous noise;
  • smooth video track, without sharp transitions between frames.

By the way, all these parameters can be satisfied with the help of professional video editing software. Here you will get a complete set of tools for video editing and editing and will be able to create company video that definitely attracts the attention of your target audience.

Also, don’t forget the background music for your best company videos. Otherwise, you risk making your video for business boring and lacking in zest. On the other hand, you have to take into account the fact that more than half of the videos on the entire Internet are played without sound (especially videos posted on social networks). That is why, along with the high-quality musical accompaniment, you need to not forget about the informativeness of the visuals that you broadcast to your viewers.


Don’t dwell on any one way to implement SaaS ads – it’s much better to use all five types of videos for businesses that we described above. Only in this case, you will reach the maximum coverage of the target audience and make it easier for them to master your product.

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May 23, 2022