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11. 08. 2015

Storytelling vs Writing: Which is Better for Your Business

Storytelling has been there from ancient times and it is considered to be one of the biggest skills of every person, business and company. Stories have been a crucial driver of change throughout the human history, both for good and bad. Now, more than ever, storytelling is used by businessmen, workers, bloggers, leaders and other people in order to spread their messages.


Apple has used the power of storytelling to insert into their ads, Nike has never told you to buy their products (they use storytelling), Lego Movie is another great brand storytelling example.

Coca Cola has done the same throughout their company lifetime. The reason why so many people are just in love with Coke isn’t the product itself, at least not for the last 15 years. Its the story and association of the product with Christmas and Happiness.

Stories make us remember things better than just words, numbers or graphs. The reason is that  stories make more impression on us, make us think, feel and believe in magic.Just because stories are so powerful, businesses should use storytelling for their promotion instead of just writing facts and statistics.

Many researches indicate that more than 75 % of chief marketing officers believe that content is the future of marketing. Moreover, ⅔ of marketers surveyed think that content is more beneficial than e-mails, printed advertisements and PR activities.

That’s because nowadays everyone is connected with the help of social media networks.These platforms are the places where businesses share their content and their own stories. When sharing content, businesses should take into account that no one cares about their marketing goals: all that people want is a good story that will impress them. Those businesses which are good at telling awesome stories, surely have competitive advantage.

Whether you want your company to grow, create engagement, something unique or innovate or s, business storytelling is there to help you. Here are the main benefits storytelling can give to your business, that simply writing facts and statistics would never do.
  • Stories Create Connections

It is all about knowing your audience and giving them all they need. Try to examine your prospects and find out what kind of stories they like and what is  valuable for them. Let your staff and current customers tell their own stories that are connected with your business.

In addition, you may also create some online or offline discussions, to let everyone share their stories with others. All these activities will create engagement, increase the number of questions, comments and result in a fruitful conversation between you and your prospects.
  • Storytelling Humanizes Your Business

Automated emails, scheduled posts in social media networks, autoresponders and other such things make businesses look like robots. But what do customers really need? Of course, they need real communication and caring.

By telling stories about your business, customers and other relevant things, you get the chance to share the human side of your business.If you act honestly and in a transparent way, people will feel that they have business not with robots, but with real people who really care about their problems.
  • Convey Your Vision Through Stories

Storytelling is a great tool to tell people about your vision and about the importance of your business in society. Instead of telling how you met your business goals, or how you started to get so much money, try to make them understand why your business was created and how it is going to change the world.

According to Stephen Denning, who is the author of “The leader’s guide to storytelling”, stories are quick, powerful, natural, collaborative, persuasive, moving, memorable and they helps make sense of businesses. He also mentions that while charts, facts and plain text may bore customers, storytelling is simply the only thing that really works.
  • Make Changes with Stories

If your business is there to make changes in the world, then storytelling is the most important skill that all of your employees should possess. Instead of just telling people what they should do and what they should not do, you need to share stories with them, which will make them act in the right way.

For example, do you think that you will stop wasting water after seeing a social advertisement about it or after reading stories about the children, who don’t drink water for several days? Of course, stories make much more impression and help you get what you really want.

Storytelling can be a very powerful tool in your content marketing strategy if you implement it correctly. From a very young age people are used to hear different stories: fairy tales, bedtime stories and so on. These stories inspire us, make us believe in ourselves, and, of course, are memorable.

People won’t pass by a good story and won’t forget it for a long time. This is the main reason why storytelling should be used in your business. Is there something you would like to add? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.
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