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10 Key Learnings From a Marketing Internship [2024 TIPS] - SaaS Inbound Marketing Agency
It may indeed be true to say that nowadays, in this realm of hybrid opportunities, pursuing an internship is a necessary cornerstone.Therefore, in order not to be perplexed in front of the workforce and not to be bombarded with different offers and ideas as well as to determine and ameliorate your future plans I, as a student of marketing department, French University In Armenia, decided to pursue my internship in Incredo Marketing Agency.


So, in this article I am going to introduce you with 10 momentous benefits and highlights which I gained and mastered during My Inbound Marketing Internship Program.

1) Inbound Marketing

Starting from the very first day, the paramount notion that grabbed my attention and triggered an interest in me was the HubSpot methodology. I was surprisingly amazed how a plethora of tools and objectives can be harnessed for the creation of a personalized content and how that precise content can help one to fit into the ethos of strangers, visitors, leads, customers and even promoters.

2) Using HubSpot as a work-tool

Having no references and understandings of HubSpot, I have gained a lot from unveiling its tools and using its offers. Surely, as all-in-one software solutions I did not succeed in becoming an adept representative of HubSpot methodology but, indeed, I managed to appreciate the effectiveness as a tool and the importance that it brought in inbound marketing.

3) From theoretical to practical

Of course, there is no doubt that internship is the prime platform where one can transfer her/his gained knowledge into performance and pragmatically, can use relevant terminology and vocabulary. For example, as a would-be marketer we all learn that on Pinterest in order to draw the attention of customers, the marketer should share pictures which are not only unique and absorbing but also completely correspond to customers’ needs. During my internship, I not only encountered this phenomenon, but also had my input in both: making new pictures and coming up with new board names.

4) Transferable skills

Indeed, no one is adroit and skillful at first. Internship programs are wonderful life-stages, when one can develop and expand transferable skills, including computer, teamwork, communication skills and time management. As HubSpot methodology includes a robust amount of trainings, webinars and valuable information and as in Incredo Marketing Agency tasks are being delivered by Trello, the reinforcement of my computer skills with the consolidation of time management was definitely one of my internship highlights.

5) Being Responsible

This point is extremely connected with handling tasks and dealing with problems. Work is not a smooth-sailing; therefore small mistakes as well as significant blunders are going to take place. During my internship I have learned that your company is a unity, the better you work the better your company’s results are. In other words, in order to achieve short or long term goals, one should always be responsible for his/her undertakings.

6) Breaking the fetter of discomfort when asking questions

At first, some tasks might not be severely lucid and comprehensible as you are not inside the work and some sentences might not call anything in you. Therefore, it is necessary to ask questions in order to clarify tasks, avoid future blunders and increase your level of potentiality. This is one of the main criteria that I mastered perfectly.

7) Abridging list of workplaces

Of course, as a student of 3rd year , before starting my internship I had an unprecedented appetite for many types of work and my mind teemed with many offers and alternatives. My internship in Incredo inbound marketing agency helped me to broaden and enlarge my understandings of what really internet marketing is, what are the obligatory personal and professional skills that the former demands as well as helped me to determine my long-term career plans. To be more precise, it helped me to draw the lines scrupulously between traditional marketing and internet marketing, respectively between needs and characteristics of an inbound marketer and must-haves and individualities of a traditional marketer.

8) Discovering my interests

Certainly while pursuing an internship various tasks are being carried out each of which demands individual approaches and dissimilar skills. For example, writing an article demands a multitude of researches, concentration and creativity whereas checking all landing, thank you and follow-up pages on HubSpot can be monotonous and identical. Therefore, internship can help you discover what tasks go in line with your interests, what you do with enthusiasm and passion.

9) Workplace is not a strictly defined area

The main thing that I adore in Incredo marketing agency is the social culture inside the company. As a fast developing company, where you can meet people from all walks of life, Incredo marketing agency has no restrictions to you and to your responsibilities, your preferences are being taken into account, extracurricular activities are being held monthly and of course the opportunity to work with flexible working hours give you the gentle satisfaction of being trusted by your co-workers.

10) Teamwork

Finally, as it is well known, nowadays teamwork forms a severe part of a company. Skills are not exclusively defined by the acquisition of knowledge; they are also the result of a personal experience gained in the field of work.  Thus, in order to reach the apex of your performance the cooperation and support by your co-workers, discussions, presentation of alternatives and weekly meetings are requisite. Therefore internship programs develop also the ability to work in a team, to have different notices on the same solutions and also to make relationship with your mentors and co-workers. In the end, I would like to emphasize the fact that my internship program helped me severely not only from the professional point of view but also from the personal aspects. Therefore, I highly encourage pursuing an internship to those, who are about to commence their career ladder and are standing at the bottom of the funnel of work-world.

In the end, I would like to emphasize the fact that my internship program helped me severely not only from the professional point of view but also from the personal aspects. The key takeaways that I gained during this momentous journey are as follows:

    1.    Understanding Inbound Marketing: Learned about the HubSpot methodology and how to create personalized content.
    2.    Using HubSpot Tools: Gained hands-on experience with HubSpot as a comprehensive marketing tool.
    3.    Applying Theory to Practice: Transitioned theoretical knowledge into practical marketing tasks.
    4.    Developing Transferable Skills: Improved skills in computer use, teamwork, communication, and time management.
    5.    Taking Responsibility: Learned the importance of accountability in achieving company goals.
    6.    Overcoming Discomfort in Asking Questions: Improved clarity and understanding by asking questions.
    7.    Refining Career Focus: Clarified long-term career plans and differentiated between traditional and internet marketing.
    8.    Discovering Personal Interests: Identified tasks that align with personal enthusiasm and passion.
    9.    Experiencing a Flexible Workplace: Appreciated the social culture and flexible working hours at Incredo.
    10.    Enhancing Teamwork Skills: Developed the ability to work collaboratively with coworkers and mentors.

To end,  I highly encourage pursuing an internship to those, who are about to commence their career ladder and are standing at the bottom of the funnel of work-world.

Sona Hovhannisyan
Post by Sona Hovhannisyan
May 24, 2024
Sona is the story-maker of Incredo. With her great writing skills and intellectual information processing she makes the best content for best audience. She is very punctual in everything she does. She has a strong writing experience with MBA degree. Because of her articles, thousands of clients are becoming more informed about different issues in different industries.