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15. 05. 2015

How to Promote Fitness and Nutrition Products with Twitter?

We all know that in order to be successful, nowadays businesses should be visible online, that is they should be present in almost all social media networks, like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and of course Twitter. There are many ways to promote your products in Twitter, which are applicable to every kind of businesses. So, if you have a fitness and nutrition business, to make your work easier,  today we are going to introduce you some ways of promoting fitness and nutrition products with the help of Twitter.


1. Know your customers

If you want to promote your products and get users’ attention, then first of all you should examine and recognize your customers. This will definitely help you in finding out what they want and what kind of products you need to promote. If they follow you, then they have some expectations which you should satisfy. For this reason, you should use some visual elements of your fitness and nutrition products in order to promote them effectively.

2. Have chat hours

In order to create loyalty among your followers, sometimes, try to create some chat hours and allow your followers to ask any questions related to your products as they want. This will help you promote your fitness products, and at the same time, create trust among them. If you have international business, just try to create different chat hours, which will be convenient for different people from different parts of the world. In addition, try to create live streams from exhibitions, where you show your products and this will create interest among your followers. 

3. Promote your blog via Twitter

Blog is considered to be the face of your business, where you can tell about your fitness and nutrition products a lot. Just because Twitter has limited space to write, it does not mean that you cannot describe your products. For that reason, you can promote your blog with your Twitter page and share it among your followers. In this case, they would enter your blog and will get much more information about your products.In addition, besides your blog, you can even share your other social media pages, like Facebook, Google+ and so on.

4. Follow your customers

In order to create interaction between you and your customers, try to follow them and even write comments on their posts, which are related to your business. Try to get interested in them and promote your products in appropriate circumstances. In this case, they will see that you are interested in them and their interest will increase as well.

5. Follow other fitness and nutrition businesses

As trends in this industry and as well as in any other industry change very fast, you should follow other such companies, in order to stay up to date and be familiar with every new thing. So, it is beneficial for you to follow other fitness and nutrition businesses in order to find out what’s new in this sphere.

6. Follow bloggers

In order to get visible in social platforms, try to follow bloggers. In this case, they will follow you back and will be acquainted with all your fitness and nutrition products. So, if your products are innovative and creative in the market, then try to follow them in order to be shared.

7. Use the right hashtags

Finally, one of the most important things in Twitter are hashtags. In order to promote your fitness and nutrition products, you just need to use the right hashtags, in order to get much visible. There are many hashtags you can use, such as #fitness, #workout, #gym, #healthy and so on.

8. Post about news

In order to not create such impression that you post only about your products and care only about your business, try to post about other news, related to fitness and nutrition industry. In this case, besides the fact that you will be stay up to date, you will also tell some news to your followers, which will let you get engaged with your followers more easily.

So, here are the main ways how you can promote you fitness and nutrition products with Twitter. Are there any other ways you would like to add? If so, please share them with us in the comments below.

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