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25. 06. 2015

How To Receive Great Testimonials For Your Fitness Business

Everyone who has ever been in any kind of fitness business for some time, definitely knows that there are many questions that potential customers usually ask before using their services. These kind of questions include: “Why should I choose your fitness center, instead of others?”, “What kind of results I can get from your services?” , “What you will advice me if I am “X” age?” and so on.

Fitness companies use different ways of answering to these questions, but one of the easiest and the most effective ways is answering them with the help of testimonials. Testimonials are considered to be the “social proof” that your fitness company is a good one. 


However, though testimonials are great for promoting many fitness companies, some don’t know the ways of implementing them. So, now, we will present you some ways that testimonials can be received and used by your fitness company.

1. Get Video Testimonials From Your Customers

In order to get some video testimonials from your current clients, you can use your phone to take some videos and upload them to your social media networks. This is a great way to show something new to your customers without spending money. In addition, videos are great way to get testimonials from your customers, as they will certainly express their opinions. However, don't post that video only on one social media platform, such as Facebook. Make sure to post it on other platforms as well, such as Google+ or Youtube. In addition, you can make the videos shorter and post the most important part of them on Instagram.

2. Ask Clients for Reviews

Another effective and great way is asking your customers to give Yelp, Google or Facebook reviews. Speaking about Yelp, it is a great platform where you can be more visible and you can stand apart from the crowd. It is a great website, that helps potential customers to get acquainted with your business, before coming to your fitness center. However, there is also a negative side in this website. Some customers can say “if you don’t do this, I will give a negative yelp review”. In this case, there is nothing left for you to do, you just need to take that bad review. However, if you have 1000 happy reviewers and 1 unhappy one, then your image won’t be hurt. So, try to create positive online reputation in order to get more testimonials and attract more clients.

3. Highlight Reviews in Social Media Platforms

In order to promote your fitness center, you should post reviews that you got in other websites on your social media platforms. For example, in order to create interest, try to pick one day of a week, for example Wednesday, and post one great testimonial of your customers every Wednesday.

4. Ask for Pictures and Written Testimonials

Pictures and written testimonials can be great way to promote your fitness company. For example, you can create some surveys, in order to find out what customers like or dislike about your business, and post the results in social media networks in order to promote your fitness company. You can even use the results in printed materials, such as flyers for promotion.

Pictures are also great way of promotion, so you can create a contest on Instagram and ask for some photos from your customers in your fitness center. The winner will be the one with most of the likes, for whom you can make some gift, such as free month in your center or something else.

So, try to use the testimonials of your customers in as many places as you can. Remember, that testimonials are one of the most effective part of any marketing strategy and what is more important is that testimonials are free.  

Now you have some understanding of why testimonials are so important and how you can use them as a fitness company. Is there something unclear left for you? Contact us and ask everything that you would like to find out.


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