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15. 09. 2015

Advanced Inbound Marketing: How to Get Noticed to Your Target Audience Faster

When there is a huge number of people and companies who blog, tweet, post, like and share the same message a dozen times a day and hundred times a week, Internet becomes the nosiest place in the whole world. All of this buzz is essentially created by two types of content: basic content and advanced content.


Basic content is all about blog articles, social media posts, website content, newsletters, emails and so on. This is the kind of content that users don’t need to register to receive or download it in order to get access.

Unlike basic content, advanced content is about eBooks, checklists, whitepapers, guides and other such things. It is almost everything that can be accessed in exchange for contact information. Advanced content requires more effort and time to be created and it brings much more value to readers.

Though with the help of advanced inbound marketing content, it is easier to catch people’s attention, getting noticed to their target audience is still a problem.

According to the survey done by The Huffington Post, 79 % of companies surveyed said that it’s a challenge for them to get the attention of target clients and 72 % of them said that it’s difficult to find their target audiences online. So, if you are among these companies and you have difficulties in getting noticed by your target audience, here are some useful tips to implement:

1. Social Media

Social media is among the best ways to get noticed by the target audience for your business. Social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter give a free platform for companies to promote their brands and make connections with their potential customers.

For example, if you have a fitness company, then you can join some fitness related groups in LinkedIn and participate or initiate online discussions. After such networking events, you will have the chance to connect with those users who are potential clients for you. Moreover, it’s a good idea to create your own LinkedIn group, as it’s a professional network and u can share information in a more professional environment.

This, in its turn, will generate more traffic to your website and will increase your sales. Your main purpose here should be getting people engaged and connected, while at the same time becoming a powerful resource for LinkedIn community.

As to Twitter, here you have the chance to engage with your current and potential clients by contributing to trending business topics and debates and using the right hashtags for your company.

On both social media platforms, you need to share links to your blog articles, because it will give an opportunity for your target audience to find out more about your company and its activities.

Here is a guide for creating a perfect LinkedIn company page. In our social media workbook find more detailed visual instructions of how and where to find prospects via social media.

2. Email Marketing

To get noticed by your target audience, you need to send some valuable emails to specific businesses or individuals you want to target. In your emails, you need to introduce yourself and your company, its activities, benefits and unique offers you need to describe your value proposition to your target audience.

In addition, besides the description of your company and its services, you need to give them some free advice which will be specific to their needs, in order to create trust and credibility.

An example of an advanced inbound email you may use to email your hot prospects and existing clients would be:

Recommended subject line:  Let’s crank up your revenue this year


I know you’re looking to accelerate your sales in a big way this year. We recently put together an ebook on this topic that I know will help you rev up revenue.

Download it here [INSERT LINK to landing page] and let’s put some time on the calendar to catch up and chat about it.



Make sure to add contact details and links of your social media pages and blog, in order to help them find more information about you easier.

3. YouTube Videos

With more than 850 mln visitors a month, YouTube is considered to be a very useful online venue to market your company and get noticed by potential customers. To get more views, you should not just post ads and descriptive videos of your products/services. Be focused with your message and try to make impression on your target audience. To get noticed faster, your videos in YouTube should have the following features:

  • Attractive headline, which includes well researched and relevant keywords

  • Clear, concise and engaging message (make sure not to put too much information in one video)

  • Clear and strong call-to-action

Implementing this strategy will definitely catch the attention of your potential customers. Make sure to upload quick and simple videos, as people avoid complicated things. When you create videos taking into account the features mentioned above, it will be  a great chance for you to show your expertise to your target audience.

4. Writing eBooks

One of the best ways to get noticed by your target audience in advanced inbound marketing is writing eBooks specific to your industry. For example, try to find out which are the main concerns of your customers and try to answer all of their problems in your eBook. This will create value among them, and you will gain a status of an expert in your industry.

Fortunately, with the presence of Internet you don’t have to hire services of publishing companies anymore or spend a lot of money to get your books distributed. Nowadays, you can place your eBooks in your website and get it accessible for your users in exchange for their contact information. In addition, you can use Amazon for free and sell your eBooks there as well.

Your goal here is to use your eBooks as a way for getting leads. Use this method to direct readers to your website where they can find information about your products/services and benefits for them. Here are some of our eBooks to download.

5. Precise Targeting

To get noticed by a target audience, first of all you need to find the audience that needs your company and your products/services. For example, if you are a fitness company, try to find those people who need to lose weight, who want to start a healthy lifestyle, be in a good shape and so on.

There are many ways you can  engage with them, for example, try to connect with their social circles, use behavioral targeting, blog about their interests and problems, partner with other like-minded brands, provide useful testimonials which will be beneficial for them and so on. It’s all about making the first step: if you want to get noticed, you need to notice them first.

6. Provide valuable content

Providing  good content is crucial for company’s success and catching people’s attention. But this point is something more  than just writing good articles. To provide valuable content, you need to create something that is difficult to find online, for example, if there are no success stories of fitness center attenders, no articles about experience, no case studies or expert interview, try to create such articles, which will be unique and will provide real value to your target audience. Try to separate yourself from competitors by providing valuable and important content to your target audience.

Be Unique: don’t be just another ordinary company.

Here you have the best strategies that should be used if you want your target audience to find you much easier and faster. If you have long years of experience and you have other effective strategies, share them with us in the comments below.

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