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24. 03. 2015

The Ultimate Guide on How to Hire an Effective HubSpot Consultant for Your Business Growth

Nowadays every business must be prepared to deal with Inbound Marketing. With the new type of consumer behavior, which ignores the old way of pushing and forcing sales onto them and rather trying to figure out what kind of products and/or services do they need themselves, it’s unavoidable to see the benefits of Inbound Marketing.


In this digital age of the current world, every consumer has numerous ways to gather the necessary information about a certain product or service they need without ever talking to a salesperson. This is why every business absolutely needs to implement Inbound Methodology in order to stay competitive and needs to implement it in a unique way to beat the competition. 


Why do you need an Hubspot expert?

Before we go on, let's first understand why do you even need a Hubspot expert to help you with your Inbound Marketing? Today very few businesses can calculate the cost of a single acquired lead. Due to this, they are not able to calculate their ROI and eventually end up losing money. A qualified, effective Hubspot consultant can help your business to:

1. Use your website effectively

A lot of people do not fully understand the benefits of using their website as an Inbound Marketing tool. A Hubspot specialist can help you can develop a great website that fits your business needs and is audience-focused, turning it into a continuous lead  generating machine, which after some point becomes free of charge.

2. Evaluate and improve your website

A qualified Hubspot consultant can evaluate your already existing website and provide you with recommendations on how to improve your weak points and increase your overall effectiveness.3. Improve lead generation

the main problem that most businesses face is that they fail to acquire the desired number of leads per month even while providing high quality content. Deep understanding of your buyer personas will help tailor the content you create to be targeted specifically at them, which is key to improving your lead generation numbers.

Do your homework

Understanding the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing will help you evaluate the potential Inbound expert and see if they can fulfill your needs. Of course, you are not going to do their job, but being informed about the industry beforehand is always a good plan. Take your time to complete these 3 steps before you contact any expert:

1. Determine your goals. Why do you need a Hubspot consultant? – First of all you need to have a clear vision on what you want to accomplish. Is it traffic generation? Increase lead to customer conversion rate? Or maybe keyword generation and research? You have to know what you want to be done, in order to get it done.

2. Learn a bit about your goals yourself – As mentioned earlier, a little bit of knowledge about the goals you want to accomplish will help you choose the right person for the job. Read an article or two about traffic generation, keyword research or any other goal you might have set.

3. Evaluate the previous work of the potential consultants – you need to make sure that the Hubspot consultant that is going to work for you, is actually competent enough to do so. Review some case studies about the previous works they have done and evaluate them prior to contacting.

What to expect from a Hubspot consultant?

There is certain minimum amount of criteria that a qualified expert has to meet in order to demonstrate expected results. Keep this list handy and be sure to check all the points mentioned here:

  1. Credibility – First of all, you need to make sure that the potential consultant is a Hubspot certified marketing specialist and a Hubspot partner. Do not expect anything less, this is the current industry standard that every Inbound Marketer must meet in order to be effective.
  2. SEO – getting good search engine results is the goal of any SEO strategy, and the result depends greatly on the right and targeted keyword generation and eventually including those in your website. Your Hubspot consultant has to be able to use Google Analytics or other tools to be able to bring your website to the top rankings of SEO results.
  3. Content creation – Inbound highly depends on the quality of the content you provide. Great blog posts and well designed e-mails are effective ways to reach your target audience. Find out if your candidate has any experience with content creation.
  4. Social media – When we say social media, most of us think about Facebook and Twitter but there is much more to it. Your expert must be able to determine the social media platforms that suit your business best and know how to attract leads from those platforms.
  5. CTA and Landing Pageslanding pages, thank you pages and CTAs are an essential aspect of generating new leads. Eye-catchy and buyer persona-oriented landing pages and CTAs will play a key role in the overall Inbound Marketing process.
  6. Lead management – Once a visitor submits information to your website, he/she instantly becomes a lead. Your consultant must be able to study their behavior and understand things like how they found your website, how much time they spent on a particular page, etc. The marketing qualified leads are then identified and further nurtured with offers of content tailored to suit their specific needs and eventually become sales qualified leads, which are passed on to the sales department.
  7. Reporting – Analysis and reporting are a crucial part of the Inbound process. If you put in all this effort, but fail to analyze your results, then it’s a waste of time. Constant reports of ROI should be composed including website visits, lead-to-customer conversion rates, KPI benchmarks and website performance.
  8. Proven track of record – Ideally you want to hire someone with experience in Inbound Marketing field. Proven track of records of other successful projects are a good way to evaluate their experience and overall performance. Check them out to make sure it’s the right man for the job.

There we go!


Now you have learned why you actually need a Hubspot consultant and how to evaluate him/

her and what to expect from the work they are going to do. Use the information above to find the best suited candidate for the position who will help grow your business and increase your profit margins by a lot. On this final note I urge you not to ignore Inbound Marketing and implement it in your business and remember: Great results require time and dedication to your cause, so don’t be discouraged if you don't observe increases in revenue the same day. Hire the right HubSpot consultant for your business and give him time to make your company truly shine. 

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