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14. 08. 2015

Your First Steps in Video Content Marketing: Where to Start?

Video content marketing has developed a lot during the past few years and it is still evolving. A recent report realized by Demand Metrics, shows us that about 70% of marketers today use video in their marketing strategies.


Moreover, according to Nielsen, about 65% of marketers think that video content marketing is a successful strategy and is going to dominate their strategies in the near future. These numbers alone give us many reasons to consider using video content marketing in our strategies, because it’s obvious that video is the future!

Speaking about potential reach, we can say that here videos are unrivaled.  For example, every third person in Great Britain watches at least one video during a week: that is more than 20 million weekly views only from the UK.

Another proof is the fact that YouTube has more than 1 billion visitors during a month, which is more than any other channel, except from Facebook.

One can not ignore also the success stories of videos that have gone viral. For example, Volkswagen’s commercial “The Force” has more than 60 million views on Youtube. Or, the marketing campaign of WestJet “Christmas Miracle” attracted more than 40 million viewers. These numbers prove that videos have high shareability. If you engage your prospects, they will share your videos with others on their social media channels.

As a result, people will spend much more time on your website and start interacting with your company. For any kind of social media campaign, video is considered to be one of the best tools that need to be implemented.

So, if you are planning to use video content marketing in your strategy as well, it is important for you to pay attention to these 4 essentials for success.

1. Identifying goals

First of all, before making a video and posting it on social media, you should clearly understand what is the purpose of the video. Do you want to attract new customers? Do you want your product/service to be popular and well known? Maybe use the video to attract new employees? Or do you just want to increase the brand awareness?

Whatever you want to achieve with your videos, you need to clarify the purpose first, because it is the only way you can measure its’ success. For example, would you consider your video successful by the number of views? Or, will you mark it as successful according to the number of shares? When you know exactly where you are going, it becomes easier for you to keep everything under control.

2. Relevance of the audience

When making a video, make sure to consider the audience you would like to reach. For example, if you would like to reach women from 25-45 years old, take into account their preferences, lifestyles, hobbies and create a video that will interest them. In addition, make sure to share your video on the right channels, where they will be able to see it.

3. A clear CTA (call-to-action)

It does not matter how creative and attractive your video is, you will not get the desired results if you do not include a call to action in your video. Think about it for a moment. What do you want people to do after watching your video? Do you want them to buy your product? Do you want to increase their trust or something else? To achieve great results, you should include a CTA in your video both in a visual and audible way.

4. Video distribution

When you consider the platforms where you are going to post your video, make sure not to overlook social media networks, as these are the main sources where videos are shared and viewed. Promote your videos on different channels and, of course, make sure that your videos are optimized for different devices, like smartphones, ipads, notebooks and so on.

Marketers who realized the potential benefits of videos, have begun to find ways of using videos in their content marketing campaigns. However, creating high quality and professional videos is not that easy, as you need to have the right tools and skills. Here you can find some awesome tools that can help you create attractive and creative videos.

Powtoon - This is a do-it-yourself tool that gives you the chance to create some animated videos which can be used in product demos.

Wideo - This tool has a selection of templates in it, which can be customized according to your company’s needs. It’s a great way to deliver your message in a creative way.

Stupeflix - Stupeflix gives you the chance to share some story-videos. It is much more a slideshow creation than a video maker. There is a possibility to add some audio effects to make your video a better one.

According to Cisco, by 2017, video is going to account for about 70% of all consumer internet traffic. With the continuous development of videos in content marketing, it has become crucial for all companies regardless of their size to ensure that they include video content marketing in their overall marketing strategy.

So, do you think we are going to be watching instead of reading after some years? Or do you think written content is going to dominate? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

Sona Hovhannisyan
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