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22. 07. 2019

[Guest Post] 7 Biggest Trends in Content Marketing You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2019

In digital marketing, content dominates and acts as the main selling point. Content is king in the digital world as we can't do without it. But content marketing requires proper planning, after which it will be able to provide the desired results. 

This success only comes if a clear marketing strategy has been formulated that takes into account market conditions and proper content distribution. It is predicted that towards the end of 2019, content marketing will become even more dominating than it already is.


Shared below are some of the top content marketing trends that you should definitely try to incorporate into your marketing strategies:


content marketing trends

#1 Consider Remarketing

Remarketing is a concept that has grown quickly over the years. This approach allows a marketer to develop communication with a user, which is likely to convert to a sale. Remarketing isn't limited to users who visit a website through paid ads but is also for those who visit the website organically. 

To explain remarketing better, let's take an example of a potential customer who visited a clothing website, added some items to their cart and then left without checking out. Through remarketing, they will receive messages related to the products left in the cart, which is likely to result in them taking action and purchasing the items. 

The success of remarketing has made it among the top content marketing trends of 2019 which marketers are now investing in. 

How to Make Use of This Trend?

Remarketing campaigns can use the following strategies:

  • Google remarketing: Google remarketing works using AdWords. To do Google remarketing, you will be required to add a tag to your website, build ads and set up the campaign. 
  • Facebook remarketing: Facebook remarketing is similar to Google remarketing, but the difference is in the targeting options. 
  • AdRoll: AdRoll works well with different platforms and allows most of the audience to be reached. It takes technical details into account which include customer segmentation and geo-targeting. 
  • Retargeted links: This concept has just recently emerged and is very simple. All that it requires you to do is create a short link and share it on social media platforms or in emails. People who click on the link will see the advertisement that you are intending to show. 


#2 Leverage Personalized Content Marketing 

This content marketing strategy allows you to target users on an individual basis. This concept is being adopted by almost every company now as it can get hold of user information. The information can later be used for advertising and targeting purposes. 

A simple example of personalized content marketing can be providing your email when downloading an ebook. The next time you log into the website, you will see that you are greeted by your name. This is what personalized content marketing does; it allows a business and user to connect on a personal level.

Research from Invesp suggests that customers demand personalization. Stats state that almost 57% of shoppers are willing to give away their personal information if reached through personalized content marketing. 

Artificial intelligence tools are increasingly used to monitor the efficacy of personalized content. This trend only grew in 2019 as innovations in technology continue to bring tools to the marketing space.

How to Make Use of This Trend?

You can collect customer data using different methods. If you are a B2B business, you can capture data by asking for the name, job title, email, etc. By providing some incentive to the customers, you can get all this data. For example, you can offer a free download to convince a user to provide these details.

#3 Create Niche Content

In the world we live in today, customers want personalization and this requires tailor-made experiences. Niche content allows users to be reached in multiple ways and generates a better response. It provides a more impactful word of mouth and attracts qualified leads. 


Creating content for a niche audience might even attract a far greater audience than if you only created generic content. Bur creating generic content has its advantages too and works when you are starting out your business, striving to build your website authority. An example of niche marketing is writing a generic blog post. A generic blog post allows you to capture more keywords and reach a wider audience which in turn increases the authority of your website. As you grow, you zero in on your niche market and create content not for everyone but target groups who are more likely to convert into customers. So Instead of writing about the importance of a website for a business, you can explain why a small-scale business needs a website.


In the case of niche content, this is being more broadly applied across the B2B market, as well as the B2C market which is perhaps more traditionally associated with content marketing. As B2B companies continue to invest in more channels to communicate with their customers, content continues to become an integral part of building the authority of your website online. 

How to Make Use of This Trend?

A simple technique to engage in niche content marketing is to start by identifying segments of the market that are untapped. Do something no one else is doing, find exciting topics that are underexplored, and abstain from writing generic content. 

#4 Grow with Influencer Marketing

According to Google Trends, influencer marketing has been a favorite technique for many and is increasing in popularity. Brands are making use of this content marketing technique to get their message across. The reason this method has gained popularity is down to its impact. Users mostly trust the content that is shared by influential personalities.

By integrating influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategy you are able to connect to an audience that already feels trust toward the influencer and the information that they share. 

How to Make Use of This Trend?

To effectively use this trend, it is important that instead of simply providing details to an influencer, you collaborate with them to present your brand in the best possible way. When engaging with an influencer, you will be required to come up with a marketing campaign that will be directed at meeting the needs of their followers.

#5 Be Transparent 

This is one emerging and popular content marketing trend of 2019 that should be utilized for maximum benefit. Transparency is an ever-present and integral part of successful businesses. Winning the trust of customers is not as easy as it used to be. They are able to sniff out companies with less than honest advertising. And this also means that gaining their trust has become difficult. 

If a company’s marketing is not executed well, campaigns can be met with skepticism and severe backlash. Customers want honesty from brands and that also extends to content marketing. The content should be drafted in a way that can develop a relationship with the reader. 

How to Make Use of This Trend?

Often, companies get blacklisted because of their less than ethical activities. Social media is a powerful platform, and it can be used to shine a spotlight on companies. Many have been caught using fake accounts or paying reviewers to rate their products. If you’re caught, the knock to your company image will be difficult to recover from. Thus, use words that can clearly disclose what you are trying to promote.

#6 Include Videos in Your Content Marketing Activities 

Videos are the most preferred content and will remain so in the coming years. This, in part, has risen as social media has made the consumption of short one to three-minute videos very popular. And if you scroll through any social media feed, you will see lots of companies using the technique. Companies are using videos to promote their products. Research states that videos generate almost 69-70% of internet traffic which is why they should be incorporated into content marketing strategies. 

How to Make Use of This Trend?

Creating videos can be time-consuming but worth the investment. All you require are the correct tools and, of course, an expert graphic designer. Videos that exceed 1 minute are likely to have lower views than those which are between 30-60 seconds. Create high-quality videos that convey a message and are engaging. youtube content marketing

#7 Post Live Videos

Initially, not many platforms provided live video options, but in recent times, the trend has become quite popular. More and more companies are making use of this strategy to showcase their offerings. This is because live videos don't require you to have professional equipment; all you need  is a smartphone. 

How to Make Use of This Trend?

To use this trend, you can hold live question/answer sessions where you can communicate with your customers and answer their queries. You can also give live product demos and even host interviews. Alongside live videos, other human-centered live chats on your website, for example, provides you with the opportunity to communicate directly with your customers. The flexibility of these newer channels of communication allows the customer to decide how they want to engage with your company and again allows for more personalized marketing. 


These are some of the top 2019 content marketing trends that continue to dominate. Advice for marketers; instead of chasing trends alone, find ways to improve your content marketing strategies. Marketing is an industry that changes at lightning speed. What is relevant now will cease to be of importance in a few years time.

The key to killing it in content marketing is to stay updated. Follow industry blogs, read all that you can, follow your competitors, and stay open to the changes. Remember, when between 75-90% of startups fail, you can ill-afford to make mistakes moving forward. 

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