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14. 10. 2016

Top 3 Benefits & Advantages Of Outsourcing For SaaS Businesses

Outsourcing, or basically having someone doing your work for you from abroad (read: not in your home office) is an increasingly popular path to walk down with regards any industry, and particularly the SaaS industry. Why is that?

Well, the Software-as-a-Service industry is practically designed for outsourcing. SaaS in and of itself is a fundamentally performance driven marketplace, where the functionality of the product trumps all else. While customer relations and personal interaction (to a degree) are still vital to a company’s success, a cloud-based SaaS sales manager typically never meets their customer face-to-face.

If you are reading this post, you are likely the CEO or CMO of a new SaaS company, or planning to start one up. You perhaps have brought a nifty product to market, but are in need of someone to handle your marketing efforts while you spend precious time, money and energy on honing your service’s functionality to perfection.

While outsourcing has experienced a dubious reputation in the past, with claims of  domestic jobs being lost, or concerns over the quality of task completion, it is no longer viewed as a risky proposal, especially by 89% of the global market who report that they are satisfied with their outsourced contracts.


That is why we are here - to take the weight off of your company’s shoulders when it comes to tasks that can (and should) be sent overseas to save on expenses that would domestically be prohibitive to a company’s growth. Outsourcing a SaaS company’s marketing and/or website development/design services has long been an effective means of cutting costs while fueling innovation, but only if executed correctly.

Today we are going to show you the top three benefits of outsourcing tasks for a SaaS business, and how to do it right. Not every facet of your SaaS company should be outsourced, but when it comes to anything outside of core product development and innovation, ask yourself - why not? The overwhelming majority of SaaS is cloud-based, so every single SaaS company and their teams are already familiar with business as usual being conducted over the web. So, let’s get into it…

1. Website design

Number one on our list of reasons why outsourcing for your SaaS company is a fiscally  advantageous option is, well, what your company looks like - i.e. your first impression on the public. Your website introduces you to your ideal market, and should be a familiar place for renewing SaaS customers. Though, a functional, easily navigable and aesthetically pleasing website is a must for any new company, and crafting one takes time and money.

Time and money you’d rather not spend.

While almost 20 years ago Nielsen would advocate against outsourcing web design, it has become a moot point - talent can be discovered anywhere on the globe. Internet access in previously believed remote regions of the planet is no longer a fantasy, and creativity and aesthetic skill knows no borders.

As outsourcing your company’s site is outsourcing the first impression you will be making on your customers, care should be taken in regards to the proven previous success of designers (visible site, testimonials, etc.), because you don’t want to fall into a hole of “well, it saved us so much money…” and be stuck with that as your defense.

Things can go wrong every step of the way. Whether a simple mistake or careless negligence, your company’s website quality is of paramount importance.

Keep in mind, outsourcing you web design requires trust in who you choose, and contingencies as well. When choosing who to outsource your web design to, we cannot stress this enough: you must never forget about your goal - new and renewing customers. 39% of customers bail on a slowly loading website, and 38% bail on a website because it simply looks like crap, regardless of the potential product quality.

So, how do you take the proper steps to outsource your costly domestic web design? It’s much more simple than you think…

Ask to see examples and customer testimonials. That is pretty much all you need to do! While outsourcing IT and design tasks still climbs up from the bottom rungs of most IT enterprise’s outsourced web development, the majority of those using outsourced services are overwhelmingly happy with it.

What matters most for SaaS companies is whether or not the visitor is turned on to your product through experiencing the quality of your website, and is triggered to inquire more about what your product can do for their pain points.

For SaaS companies, some may have accomplished designers on their team, but the core competency of a SaaS team lies within the novel product(s) that they bring to market. If your company hands off the time and effort required for designing a site by an outsourced web design professional, more time and resources are afforded to refine existing products and/or develop new software innovations that satisfy a hungry market.

Yet, if moving forward with outsourcing your web design, make sure that prior to launch there is ample customer contact avenues available, as no matter how gorgeous of a site you have developed for you, a lack of contact ability will cripple your site’s efficacy.

