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25. 06. 2015

Is Hubspot's Free CRM Right for Your Sports and Nutrition Company?

In order to be successful in your sports and nutrition business, one of the most important things you should do is to keep track of your leads, clients and of course your staff’s interactions with them.



There are many companies, especially small ones, that think that it is just enough to have spreadsheets in order to write down some notes concerning their customers. However, there are some problems associated with spreadsheets. First of all, spreadsheets do not run analytics and cannot give you clear understanding of your customers’ behaviour. Secondly, if for example there is more than one employee, who works with the customer, it could result in a situation, where several employees update the spreadsheet, which can be a reason for confusion and mistakes. These are the main reason why Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is much more preferred and effective than usual spreadsheets.

Now, let’s speak about the benefits associated with Hubspot CRM. CRM helps companies to manage their sales, marketing and account management departments together. CRM is beneficial for all these departments, as sales department can have access to the history of all the interactions with customers of the company, marketing department has the chance to take some insights from CRM in order to target and satisfy their customers and account management department has the opportunity to make services better based on the notes from the sales department.

So, now you understand why CRM is so important for your sports and nutrition company, but another question comes: Which CRM system is right for your sports and nutrition company?

There are many CRM softwares out there that can help companies to have a good CRM system. However, most of these softwares are for big companies, as the prices of them are rather high. So, what should do small companies, like your sport and nutrition one? For such companies, there is a great choice: HubSpot’s CRM. Good news is that this software is totally free, which is easy to understand and implement and is a great option for sports and nutrition companies and other small ones.

HubSpot’s CRM system gives companies the chance to upload and share some information from CRM, organize some online presentations and check out statistics related to leads. It can give companies much useful information, for example how many shares there are by sales department, how many leads viewed the shared content, when most of the leads visited that content, how many presentations were there, the average time of presentation and so on.

Another benefit  associated with HubSpot’s CRM system is that for example your marketing department has the chance to track some part of your collateral value and your account management department may create useful experience when leads are converted into customers. With the help of HubSpot’s CRM system, everyone in your sports and nutrition company can create an effective conversation, no matter with phone or email. So, this system is a great opportunity for those companies, which prefer more effective and modern solution to their sales processes.

So, just because of these benefits that HubSpot’s CRM system provides and because it is completely free, there remains no hesitation for you that this system is the best fit for your sports and nutrition company. So, if you think so, then don’t lose any second and go on signing up for an account in just few seconds, get acquainted with this easy tool and create some great experience for your sports and nutrition company.

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