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17. 03. 2015

8 Successful Facebook Marketing Examples of Small Businesses With Low Budgets

During the recent years, Facebook became a place where all the businesses enter in order to promote themselves. We have all seen great Facebook campaigns that changed the way we think about their business and made us fans of it. 

You may think that only big and wealthy  companies can afford doing such great marketing steps, but you are wrong. To prove this, today we will show you 8 best Facebook marketing examples of businesses with low budgets. 
Don't forget that your social media page can grow not only as a result of paid ads or boosting your posts but due to organic reach as well. When you post entertaining, informative content, your followers will likely share it. Their friends will also see it and come to your page with likes or comments. So the quality of your posts is at least as much important as spending dollars on attracting people to your page. Now it's time to get acquainted with real-life examples.   

1. Recruit Military

This is a military-to-civilian recruiting company, which aims to help military service members find jobs, create their own business or just go deeper into their education. Though this company is not so popular, thanks to its Facebook campaigns, now it has more than 113.000 likes. In their page, you can see an excellent usage of photos and quotes, great ads for their jobs, fair events and awesome posts about military life.


2. Legendary Whitetails

This is a family business, which sells original apparel, presents and other stuff for whitetail hunting. The first thing in their marketing that grabs people’s attention is their great cover photo. Another thing that they do is to ask people to share their posts which help them improve their social media presence. Thanks for their great marketing, now they have about 1.700.000 likes.


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3. PoolSupplyWorld

This is an online business that sells products for swimming pools and spa services. Besides the attractive cover photo, great products and high quality content, one thing that made their marketing so powerful is their good use of CTAs in posts, which creates engagement. As a result, now they have about 100.000 likes.


4. Earthegy

Earthegy is an ancient and modern jewelry shop, that also has a unique Facebook marketing. They make great use of their shopping page, engage their followers with beautiful and catchy images, utilize discounts and recommendations on their page, which helps them get promoted. As a result, now they have about 300.000 likes.


5. How to Market Your Horse Business

This is a small SMM company, which concentrates on horse business and other small businesses. Like other successful pages, they also have an excellent engagement, good usage of images and posts, unique content and so on. However, one thing that makes them so successful is their use of competitions for their audience. They create many contests which brings engagement among followers. As a result, though this business is very small, they have about 10.000 likes.


6. Chocolate for Breakfast

This is a great Facebook page for Sue Ann Gleason, a culinarist and marketing strategist. There are many great things about this page, such as good usage of images, engaging posts (for example tasty recipes) and of course great engagement (about 65 % talk about it). About 30.000 likes for this page.


7. Talking Finger

This is a SMM company with about 8.000 likes. Though this company is a small one and does not have many followers, it has a good fan engagement, excellent usage of applications, great mixture of posts and excellent visual branding.


8. Social Media Branding with Kim Garst

This is another SMM business. Like other pages, things that make it so powerful is a excellent usage of pictures, engaging posts and splendid visual branding. As a result, this page has about 400.000 likes.



So, now you probably understand that you do not need a lot of resources in order to create awesome Facebook marketing for your small business. Are there any other great examples that you would like to mention? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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