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17. 09. 2014

65% of Your Audience are Visual Learners: 5 Ways You Can Make Your Content Visual with Social Media

Nowadays, many marketers use visual content in order to gain reader’s attention, as people are more attracted to images, videos rather than to text. According to WebDAM's recent info-graphic images are the most shared content and nearly 65% of your online audience are visual learners.

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This means every company nowadays is a media company and in order succeed in deviling a professional experience to your onlline audience you need to have a creative and strong visual content strategy. So without further ado here are 5 ways for you, which will make your stories visual on social media. 

1. Design Infographics

One of the best ways to make your content visual is infographics. Infographics have made a huge changes in social media, as they are considered to be too eye-catching and one of the most shared content particularly in Pinterest and blogs .

You may think that creation of infographics would be very hard, as you need to hire a designer. But, instead of doing it, you can make it by yourself, by selecting from many excellent options of creating infographics, which are offered on the Web.

So, if you want to make your stories visual, you should make infographics, as they attract readers’ attention and their impact can be very huge.

2. Use Instagram

Those marketers, who use Instagram for their content to be visible, have the chance to attract more than 100 million active users. Your images can be visible too, if you use the right hashtags, if you follow the right people and if you make them follow you. Using Instagram is a best idea to gain extra visibility for your brand.

3. Create slideshows/videos

Using funny or dramatic video slideshows can result in a better visuality of your content. It’s a great way of introducing your new product, making presentation about your brand and so on. You can use how-to videos as well. It’s a huge opportunity for you to show your customers how your product is working. Nothing works better than how-to videos.

Thus, using slideshows and videos are made to be both informative and funny ways of visualizing your content. With the growing trends of mobile micro-storytteling tools Vine is considered to be a great option you can consider for your company's social media strategy.

According to Heather Taylor, a vice-president at Ogilvy ''brand Vines are shared 4x more than other online videos, and 5 Vines are shared every second on Twitter,”

4. Logos

Any company’s logo should be actively promoted in social media, as it provides brand recognition and lets people associate it with company’s products or services. It will be better if companies use it not only in their social media profile, but also use it in videos, infographics, presentations, images and so on. One of the greatest tools to create branded images that we recommend is PicMonkey online editor, which is free to use.

5. User generated content

It’s perhaps one of the best ways to make your stories visual on social media, because it’s one thing when you advertise your product, and it’s another thing when it is advertised by your customers. Making your customers to share their experience of using your product or service or just making them to tell their feelings can be too powerful for visualizing your content.

 So, if possible, each company should use the combination of these 5 ways in order to be successful in making visible content on social media sites.

Have you used any of them? If there are some ways that are not mentioned, please let us know in the comments below.

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