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SaaS Lead Generation

19. 01. 2015

The Consultant's Guide To Lead Generation

All consultants, both beginners and professionals, after they take all the opportunities they get the same big question - "Where I should go next?''. 

Lead generation is probably one of the most important parts for consultant's marketing strategy. Consultants should use lead generation, in order to grow their pipeline, to increase their personal brand awareness and finally in order to create a revenue. So, today, we are going to introduce you a consultant's guide to lead generation.


How to find your buyer personas

How you find your buyer personas mainly depends on who your target audience is. The process of finding begins from local, non-local or the mix of these two. The local resources can be business publications, fillings for incorporations, trade organizations and so on and the non-local resources can be web-based resources, business to business social media and so on.

There are 2 main ways of researching your target audience: email or voice and social media. It doesn’t matter by which way you are researching them, the next question that you should ask yourself is “How I’m going to get their contacts, in order to communicate my offerings to them?”. In addition, it is worth mentioning that none of the traditional methods, like TV, radio, press advertising are not as effective as email and social media (in other words inbound marketing)

How to acquire contact information

So, the next important part in this guide is acquiring contact information from your target audience. If you use email in order to research your audience, you can use, Lead411, Zoominfo and so on. However, if you use social media networks to research your target audience, probably the best place to acquire some info is LinkedIn. In addition, in LinkedIn, you can not only get some contact information, but also to get some info about your audience’s preferences, likes and other things. In addition, other social media sites that you can use for this purpose are Manta and Merchantcircle. However, it is proven that email and voice are more useful ways to acquire contact information than social media sites.

How to communicate with targeted messages

After having done the 2 points mentioned above smoothly, now you should decide on the means of communication with the potential customers. So, there are some levels of communicating with your customers effectively. These levels are:

  • Email - You should send them a personalized email as a prospecting tool integrated with voice prospecting to inform and educate sales prospects.Try to be as much precise in your emails as possible
  • Voice - Voice is used in order to strengthen the procedure, in order to pass for the next level of interest and in order to increase the outcomes
  • Message - You should send them a meaningful message in email or voice
  • Follow-up - After sending the message you should follow them and see their reactions and future actions.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that lead generation is the most important part in every marketing strategy and if you want to be successful, you should pay a lot of attention to it.  That’s why today we have introduced  the consultant’s quick guide to lead generation. So do you have any experience in this field? If so, share your experience and knowledge with us in the comments below.

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