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SaaS Marketing Strategy

23. 03. 2016

[Guest Post] How Your Slow Website Burns a Hole in Your Pocket (Infographic)

To be able to earn sustained moolah and high yielding business, it’s important that we closely monitor the load time of our website. Take an example of an ecommerce model where the bounce and abandon rate is paramount and you don’t want it to go above the usual threshold value. A higher than normal rate implies that we are slacking in our services or the product has some dearth.

If you have evaluated your product thoroughly and get good feedback on social pages, you shift your focus to the services offered.  The spectrum of services is wide & it initiates into action once an order is placed.

In a marketplace, it’s the sellers that begin the exercise to deliver or if you’re a small scale business operating your own store, then you have to ensure that your website is functioning well to take orders in the first place. Keeping an eye on the website performance takes precedence over other items.For a fact, as many as 47% of visitors want your website to load in less than two seconds and many won’t hesitate to abandon your site when the time runs out. This translates into losing prospective customers and revenue in the long-run. 

Traffic & Page ranks are equally impacted. No matter how much you spend on category creation and product optimization, if you have subscribed to an ordinary host, then you are bound to lose visitors and page ranks are certain to take a hit.

Enormous amount of cash and time is spent when defining strategies and business plans. Execution is the next step that begins with your website so why not be vigilance and choose a reliable web host.

A slow website has far reaching affects than you think. Let’s take a look at the following infographic to understand its implications better.

Slow-website-infographicInfographic by

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