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25. 06. 2015

How to Convince Potential Clients That Sports Nutrition is Not Harmful

In our lives, many myths exist which play a huge role in our lifestyle. Myths can be found everywhere, in every aspect of your life, starting from healthy eating and ending with work life. Of course, there are also many myths about sports nutrition, and if you are working in this field, probably you are aware of this and want to shatter them somehow. In order to help you get more customers and become more successful in your business, we are going to tell you how you can convince your potential clients that sports nutrition is not harmful, and it's just a myth.


It does not matter whether your clients have a goal of losing weight, building muscles or shaping their body, you should make them understand that the right nutrition can ensure the best results in their sporting success regardless on which level they are. Sometimes, people think that in order to have a strong, healthy and athletic body, it is just enough for them to workout, however, as a trainer and adviser of a fitness company, you should also let them know that their body also needs support in terms of nutrition. 

Components of sports nutrition

Fuel Sources

When eating something, the food is digested in the body and nutrients are absorbed. And when the food is converted into calories, body gets energy, which helps it to perform some activities. So, in order to work hard and do many exercises, people should consume enough calories from different sources of food because they usualy burn more calories during workouts than during the rest.


According to many researches, it was found that carbohydrates can be one of the most important nutrients for sports, as they are a crucial source of energy. In addition to providing energy to our body, carbohydrates may be collected in our body in order to be used when they are needed during workouts or training.


Protein is something that recovers muscles after a hard workout or training, but it also makes sure that there are enough acids in a body to help people during the hard work. This is the main reason why proteins are usually needed before and after exercises. In addition to this, proteins are also widely used to make red blood cells(moving oxygen to muscles) and white blood cells(fighting infections). Finally, proteins are also needed for a body to make hormones. Now, you might think that it is not really important from where you get that protein, but it's not the case. Try to avoid some unhealthy ways of getting it, such as fast food or bacon. Instead, try to get protein from chicken, fish, beans and so on.


Usually, people think that in order to stay healthy, they should avoid consuming fats. However, it's worth mentioning that not all the fats are harmful, as there are good ones that provide you with necessary energy. Fats are used in order to help a body use vitamins and keep cells, nerves and skin healthy. As already mentioned, there are good fats, and you should determine them. So, try to eat omega 3 fats, which are found in different fishes, meats, nuts, milk products and so on. However, take into account, that though these fats are good, you should not overuse them. Just try to avoid eating them few hours before your exercises, because it takes longer time for them to digest.

Vitamins & Minerals

Usually, vitamins and minerals don’t give energy, but they help us in unlocking the energy that is stored in our body. Our body needs these vitamins in order to keep bones in healthy form.


Our body is mainly made of water, which consists more than 62 percent of our weight. Water plays a huge role in a body, by helping to stay cool. When people workout, during that,they lose lots of fluid, and it's crucial to replace it, in order to keep their body in healthy form.

So, here are the main sports nutrition and the their benefits, which can help you explain your potential clients why they are not harmful. Do you have any thoughts and ideas? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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