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4. 12. 2015

Why Marketing Teams with Different Backgrounds are Your Best Choice for Outsourcing

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” – Stephen R. Covey

Different people have different ideas.

Difference creates positive conflict, which boosts creativity, discussions and brings up more potent solutions.

As mentioned in an article by Stanford Business School, there is a false assumption that if people look alike, they probably think alike too, which is not the case in most situations. The research also suggests that team members who have a lot in common with each other tend to build stronger relationships among themselves, which leads to having similar views about different subjects and eventually, their performance drops drastically.


When a small or medium business owner (like you) is looking for a marketing agency to outsource their marketing activities, there is a whole set of facts and “pros and cons” that need to be followed.

I mean sure, results, communication, professionalism and all that matter a lot, but what most businesses miss out, is the actual team that will work on your marketing campaigns and promotions.

All of those are not just assumptions, in fact it's science. A research by McKinsey and Co. has found that there is a linear relationship between diversity and better performance.

While I am not suggesting that non diverse teams are not capable of achieving good results, but the facts speak for themselves: the more differences within a team (especially marketing team), the better results they will achieve.

“Diversity – the art of thinking independently together” – Malcolm Forbes

All of that being said, this shouldn’t be a decisive factor when choosing your agency you plan to outsource to. Results and communication are still at the tops of your priority list, but keep this point in mind when doing your homework of the potential agency (and just in case you aren’t, it’s absolutely essential that you do it. Here is why).

Look for different backgrounds, gender and age diversity, experiences, etc. Marketing is more about creativity than technical work. This is why you need to find a group of people that have the potential to ditch out the most incredible ideas.

People with different backgrounds and personalities bring a lot more to the table, than good execution and proper planning.

One of the most important questions that stay alive within diverse teams is “do you want to be right, or do you want to be effective?” It’s easy to influence people who have similarities with you and as a result, you might be missing something really important in the end.

The more diversity you find inside your potential agency’s marketing team, the better results you can expect. One thing I would like to note, is that diversity isn’t just about gender, age and ethnicity. It’s also about different backgrounds.

Almost every profession carries a specific understanding and views of things, and every school educates people in different ways. You can rarely find two people with completely different backgrounds that share the same views and evaluate things based on the same criteria.

This is one of the aspects that truly binds a marketing team together. Depending on the industry a marketing team works with, background and education diversity becomes a lifesaver in a lot of situations.

School always teach that whatever you learn will never go to waste and you will most certainly need it at some point in your life. This is especially true when it comes to marketing teams.

There is no obstacle that a diverse marketing team cannot overcome, it’s just a matter of time mostly. From my experience I can tell you that the size of the agency isn’t important: a well-managed, experienced, small marketing team can easily outperform an industry giant in almost any given case.

It’s about the people.

It’s about the team that works together towards a common goal, striving to achieve the best result possible. The best ideas are born out of discussions and opposition. If there is nobody to question your approach, how do you if it’s good?

This is why you should always pay attention to the marketing team that you plan to hire. If you have a few options that are really close and the decision is hard to make, pick the one with the most diverse team, every time.

Our team at Incredo consists of people from the most wild backgrounds that, from the first glance, do not have anything to do with marketing – Physics, Linguistics, Management, Business, Economists, Engineering, Medical, Astrophysics, Psychology, Marketing, Tourism, etc.

Each newcomer brings his or her own personality and views to add up to the already wild mix, which leads to conceiving more innovative and compelling solutions for our clients. Results and achievements aren’t born from perfect management, analytics and budgets alone. It’s the team that makes all of that happen and as science suggests, nothing helps create a strong team as good as diversity.

As I said, marketing isn’t just about numbers: it’s about understanding consumers, teamwork, fun and numbers.

I believe that diversity is one of our main strengths and what helped us achieve the results we have today, in just over a year.

“We have a lot to learn from crayons. Some are long, others short, some are sharp, others are dull. Some are dark while others bring light. But when combined together, they make works of art that are hard to describe with words”.

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Pavel Aramyan
Content manager at Incredo. I am a doctor who happens to have an MBA degree and generates content for an inbound agency. I am a do-it-all kind of person: When I am not writing, I am busy curing people, when I am not curing people, I tend to kill WCG competitions. Life is fun, and full of wonders: Do what you enjoy most, even if its everything at once
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