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24. 09. 2015

Preparing For Your Inbound Website Assessment: Do Your Homework

Is your website like a static machine or a conversion machine that attracts? Are there any gaps in content volume, content type and content quality of your website? To answer these questions, companies usually perform inbound website assessments. Inbound marketing website assessment helps companies discover gaps between their website and their inbound marketing strategy.


With the help of this assessment, you will be able to compare your website with those of your competitors, analyze the website attraction factor, get information about your customer conversion ratios, identify the workflow gaps, determine your ROI and so on.

However, to get real benefits from this assessment, you need to get prepared beforehand and do your “homework”. To get ready for the inbound website assessment (whether you do it in-house, or a marketing agency is doing for you), you need to make sure that you prepare for the following steps:

Define Your Goals

What is the main reason you wanted to implement inbound marketing? What are the main results you expect to get? What does success look like for you this year, next year and for the next five years?

How are you going to use your website to reach your goals? Both you and your assessment agency should clearly know the answers for all of these questions in order to create a powerful inbound website strategy for achieving your company’s goals.

Define Your Plans

What are the main plans you have in place for reaching your goals? Are you going to invest more in your content marketing strategy, social media strategy or are you going to redesign your website? When you think about your plans, try to understand what is standing in your way at the moment: competition? management of your company? what are the main barriers for reaching your goals today?

Answers to these questions will help you define the right plans for your company. Both you and the inbound agency need to understand in which direction your company is going, in order to implement the necessary actions for your mission.

Understand Your KPIs

An important part of your homework consists of analyzing your Key Performance Indicators(KPIs). If you don’t even know how many people visit your website during a day, a month, how many of them become leads, then your inbound marketing will not focus on your challenges, the assessment would be very general and will not bring value to you.

For example your marketing challenge can be with your:

  • Traffic: You might have low traffic for your website when you don’t attract the right people. For example, if you are a senior care agency and the target people for your website are young people, then your visits may be close to 0.
  • Conversions: This is the case, when you have many visitors, but no one of them becomes your lead, because they are just not interested in your products or services.
  • Contact/SQL conversions: In this case, your website has traffic, you have contacts which are interested, but they are junk leads, as they request quotes and they immediately disappear. This is an important marketing challenge you will face.

REMEMBER: The marketing agency which assesses your website does not know about your challenges. So, when they send you some suggestion document, you should be aware of your problems, so you can focus on those suggestions which will truly provide you some direction and will help in facing your challenges.

Estimate Your Time and Budget

Before meeting with the inbound marketing assessment team, you need to think about two important things:

  • Time: How much time you think the assessment and implementation of new strategy will take? Do you have enough time for that? Is there a special event in your industry, before which you need to have  everything prepared?

  • Budget: How much money are you going to allocate to develop an inbound marketing strategy after the assessment? How much does it cost the assessment? Do you have enough budget to implement all the actions suggested by the assessment team?

Define Your Competitors

Bruce Henderson says: “Your most dangerous competitors are those that are most like you” and this is completely true. If you don't have competitors who are one a higher level to whom you can look up to, or if you are always on the same level with your competition, you might stop growing.

Even worse, if you don’t have a clear understanding of who are your main competitors, there is a chance that your inbound marketing agency will miss  very valuable information and will do some mistakes in implementing your inbound marketing strategy. Logically, it’s not the agency’s job to identify your competitors!

Part of doing your homework is obviously knowing who your competitors are, so when your inbound agency talks about them you are not surprised.

Get Ready to Answer These Questions

Before being completely ready for the assessment, you need to get ready to answers all of the questions that your inbound marketing agency will ask, In general, here are some questions that most of the agencies ask:

  • How many visitors and leads do you have?
  • Why do you want to have inbound marketing strategy?
  • How many leads and customers do you want and why?
  • Is your website built to attract?
  • Is it build to convert prospects to sales?
  • Are your interactive initiatives connected to your website?
  • Does your website encourage revisits and repurchases?

You need to know all the answers to these and other questions, because if the inbound marketing agency sales rep sees that you do not know anything about your own company, they will not be interested in you.  

Here is the main checklist for your homework that you should correctly do in order to get fully prepared for your inbound website assessment.


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In many ways, strategy and expert analysis defines everything. To us, website assessment or inbound marketing in general aren't just visionary concepts; they proceed directly from the ethical connections and experiences we forge with the world around us.

At Incredo, we’re all about the results. We unveil your market, understand how to engage potential buyers using content, driving traffic to your site through search, social and other tactics, and then convert them into paying customers. It’s about creating an online experience that transforms users into followers, customers into ambassadors.

We do this by listening to you, understanding your target audience, and putting our extensive online knowledge to work on a plan that will improve your business goals and change the way you think about the potential of the internet.

Our assessment as a professional service company begins with the identification and clarification of problems. What needs to be solved? We are helping our clients find problems in the world that they are well-positioned to address, and then work with them to draft and execute solutions.

That's our belief about public relations, marketing and business in general. If we we are making the world better, then we have a story to tell that people want to hear. We maintain a robust stuck.

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What you will get instead:

  • Search engine optimization opportunities
  • Landing pages & lead-gen forms
  • Calls-to-action
  • Marketing offers
  • Competitor analysis

Everything is easier said than done. Wanting something is easy. Saying something is easy. The challenge and reward are strongly interconnected. And this is how our relationships begin!

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