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1. 07. 2015

How Healthcare Companies Can Use Emotions To Affect Customer Decisions

The way we do business has changed greatly during the last 2 decades. Back in the 80-90’s, sales people had almost all the power concentrated in their hands, and the consumers had hardly any choice, but to believe whatever they say regarding a product or service they wanted to buy. Companies needed to put much less effort and resources into promoting their products that they do today.


With the emergence of internet, all of this started to change gradually at first and grew faster and faster as time went by. People are now able to get pretty much information about anything they wish to know about, and it’s not enough anymore for sales reps to just tell that their product is the best.

As we stepped into the digital era, all companies started to invest huge amount of time and resources into marketing and promotion, but lately it became too mainstream and people pay less attention to regular ads, TV commercials, billboards, etc. This gave birth to Inbound Marketing and the art of taking sales and promotion Inbound. Instead of billboards and banner adds, CTAs and landing pages, instead of annoying pop ups, relevant, valuable and educational content and so on.

Today I want to tell you about another stage of customer acquisition and retention, that shows some serious results in terms of customer loyalty: emotional bonding. Choosing your buyer personas correctly, producing the right content, leading them through the Buyers Journey, etc. is all very great to have, but the truly successful marketing agencies manage to create an emotional bond between their brand and the client, which in turn, rewards with supreme customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Healthcare industry is no different in this case, in fact it is more reliant on emotional bonding than many of the other industries. People won’t choose your Health club out of the blue, they will carefully analyze everything connected with your company, learn as much as they can about you through social media, customer reviews, your website, content etc. Even if you can make all of this work and they become your client, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay with you forever. The best way to ensure that your customers become loyal customers, is to establish an emotional connection between your Health club and themselves. They should not just be coming to you because you are a good company with positive reviews and valuable online content. They have to feel a strong affection with your company, feel like they belong with you and make you a part of their live.

Having an emotional connection with your customers, will earn you not only loyal followers that will come after you wherever you go, but also turn them into your Health club’s evangelists, who will promote you in their own networks, generating more leads and customers for your business. It’s time to start thinking outside of the box and get one step ahead of your competitors. Emotional bonds might take a long while to establish, but once they are there, they will not only show positive ROI, but also drive profits like no other way.

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