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17. 08. 2015

How I Became a Writer with Medical Background and 0 Inbound Experience

Becoming an inbound specialist, especially a writer, wasn’t something I planned to do. In fact, I didn’t even know I can produce anything decent before I gave it a try. Inbound seems pretty simple and straightforward. Create content, engage readers and get the benefits. However, I never thought it could be more than that.

Pre Inbound Background

I have studied 6 years in a med school and worked for 3 years as a doctor, before I thought it might be a good idea to get some business education. Why should a doc study business? Answer is lots of reasons and none at all at the same time.

Today, everything we see is essentially business. Cafes, restaurants, small shops, hospitals, private practice healthcare establishments, world news, politics, charity organizations, space explorations, even wars: EVERYTHING. Take a step out of your home: whatever you see is essentially a business. That’s what gave me the idea.

At the same time, if everything around you is business, what’s the point of studying it? Whatever you do is going to end up at either starting your own business or working for somebody else. All these thoughts and ideas drove me forward to a business school.

With just 2 months before graduation, I sent a CV to an Inbound Marketing agency, looking for a job. Finance and economics didn’t bother me much, but I had a thing going for marketing in general. I didn’t really know what Inbound was about at that time, but thought I should give it a try: seems interesting and fun.

First Steps Towards Inbound

Before the interview I was asked to pass a certification of inbound via Hubspot Academy, which was my first contact with the all in one automation platform. After a few days of studying and research, I passed from the first try and thought “hey, this is so easy, why all the hustle around it? Do your job, get results”.

But it turned out to be harder than it seemed. With all the companies around the world switching to inbound from traditional marketing and uploading tons of content every day, how do you even break through with your content? Optimization, keyword research, bounce rates, A/B testing all of this isn’t enough. Others do it too, and probably with much more investment and resources than you, a newcomer. So how do you do this?

The definition of marketing in my understanding is selling more stuff, to more people, for more money, more efficiently. This is the case with inbound as well if you think about it, but it’s… different.

That’s when I understood that inbound has to come from within. You can’t just do it for the search engines and out of survival reasons. People have to really see that you care, see that you are really trying to help, be of use, guide, educate and show value. This kind of emotions can be transferred through a screen if they really come from the heart. It’s still marketing, but in a fair and beneficial for both sides, not just you.

Drawing the Line

It’s kind of almost the same as being a doc. You help people, maybe not directly, but help with your content and if it’s really of high quality and value, people are thankful. This is what attracted me the most. It’s like still being a doc, but slightly different. If you look at content from that perspective, you will actually realize how much content matters.

Half the population of our planet uses internet to find information about countless topics and issues. These are real people that really need some help and they hope to find it online, since it’s really the most convenient way for research nowadays.

When creating content, you have to think about these people. I mean really care. You are educating them in a topic, so the information you give has to be absolutely precise and correct. You can’t send them off with wrong information, they will eventually find right version and your content will become instantly worthless.

They say its 10 times more costly winning back deserted customers back than retaining the existing ones. Same goes for content: you will need 10 times more good content on the web to win back a reader that didn’t find value in one of your articles.

I think this is the reason I fell in love with content so much and the reason I started writing. I have a lot to tell my readers and as a real doc, I truly want to give them value and solutions for their pain points.

Give it a Try, You Never Know

There is much to learn every day for a writer. Lots of topics, tons of pain points. The important part is delivering high quality and value no matter what you do. If you aren’t sure about those 2 aspects when writing a post, better take the time needed to make it perfect or don’t write at all. It will work out much better for your readers and your business both.

Each profession has something to do with Inbound. Whatever you excel in, can bring a lot value and educate a specific audience looking for help in that sphere. If you like writing, don’t be afraid, give it a try. Good content will always find value.

Care for your readers. That’s what they are looking for. Don’t go chasing numbers, charts, conversions and statistics. Provide the value, the rest will come your way rightfully.

Have you tried writing with having no experience or non-inbound background before? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Pavel Aramyan
Content manager at Incredo. I am a doctor who happens to have an MBA degree and generates content for an inbound agency. I am a do-it-all kind of person: When I am not writing, I am busy curing people, when I am not curing people, I tend to kill WCG competitions. Life is fun, and full of wonders: Do what you enjoy most, even if its everything at once
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