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10 Super Creative Pop Up Business Card Ideas That Are Unforgettable

October 5, 2014 – Artash Arakelyan
broke bike alley

10 Super Creative Pop Up Business Card Ideas That Are Unforgettable


Are business cards out of date? Some say that in the digital age, yes, business cards have become unnecessary. If you are one of those who thinks the same way, you should think again.


Creative business cards can be unique tools which help to stay visible everywhere. Good ones won’t ensure the whole success path for your business but they can definitely contribute can help a lot. Having creative, pop up business cards can help you create some positive reactions and you will never be forgotten. So, while creating your card, make sure that it’s creative, unique and fun. Here are some 10 super creative ideas, which will help you to win if you are planning to create your own one! S Some of these examples can be right for some businesses and not appropriate for other ones, while the others can be acceptable for all kind of businesses. All in all these ideas will certainly inspire you and make you think more creatively. So without any further ado let’s check them out below:

1. A bike repair shop’s multi-purpose card.

This card has two purposes. First, you can find information about the bike repair shop and second, you can use this card to repair your bike in case of an accident.

2. Unique wine shop card

This card is very unique, as it is made with the traces of the wine, which will help customers associate it with the wine shop.

3. Computer repair folding card

This card is made to make people to associate it with a notebook, as it is a computer repair company’s card and should be definitely memorable.

4. Mini yoga card

This card will remind you the mat of the yoga and will force you to take some time to exercise.

5. Tearable card for personal trainers

This card will motivate you from the very beginning and will give you an impression that getting into a good shape can be as easy as tearing the card.

6. Google me card for improving your SEO

If an SEO company is on the first pages of Google, then it does not even make sense to consider them for your project. This one encourages you to find them on Google and be confident to contact them back.

7. Card for finance firm

This finance firm card gives you the impression that your money will increase if you use their service.

8. Divorce laywer’s tearable card

Just like all your potential divorcing assets, this card also tears in 2 parts, so you can the opportunity share it also with you partner (ex-partner) as well.

9. Map card with your address on it

If you are like mostly offline type of business this business card will simplify your location and it will be very easy for the potential visitors to find and get to your office.

10.Use humour in your card, like this one

This card makes you feel that you will be get stretchy after joining their Yoga classes and it obviously makes you smile every time you do it. So, are you busy now thinking non the next creative pop up business card ideas? Share your impressions and thoughts with us below!

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October 5, 2014