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15. 12. 2015

Inbound Marketing: What’s in it for You?

Inbound marketing is all about attracting potential customers by creating value for them.


Instead of promoting products/services through interruption, inbound marketing delivers content that is beneficial for customers. Inbound marketing is the opposite of push marketing. For better understanding what is push marketing, let’s consider this example. You watch a TV show or YouTube video that is very interesting for you and then, an ad occurs on your screen. This is actually what push marketing looks like. Here are some facts from Impactbnd,  that prove the inefficiency of push marketing:

  • 83 % of online tech buyers found their vendor via Google search.
  • Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads.
  • 85 % of 26-35 year olds exit the website because of interruptive ads


So what is the point of using push marketing to catch those people’s attention who are not interested in your products/services? You can spend your time and financial resources on developing long term relationships with those people who really need your business.

Unlike push marketing, inbound marketing consists of different components, such as blogs, ebooks, social media pages that contain content that customers are willing to explore. This content naturally brings customers to your business, because your products/services are those ones they are looking for.

Many businesses have turned to inbound marketing, because of its comparatively low cost and higher chances of converting one time visitors to long term and loyal fans.

Here are some valuable benefits your business will get if you decide to concentrate your efforts on inbound marketing:

  • Cost effectiveness

Traditional marketing is getting more and more expensive as the time passes. For example, during the last Super Bowl, a 30 second advertisement cost about $4 million dollars. For many companies, especially small ones, it’s not an affordable price. Paid ads on Google or Facebook are not cost effective as well. On average, the cost for a keyword is between $6-$10 per click. On Facebook, as well, promoting your post will cost you on average $5 depending on the number of users you want to reach. All these methods require money, which can be a problem for many businesses. However, with inbound marketing you will be able to cut your costs, because all you need is good content out there!

What’s in it for you: Your company will be able to cost much money, as the average cost of inbound lead is about 61 % less than that of outbound lead (

  • Broader reach

With so called outbound marketing, your audience is only limited to people your salesmen contact. However, in case of inbound, there is an automated sales funnel designed for your techniques and the majority of your sales activities are automated. This simply means that you have the chance to expand your reach much faster than if all of your activities involve salesmen engagement.

What’s in it for you: The more frequently you blog, the more visible you will get and your chances of acquiring a customer will increase. HubSpot estimated that about 83% of companies who blog every day have won at least one customer through their content.

  • Credibility

If implemented correctly, inbound marketing will surely increase your company’s credibility, as it will push your online marketing efforts to the top of Google’s search results. This means that people will start trusting you more, which will result in increased traffic.

What’s in it for you:  If your website is on the Google search's first page and it’s there because of inbound marketing, it will gain much credibility.

  • Increased conversation with customers

With traditional advertising like TV ads, billboards, radio or printed material, the conversation is one sided: the company does all the talking. However, with inbound marketing, people are involved in conversation and are encouraged to share their experiences in the forms of comments under your blog posts, social media shares and so on. By having a two-sided conversation, you will be able to have a better understanding of the challenges that your customers are facing, which will give you the chance to come up with new ways for responding to their needs.

What’s in it for you: With inbound marketing, you will get valuable insights from your customers, which you can use in developing your business strategy.

Here is a great infographic by HubSpot that shares some more reasons why inbound marketing is better than the outbound.

To prove that inbound marketing can be beneficial for your business, here are some interesting facts you really need to know:

  • About 85 % of inbound marketers mention organic sources like blogs or social media pages as important ones (
  • Salesmen are nearly 8 times more likely to prefer organic sources (
  • Marketers using inbound marketing strategies are 16 times more likely to experience higher ROI (
  • Marketers engaged in blogging are 14 times more likely to get positive ROI (
  • More than 85 % of people use search engine and about 80 % of them use it to search for products and services (
  • Inbound marketing doubles the average site conversion rate from 6 % to 12 % (
  • Nearly 65 % of people prefer to purchase from those companies which deliver custom content (
  • 78 % of buyers tend to buy products from those companies that have reliable social media presence (
  • 65 % of people prefer emails that contain images vs 35 % who prefer plain text (
  • About 80 % of business decision makers get company information from articles rather than ads (

So, after presenting the main benefits of inbound marketing and some important facts, we want to go deeper and present some valuable tips that will help you while creating your inbound marketing strategy:

Focus on catching people’s attention: The main way that inbound marketing can benefit you is through earning people’s attention. For this reason, you should create attractive content that will promote sharing and, of course, will encourage conversation. All is about creating a valuable content for your buyer personas. If there is no value offered, potential customers will go away without paying attention to you. So, try to first of all clarify how your offers will help your audience.

Add human touch: Inbound marketing is effective because there is a huge personality in it. Don’t serve everything in black and white, try to add some colors. People engage with content, photos, information and brands that they are able to relate to. So, try to show how your products/service can influences their everyday lives, values or beliefs.

Be unique: There are many other businesses out there like yours. Put yourself in your buyer personas’ shoes. Why they need to choose you instead of your competitors? To differentiate yourself, try to be unique, try to offer something valuable that can’t be found anywhere else. Don’t be different just for being different, be different because it is what makes sense.

Get focused: Inbound marketing includes many components like blog, SEO, website design, social media and so on. Of course, having all these components is a huge plus for the company, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Try to understand which parts of inbound marketing are mostly related to your business, which ones are more effective in terms of acquiring new leads and focus on those one's. Not all the platforms will make sense for your business’ goals or budget, find what works for you and concentrate on that.

Learn from experience: Incredo has  many articles about the best inbound marketing strategies and practices that businesses should use. Try to make some research and understand which one from that is suitable for your business. Moreover, besides learning from others, try to learn from your experience as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment new things, because it is through many experiments that great ideas will come to you.

Inbound marketing is a huge topic and it’s possible to write for hundreds of pages about it. However, I really hope that this was somehow helpful for you and you understood that there is a lot in it for you -)

Sona Hovhannisyan
Sona is the story-maker of Incredo. With her great writing skills and intellectual information processing she makes the best content for best audience. She is very punctual in everything she does. She has a strong writing experience with MBA degree. Because of her articles, thousands of clients are becoming more informed about different issues in different industries.
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