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20. 10. 2015

How Health Companies Can Turn Their Employees Into Brand Storytellers

Who knows your company and its culture better than your employees? No one! Employees are the most powerful brand advocates that your healthcare company can ever have. Imagine, you need to hire new employees, make them acquainted with the culture of your company, in order to have storytellers. But wait a minute, you already have employees that are in your company for a long time and who believe in your brand. All you need to do is guiding them to become excellent storytellers for your brand. It’s natural that, at first, your employees won’t know how to do that, so it’s up to you to guide them to advocate your brand in the right way. To help your healthcare company get started, following are some ways you can use to turn your employees into brand storytellers.

How_Health_Companies_Can_Turn_Their_Employees_Into_Brand_Storytellers.jpgExamine the skills of your staff

To create amazing content a set of skills is required. It is not so likely that you will find an employee in your team, who would have the specific set of skills you should have to create content. But wait, who said that all these skills must have just one person? In every team, there are some people who are good at writing, some are creative thinkers, others are good at researching and so on. If you have a story to tell about your health care company and you have employees who have the necessary skills, then you can bring together these skills and create amazing content. In addition, if you think that there is an employee who always tells great stories, there is no need to make him/her write blog posts, instead he/she can be featured in a video, which is another great way to tell stories about your brand. So, instead of hiring someone, make sure to create your own “storytellers team” out of your staff. Besides the fact that your stories would have much more spirit, your employees would be motivated as well.

Set a content creation guideline

Now, when you already know who are the employees, who will be included in content creation, it is the right time to set a process guideline, which will make it easier for them to understand what is expected from them to do.

Assign roles: In order not to end up in a mess, you should clearly assign the roles. This means, that you should identify who is responsible for what: who are the editors, who are the writers, who are the publishers or managers. However, make sure that the number of these roles is meaningful. For instance, if you have 12 writers but only 1 editor, this means, that your content creation process is weak.

Create a content calendar: In order to make clear for your employees when it is the time to publish a blog post, you should have a content calendar. In your calendar, you need to write the frequency of posting, the deadlines,  the names of the authors, in order to make clear who is responsible for that blog post.

Organize regular meetings: Communication is crucial in content creation, so you should organize some weekly or monthly meetings. For healthcare companies, it is more probable to organize monthly meetings, as creating content is not among their main activities. So, during these meetings, employees should brainstorm, decide on the topics they need to write and other activities.

Measure the results: It is the result that really matters! After posting brand stories for some time, try to analyze the results after a week or a month. Try to understand which brand stories were the most successful ones and focus on providing such content.

Ask your employees to share their own stories

Of course, you have some topics you would like to be posted in your blogs, but do not ever put your employees in frames. Let them be free at choosing topics and let them share their own story as well. If they write about the experience that they get in your healthcare company, this can be a great chance for you to humanize your healthcare company and to be closer to your customers. There are many things that your employees can tell, such as: success stories of your clients, stories about their own feelings in your healthcare company and so forth.

Motivate your employees by acknowledging them

This practice is used by many companies and it should be also used by your healthcare company. Try to put the names of the authors in your blog post, in order to make them motivated. This won’t only make them happy and appreciated, but will also make them share this blog post in their social media accounts. In addition, when they know that their name is going to be posted as well, they would put extra love in their job.

Creating successful and winning content for your health care company is not easy thing to do and it needs much effort, however turning your employees into brand storytellers and making them to be engaged in content creation process is the first thing you need to do, in order to create amazing, influencing and fresh content for your health care company.

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