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SaaS Marketing Strategy

1. 10. 2015

Social Media for SaaS Companies: If You Aren’t Reachable, You Don’t Need Customer Support

Social media is an essential leverage in order to grow in a short period of time and spread the message about your services. Moreover, social media is a much cheaper way to build your audience.

Nowadays, social media is not only necessary to capture the attention of potential customers, but more importantly provide customer support. Just because people now spend a lot of time on social media networks, they share product/service reviews on their accounts and tell others about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

This is a great way for SaaS companies to see what complaints their customers have and address them as soon as possible. However before addressing to customers’ needs and complaints, first you need to understand which are the right social media networks to be present.

Choosing The Right Social Media Networks

Choosing the right platform can sometimes be frustrating, because it seems like every time we turn around there is another new medium we should build presence in, as it has been determined to be “the next big thing”.  While there are many social media networks, which have different benefits for SaaS companies, here are the ones you need to focus on as top priorities.

Facebook: Do you think SaaS companies need a Facebook page? No, they don’t need it, but they SHOULD use it due to the huge audience in there. Having a Facebook presence can build credibility and trust for your services, gather more leads, build brand loyalty, increase your web traffic, boost SEO and so on.

But most importantly, because all of your customers are there, you should be there as well in order to provide them with good customer support and address their needs.

Twitter: In my opinion, Twitter is the ideal avenue to establish important relationships with your followers. The reason is that here the content that you tweet is retweeted, shared or marked as favorite by others, and this is a great chance for you to thank them and offer other valuable relevant content.

If you use it correctly, Twitter can be the fastest way to establish new relationships.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a place for businesses and business professionals, so you must be there as well. There are much more reasons to be present in LinkedIn, for example the ability to create interactive page for your SaaS company, creating networks with groups, getting recommendations from your contacts and so on.

LinkedIn can be a great chance for you to get acquainted with other SaaS companies, establish relationships with your current and future customers, and understand their needs, problems.

After getting those three out of the way, think about where your prospects are. Think about what social networks they use to get/share information. Once you have an answer to this question, it will be much easier for you to select the right platforms.

Customer Support Through Social Media

The platforms mentioned above have evolved to become more than just places for ads and marketing campaigns. Increasingly, these platforms are also crucial channels through which consumers can receive customer support. According to the Nielsen’s Social Media Report 2012, it was found that more than half of U.S. consumers use social media in order to ask questions, share product/service feedback, report satisfaction or complains.

Moreover, 40% of social media users prefer “social care” compared to phonecalls. These facts alone are enough for SaaS companies to consider using social media as a customer support portal, but here are some more reasons:

Immediate communication: When people have some problems using your services, they want a response right away. They do not want to wait 24 hours until you respond to their emails, or wait on hold for 40 minutes. This is where social media comes to help.

When someone makes a post on Facebook, Twitter and mentions your company, your admin will automatically receive a notification. Thus, by responding to customers’ questions immediately, you will increase the level of their satisfaction and create a positive brand image.

More brand mentions: If there are more interactions on social media, it means that you will have more chances to promote your brand. When customers mention your brand in their posts, it makes you visible to all their followers.

Even if there is a problem with your service, you will get the chance to show that you can quickly and effectively solve any problem.

Easier follow up: On social media, following up with your customers is fast and easy. If you solve a problem with a short answer, you can immediately ask whether the interaction is helpful or not. If it was helpful, you have a publicly visible follow-up interaction that had a positive ending.

Besides, if you don’t get feedback right away, you can follow up a few days later with a private message to see whether your customer is satisfied or not.

Companies Using Social Customer Support with Great Success

1. Seamless

Seamless has a great customer service strategy and responds to complaints and website errors very quickly. For example, if your lunch order is late, don’t worry, as tweeting at Seamless almost always garners a response and they help you figure out where your food is and when will it arrive.

Or, if the website is down, the company’s social media team lets its followers know when it will be back. Here are few examples of their great social customer service:



2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock’s social media team interacts with users who share relevant content and handles both negative and positive feedback in a short time and even with humor when it’s appropriate. In addition, Shutterstock also lets users know what department is responsible for which problem.

For example, if users find a mistake in photo, Shutterstock’s social media team passes the information to artists, so images can be fixed. Here is an example of Shutterstock’s social care


3. Zappos

Zappos is another great company which is known for its great social customer service. Sometimes it even offers $50 off coupons as a way to compensate for their mistakes. Here is an example of Facebook customer service by Zappos:

Now you know why your SaaS company should be present on social media websites and why you should provide customer support in this way. If you have any questions, please share them with us in the comments below, we will be glad to answer them :)

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