2. Outsourcing content creation

You started a SaaS company, so you have ideas about a thing or two. However, perhaps your skills are better at solving problems, rather than telling how you solve problems. Coming up with a solution for customer pain points is vastly different from writing an article on how successful your solution is for your target audience.

Hence, outsourcing your content creation…

Whether you choose Indonesia, Armenia, or even choose Oklahoma City (go Durant!), talented content writers can be found anywhere across the globe. And, choosing a company to handle your content generation outside of your hometown can actually be a boon to your company…

It is not just simply about the savings your company can realize on costs, with regards to the dollar’s power against other currencies. It is a matter of gained perspective, and inherent interest/research performed in gaining knowledge of the international marketplace.

The fact is that an overwhelming majority of B2B companies, 73% in fact, already have a manager in charge of overseeing outsourced content creation. While sending your content creation abroad can save your SaaS company a great deal of money, there is considerations, pros and cons, to consider before you do such:

  • Company vision must be clearly established to the partner
  • The outsourced partner must be reachable at all times
  • Even if your target market is non-English speaking, website content must be available in impeccable English for your company to be taken seriously in a global marketplace

The last point we made rings especially valid, as, for example, Samsung (a Korean company) would not have their smartphones taken seriously against Apple (their primary competitor, headquartered in the US) if their Twitter microblogs, website, advertising et al. were not in proper yet colloquial English.

While neither Apple or Samsung are exclusively SaaS companies, the point still rings true: for any company with a web presence to be taken seriously by their market, content must be flawless, and available in colloquial English.

That being said, by outsourcing your content creation, regardless of geographic location, you are hiring a team of experts in their field, and while your company may be coming up with brilliant SaaS solutions for many of your target audience’s pain points, maybe you aren’t a natural at communicating the message to said audience. Hiring a freelancer or, better yet, a dedicated agency with a proven track record of creating successful social media posts, native and guest blogs, website content and everything else will not only save you money, but relieve you of many headaches when it comes to go time.

3. Outsourcing marketing administrative tasks

Let us be honest for a minute - anyone can handle paperwork, whether digital or real-life paper. The point is though that doing such takes time and effort, and if a new SaaS company is looking to break ground, make a global impression, and (come on, let’s be really honest) return a hefty profit on your investment, what is the point of spending more money than you need to on management and administrative teams to oversee a successful execution of administrative duties?

Going back to the point we made of checking the track record of companies abroad, as long as there is enough of a body of evidence that a company is good at doing what they do - in this case, monitoring website user behavior, studying ad campaign response metrics, etc. - you should have little doubt that outsourcing your marketing administrative tasks should be of concern if you have chosen the right company.

When properly chosen, outsourcing everything from scheduling meetings to studying market response to campaigns can save a SaaS company time that can be better spent on creative direction and developing novel products.

You should hire an Armenian company... us! Here we will close by shamelessly promoting our agency to any SaaS company looking to share in the benefits of outsourcing their marketing, web presence, or design tasks. While the GDP is much lower here when compared to much of the West, we have no shortage of IT experts and marketing professionals, both native and those that have come from every corner of the globe. And, we’re not too shabby on writing blog posts in English (or Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi…).

As one of the most highly respected content marketing companies in the world, Incredo believes that outsourcing tasks for SaaS companies whenever possible is essential for remaining market-salient, and competitive. If we can do it, why should you? Your company would be wise to handle the innovation and product creation, while we take care of the marketing and design legwork, at a fraction of what it would cost you elsewhere.

David Tashjian
David is the token American here at Incredo. Raised as a native English speaker in the United States, he lends his English expertise to generate impeccable content. With professional experience in business development and marketing, David knows how to write content that sells. In college he studied history, philosophy, and international relations. Unlike his fellow talented teammates, he speaks little Armenian, but he is working on it. His personal interests include making music, cooking, and exploring Armenia, his newly adopted homeland. David is the eldest person at Incredo, and gifts his teammates with an endless fountain of wisdom.
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