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10 SEO Changes That Will Impact Your Marketing Strategy

June 25, 2015 – Artash Arakelyan
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10 SEO Changes That Will Impact Your Marketing Strategy

SEO is a crucial aspect when it comes to doing business online, because it ultimately doesn’t matter what you have to offer, if no one is able to find it via search engines. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for the latest trends in SEO to be able to rank up constantly. To help you get on track, we present you 10 changes that will positively impact your SEO strategy if you pay more attention to them. Here we go…

1. More Attention to Users

In the past, SEO was just about controlling data and right keywords in order to be in better search results. However, during the recent year, focusing on quality instead of quantity became much more accepted. So, if you still behave like in the past, you should change your behaviour and concentrate more on users by creating interesting content that will make them to do some actions.

2. Mobile Optimization

With the development of smartphones, much more people started to do some searches with the help of their phones instead of PCs or notebooks. So, in order to be found in search results, your website should be mobile optimized. Recently, Google has started to include “mobile friendly” icons, in order to separate those websites which are optimized. So, make sure that you have this next to your website as well.

3. Attention to Social

It does not matter whether it is social as a result of shares from your websites or traffic that comes from social media networks, the importance of social has huge influence on SEO. You can assess the effectiveness of your SEO with the help of social media engagements. If no one interacts, it has a negative impact on your SEO and as a result ranking in search results.

4. Increased Storytelling

In the past, keywords were the only things that affected the SEO strategy, however, now, the times have changed and it is the right time for storytelling. Nowadays, storytelling is the only way that you can catch attention and have higher results. So, instead of just using the right keywords, try to have an interesting content that will naturally attract users.

5. Google+ Account

Nowadays, just having a website does not guarantee you having good ranks in Google search results. In order to succeed, you should also have a good Google+ business account. If you want to have good search results in Google, then you should have a good and effective Google+ page and treat it like your website.

6. Aggressive Targets of Blogging Networks

In general, the notion of “guest post networks”, which were widely used in the past and which were rather effective, are not so effective nowadays and are out of trend. During the past year 2014, Google took some actions against such blogging networks and penalized many large high ranked websites that had taken part in such linking schemes.

7. User Experience Optimization

According to many researches, it was found that those websites who are engaging with their users and who have good user experience tend to rank high in search results. So, instead of just attracting people’s attention try also to engage with them and provide them with great user experience. As a result, your users will be satisfied and you will rank high in search results as well.

8. Making Predictions

Creating good SEO strategy is much easier nowadays than it was in the past. The reason is the presence of huge data. Thanks to this data, it is possible to review previous results, compare it to the current ones and make some predictions, which will make it easier to rank well.

9. Location Usage as Source

Another important change that you should take into account while implementing SEO strategy is that you should use locations as source, as it will help you to be visible in Google search results.

10. Entity Search Optimization

We do everything in order to rank well in Google search results. After the 9 past points mentioned above, the last things that remains for us to do is to optimize entity searches in order to rank higher.

Here are the most important changes that you need to know and take into account when implementing your SEO strategy. Do you agree with these changes or do you think that the traditional SEO was a better one? Share your thoughts and ideas with us and we will respond to them quickly!


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June 25, 2015