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22. 05. 2015

How Expert Interview Videos Can Help Your Fitness Company Increase Sales?

Nowadays, it is a fact that videos play a huge role in digital marketing strategy of every kind of company, regardless of whether it is a marketing agency, fitness company or just an accounting firm. Videos have much importance, because of the fact that content which include different types of videos, are included in more than 65% of the top 100 search engine lists.

fitnessIn addition to this, videos have a power of convincing website visitors, it means that people tend to buy the products of the specific company after watching a video about it. Another reason to use videos is that because of them, click-through rates of the website can definitely increase. So what can be an excuse for not using videos in your content?

Benefits of videos

If you are still not convinced that video can be a great tool in your content marketing strategy, then here are some benefits that will ensure you.

  • Videos are great ways to engage with your potential and current customers
  • Videos tend to give a company specific personality
  • Videos are widely used in many social media platforms, so they are more shareable than the usual articles

You might think that you can develop your company just by posting videos about your products, but you are not right, as it is not that case. Of course, videos are usually used for advertising and promotion, but there are many ways to use videos in your website as well.

For example, if you are a fitness company, and you have a goal of increasing your sales, then videos showing expert interviews are great chances for you to achieve your goals. In today’s article, we will tell you how expert interview videos can help your fitness company to increase sales.

We all know, that in order to have sales, companies should have enough satisfied customers. So, increasing sales also means increasing the number of your potential and current customers. Each and every business should create trust among people in order to get noticed and get ‘used’.

Especially, some ‘sensitive’ businesses, such as healthcare business, food business or fitness business need to be very trusty in order to gain people’s attention. Different firms have different ways of creating that trust, for example different kind of promotions, testimonials, advertisements or just good PR.

However, few of businesses think that expert interviews can create trust and, as a result, increase sales as well. Just think about it. Before using this or that kind of service or buying that specific product, people tend to read reviews, ask opinions from experts, before making the final decision. So what if you post your own expert interview videos, in order to help your potential customers make decisions much faster?

If you have a fitness company, then you probably have some good trainers in your gym that consult with your customers and help them a lot in achieving their goals. So, in order to attract more customers and give them “free” advice and interview, you can post some video interviews of the expert of your company in your website and in this way attract some new clients.

There are many themes that these expert interview videos can be, such as:

  • Workouts: The first reason why people go to the gyms is to get healthy and be in good shape. For this reason, they need to do some workouts. So, one of the themes that the interviews of your experts can be are workouts. Here, they can speak about the importance of different kinds of workouts, the most effective types of workouts and other such things.
  • Health: Another theme that is very important for every fitness company is health. Of course, you have also health expert in your company. So try to take an interview from her/him as well and post it for the potential and current customers
  • Food: Another thing that many people ask trainers is what they should eat in order to stay healthy and in good shape. So, in order to provide such information, make sure to record interviews about this theme as well.

If you post such expert interview videos in your website, I am more than sure that this will make positive impression on site visitors, so the probability that they will use your services increases and, as a result, your sales increase as well.

So, now you know how expert interview videos can help your fitness business have some additional sales. Is there anything you would like to mention? Please share your thought and ideas with us in the comments below.

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