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1. 04. 2015

How to Create Buyer Personas For Your Business

Everyone who passed HubSpot’s Inbound Certification, probably knows who are Buyer Personas and why every business absolutely needs to implement them in order to achieve satisfying  results. If you have not passed this certification yet, I strongly recommend you to do so, as it will improve your knowledge about Inbound Marketing a lot.


As for today, we will introduce some main points you need to understand about Buyer Personas to be able to use them for your business.

Who are Buyer Personas?

Buyer Personas are semi fictional characters who represent your target group. Created by doing market research and understanding your current customers, they are the ones who you are trying to reach and for whom you will be spending your marketing budget. A group of Buyer Personas may consist of several characters or just one character.



Why develop Buyer Personas?

There are many reasons why it's crucial to develop Buyer Personas and here are some main points:

  • Creating stronger messages: If you don't know exactly who you are going to sell your products/services to, you can end up having weak and ineffective messages. When you try to fulfill everyone's needs, as a result you fulfill no one’s needs. However, if you target the ones who need your product, it will be much easier for you to understand and provide them with content they really need.
  • Decreasing the costs: If you try to promote your product to everyone, you will end up having huge marketing expenses, since you will have to market your product in every single channel, in order to make it visible. However, if for example you know that your targeted audience consists of men, who are between 40-50 years old and employed, it will be much cheaper for you to reach only them.
  • Discovering objections: If you know your potential consumers, it will be easier for you to understand them, discover their concerns and find ways of satisfying their needs.

How to create buyer personas?

Not all people who come to your store or visit your website are Buyer Personas. Only few of these people are going to really use your services or buy your products. However, it does not mean that you should have only one Buyer Persona. Try to create as many as you can think of. Here are the criteria, according to which you should create Buyer Personas for your business:

  • Gender: The first step in creating buyer personas is determining the gender of people for who you are making your products. The reason is that there are some products, that are only for women(for example cosmetics, heels, evening dresses and so on) or only for men( shaving kits, ties and so on). However, there are a lot of products, which are not gender based, such as smartphones, TV-sets, cars and so on. So, first of all you need to understand whether your product is specified for women/men or not.
  • Age: The next step is identifying the age of your Buyer Personas. The age of a person can tell you a lot about them. It gives you the opportunity to understand their views about different things and help you in satisfy their needs. For instance, if you are promoting a product for children, your content should be much more bright and colorful. So, it's very important to determine the age of your Buyer Personas.
  • Profession: Generally in B2B businesses, you know exactly the profession of your customers. However, this information is not so obvious in B2C businesses. Try to find the common professions, in order to make more accurate Buyer Personas.
  • Financial situation: This is an important step, since everything depends on your customers’ resources. In order to determine the price of your product and not to set it too high or too low, you need to have this information.
  • Purpose: Another thing that you should understand is why your customers are buying your product. The reason is that the purpose of your produce/service is the main part of your marketing strategy and if you do not know why people need it, you cannot promote it in a right way.
  • Education: The next thing, which should identify is the level of education of your Buyer Personas. This will help you understand how well they can interpret and use the information you provide. Do they need all the graphics, study results or do they just need some testimonials?
  • Leisure time: This may seem insignificant, but it is very important to know how your customers spend their free time. What are their main hobbies? Are their interests connected with the sphere you operate or not? Remember, every single detail counts.
  • Buying decisions: In order to sell your products in desired ammounts, you need to understand what are the factors that influence your Buyer Personas' buying decisions. For example to which of these they pay attention: price, usability, features, services, reselling or all of them?
  • Shopping preferences: The last thing that needs to be identified is the shopping preferences of your Buyer Personas. If you know what kinds of products they buy, you will increase your chances of offering them more value.


These are the main points that you should identify, if you want to create powerful Buyer Personas for your business.

How to use Buyer Personas in your marketing?

After you identify who your Buyer Personas are, it's time to use them in your marketing, and here some ways how to do it.

  • Address your Buyer Personas: If you have already identified your Buyer Personas, there is no need for you to address all the people in general. Now you can make precise massages only for them, create positive impression and make your marketing efforts worth it. For instance, instead of saying “you”, now you can say “30-year old women, who love cooking”.
  • Address their problems: Another way to make your marketing efforts more precise is to address the problems of your Buyer Personas. Now, instead of addressing general problems, you can address specific problems that your personas have. However for this, you need to do the research above carefully to not make confusing massages.
  • Address beliefs: Talk about things that have more value and will ease the pain points of your Buyer Personas. For example, instead of saying “our product is healthy”, you can say “your children need more vitamins in order to be healthy, and this is why our product exists”.
  • Positioning: Since you know who your buyer personas are, it will be much easier for you to do your positioning right. The reason is that you will know where you should promote your product in order to reach your Buyer Personas. For example, if you produce grass cutting machines, you should promote it more in villages and suburbs.


So, here are the main things you should know about creating Buyer Personas and addressing their needs. However, I would also like to mention that just determining Buyer Personas is not enough for creating effective marketing campaigns. First of all, you must have a clear value proposition in order to tell your potential consumers why should they buy your product.

Do you have any thoughts, questions or concerns? Or do you think there is important information about Buyer Personas that was not mentioned here? Please share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comments below.

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