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1. 07. 2015

How Relevant is Your Client’s Opinion When Designing the Marketing Strategy?

Today, lots of companies need help shaping their marketing strategy correctly and this happens for different reasons: Some startups do not have the human power and resources to afford an internal marketing team, or it’s much cheaper to outsource marketing rather than have a team, or maybe things aren’t going in the right direction and they require some help. In any of these cases, companies recruit marketing agencies to help them out with their marketing strategy.


How You Should Act

What is important to know is that if you were recruited as a marketing agency, then there is something wrong that needs to be fixed and you are responsible for it. You get down to your buyer persona research, analyze the competition, come up with the right content and offer ideas, social media strategy, etc. and then present it to your client.

This is the part when lots of companies start to have problems. Since each and every client is concerned with the wellness of his/her own business, most of them tend to disagree with some of the aspects of your marketing strategy and decisions. It’s very important to not give in to your client and be able to defend your position, but still be open for discussion. After all, you have done all the research and came up with everything and are responsible for it at the end of the day. When you client disagrees with something, should listen to their opinion and be ready to explain why you chose to make that move. Show them your research and proof that the strategy you picked will work as intended.

You should understand that your client is, by all means, trying to make things better, but it should not come to a point where they start to dictate what to do. If that happens, why did he/she hire your agency in the first place?

Client's Experience

Client’s experience in the field absolutely should not be neglected, since sometimes it can give you ideas on how to improve your strategy or add something that you considered irrelevant at the beginning. 

While research, analysis and solid facts are what you should be following and looking at, years of experience have their own, important role. Sometimes facts and numbers tell you that what you are doing is right, but since we all work for humans and not machines, in some cases things just don’t seem right, even if they are backed by solid facts. This is where experience comes in and can happen to be of more value than the research and analysis put together.

After all, you are both working for the same cause and it will only help listening to each other carefully. Consider your client’s opinion and make sure to think about and analyze his/her suggestion later, before disregarding it. Hearing out doesn’t mean that your performance is bad and needs a little push to go in the right direction, on the contrary, communication and respect towards each other is a great sign of professionalism and recognition of your client’s experience and willingness to help your joined venture. 


Communication can be tricky sometimes and it’s important to be able to maintain that threshold, when you still defend your position, but listen to your client’s opinion. This helps create healthy business relations between you and ensures a better understanding, while also building up trust, which is essential for success. If your client doesn’t fully trust you, you will always perform worse than if you had their full support as a marketing agency.

Keep the communication frequent and report your success to your client, but don’t forgot to speak about negative issues as well, if they arise. Honesty is very valuable in today’s business world, and if you make a mistake, it’s more important to be honest about it, than try to set it right yourself and pretend nothing happened. Such things can make a huge breach in the business trust and relationship that you spent so much time to shape. The more you be honest and show positive results, the less the client will be concerned about the quality of your work and the more trust you will build.

Remember, your client’s opinion when designing the marketing strategy is as relevant as the quality of your work.

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