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27. 11. 2015

10 Sound Reasons Why Outsourcing Marketing Activities Is a Wise Decision for Your Small Business

Once, Erik Huberman, founder of Hawke Media, said: “When launching a business, it’s critical to do what you are good at; sticking with your core competency is an absolute must”. That means, that if you are good at consulting, accounting or something else, then focus on that and let experts in respective fields come in and execute other business functions.

In the beginning, almost all startup companies try to do everything by themselves. Marketing activities are usually implemented by employees who work in other fields as well. However, sooner or later company owners will understand that marketing is key for achieving growth and success. This point can lead to 2 options: hiring a full in-house department of marketing professionals or outsourcing marketing activities to an agency. Both of these options can lead to success depending on what kind of company we are talking about. For small businesses, outsourcing marketing activities is the best option, because hiring new employees for marketing department can be rather expensive. Below are more reasons why outsourcing marketing activities can be a solid strategy for small businesses.


Focusing on your core competencies

Of course, the number of marketing tools have increased a lot during the past few years, but it’s not a secret that it is also buyer behavior that has changed the trends and patterns in marketing field. Staying up to date with the latest marketing trends is crucial for companies in order to get better results, but it can be incredibly expensive for small or medium sized companies. With continuous expansion of marketing scope, it’s important to have a team of experts who will execute your company’s marketing activities. Outsourcing enables small businesses to leverage broad marketing knowledge and competencies in a short period of time, thus, reducing mistakes and failures in marketing process. When you hand your marketing strategy to professionals in another company or country, there is a huge opportunity for you to focus and concentrate on your core competencies. Focusing on your primary activities will let you achieve growth and success while also having your marketing activities in trustful hands.

Saving time and money

Marketing is very dynamic, where you need to keep up with new tactics and trends in order to be on the top. This means, that you continuously need to train your employees to make sure that they are highly qualified. But, do you have enough time and money for this? What about when one of your most valuable marketers leaves the company? Do you have time and money to hire another one and pay for their training ? Most companies, especially small ones,can’t afford all of this and it is not really reasonable to keep many marketers in your team.  So, for cutting costs, you can allocate some or all of your marketing projects to outsourced companies and you will only pay for the services you need. In this case, you will save money, for example by avoiding the hidden costs of employing staff members, such as sick pay or holidays. You will also have the opportunity to reduce overhead, as by outsourcing your marketing, you will be able to reduce the cost of additional office space, computers, vendor relationships and so on.

Regular communication and support

In these times keeping in touch with customers from all over the world is becoming more comfortable and less complicated (and mostly free). Digital marketing agencies for sure will provide communication channels to make your joint collaboration quick and effective. Using a help desk software, arranging phone calls and answering emails in the shortest time possible are the main mechanisms available. With a help desk software you can follow the process of work done for your company, provide useful or required materials to the marketing team, share your ideas or opinions. Phone calls are usually arranged once a week with the project manager or one of the specialists who works on your campaign. You discuss the existing situation, analyze achieved results as well as set up plans for the next weeks. You will constantly be aware of the working process, be able to ask questions and reach agreements.

Growth of your business

Of course, the main goal of any business, whether big or small, is to take the company to newer heights with higher bottom lines. For reaching desired results, you need to effectively spend your money, and it’s usually faster and cheaper to outsource your marketing processes. It’s all about managing your main engine with hundreds of moving parts. You need to focus on your main strategy and improve its scalability with new demands, instead of focusing on how your marketing department will scale with your business. Fortunately, right marketing agencies will be able to scale with every new need by simply changing the terms of the contact. Outsourced marketing agencies already have qualified professionals and knowledge in place to push you to the next level.

Access to expanded talent pool

Nowadays, all companies require a wide range of expertise in order to execute online and offline marketing effectively. Knowledge and talent is the key to success and it does not matter if you have one person or ten people in your marketing team, because your knowledge will be still limited. A typical marketing groups should include strategists, analysts, product specialists, creatives, brand managers, communicators, e-commerce experts, advertising specialists, content writers and so on. As a small business, you certainly won’t have the resources necessary to build a perfect marketing team, but a marketing agency does. While you need to focus on your main business processes, a marketing agency you are outsourcing to will focus solely on your marketing processes.

Right marketing techniques for your business

Marketing is ever changing. During the recent years, there has been a boom in new marketing techniques, tools and trends. While this has created new possibilities for businesses to market them, it has also made marketing activities more expensive and complex. This is not to say that past practices are no longer applicable, but with the development of new technologies, there are new forms of communication. If you have just two or three marketers in your small company, you cannot keep up with all new techniques. However, outsourcing to a marketing agency made up of highly skilled professionals is a great chance to ensure that your marketing campaigns employ the best practices. Building knowledge from scratch in house is possible, but it will take a lot of time. However, engaging with experts will provide you with great results.

Fresh ideas from outside

A great advantage of outsourcing marketing activities that is often overlooked is that the marketing team is not of your company’s culture. You might think that it’s a disadvantage, but it’s really not! No matter how dedicated and engaged you small marketing team might be in meeting your company’s objectives and goals, sometimes it is possible to become too involved in the business to be able to step back and analyze marketing strategies from customers’ viewpoint. However, marketing agency that you are outsourcing will be able to supply the important “objective perspective”, which is really difficult for company’s executives to continuously maintain. So, by outsourcing your marketing activities, you will get the benefits of highly qualified marketing combined with fresh ideas from different corporate perspective. Marketing agencies typically have deep experience working with many companies, therefore, they are in the best position to advice which approached and techniques would work for your small business.

Keeping your salesmen motivated

Sales and marketing are highly connected with each other. Having a good marketing plan in place should reassure your sales team that the company is being promoted as much as possible and in the right way, which will make it much easier for your salesmen to follow up on potential customers. Well structured and targeted marketing campaigns ensure that prospects already know about your products/services, making the company much more credible and highly possible to close sales.

Maintenance of momentum

It’s not a secret that all companies experience different business fluctuations over time, whether as a result of market forces, competitive pressures or customer demands.  When there are changes to implement and there are new projects to focus on, sometimes your marketing staff may not pay enough attention to key projects. However, when you outsource your marketing activities, you can be sure that all of your marketing campaigns will be managed from start till the end, no matter how many changes occur over the time.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, outsourcing your marketing activities can deliver real value and bring high efficiency and functionality to often difficult tasks of marketing company’s products, services.


Outsourcing marketing activities can be a good choice for those companies, which are small or which do not have much budget to spend on hiring a full marketing team. You should know  that outsourcing your marketing is a big decision for any company. It can bring a lot of value by putting your company in expert hands. Focus on what’s truly important, and leave all the other work to experts, its a double win in almost any scenario.

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