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22. 09. 2015

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire an Inbound Agency After Assessment

Have you decided to hire an inbound marketing agency? If so, you have landed at the right place. Inbound agencies can give you many valuable services, such as redesigning the website of your company, launching marketing or advertising campaign, improving conversion rates, increasing website visits and many more.


If you choose the right agency, then you can be sure that all of these activities will be done in an effective way. However, to be honest, it is really hard to choose one agency out of thousands out there. There are many things you should consider, for example: is it better to hire a big or small, less known agency? Should you find an agency that is specialised in your industry? Should hire a local agency or an international one?

The truth is that even after deciding on these things, there will be many alternatives available to you, which will make your selection process much longer and difficult. To help you a little bit, here we present 5 reasons why you should not hire an inbound agency after assessment.

1. No transparency

If you want your business to succeed, there is a very important thing all of your staff and partners should follow: transparency. When hiring an inbound marketing agency, you should always know who are going to work with your company, whether it is your website, social media strategy or any other aspect. You should clearly know who is responsible for the project, which are the main objectives, what are the projected results so far and so on.

If the agency tells you that it’s confidential information during the assessment period and you need to wait for the results, it’s a red flag for that company. To make sure that the agency you are considering has transparency, ask them several questions, such as:

  • Have they implemented the specific strategy before and how successful have the results been?
  • What are the projected results after implementation of the project?
  • Who is responsible for which project? Are these people are qualified to do the work?
  • How is the work going to be invoiced: are there any additional fees?

There are , of course, many more questions to ask, but these are great for understanding whether the agency is transparent or not.

2. No reports and analytical data available

Analytics and reports are crucial for every successful inbound marketing campaign If you have no information about your current situation, your customers, demand of your products, cost per acquisition, client lifetime value and etc then there is no way to correctly plan the future campaigns.

You need to get reports from the inbound agency to make sure you know your search engine rankings, social media reach, click through rates, conversion rates, interested segment for your business and on.

If you would like to make sure that your agency has experience in providing data and feedback, ask for some examples from their previous clients. If an agency cannot provide you such information, then it’s the one you should avoid hiring.

3. No blog and content strategy

A good inbound marketing agency surely understands the importance of blog and content strategy. If the agency you want to hire does not have an active blog and does not provide relevant content, how in this case they are going to develop your content marketing strategy?

Take a look at their blog and see whether they use it in a proper way or not: do they offer valuable information, such as guides and tips? do they have active readers? are there any discussions in their blog? If you find that answers for these questions are negative, then this is not the right agency for hiring.

4. Huge distractions

To promote a product, sometimes it’s useful to make use of some buzzwords or related technology. However, the inbound marketing agency that you hire should not explain the things in the same way it explains to your customers.

A good agency explains how everything works and what are the main goals and objectives of a given strategy. This allows you provides suggestions, ideas, feedback and express your opinion about the project as well. After all, you can’t say whether that marketing strategy is a good or bad one if you don’t understand what’s going around. So, if the agency you want to hire uses smoke to distract you, that’s a big red flag for them.

5. No access to benchmarks and advanced analytics

Let’s think for a moment. Why do you want to hire an inbound marketing agency? One of the main reasons is that you are not capable of doing things the way a professional agency can. You don’t have access to important data, industry benchmarks, resources and tools for analysis and have little to no expertise in marketing aspects of your field.

If you see that an inbound marketing agency you are going to hire does not have enough resources and tools to create your inbound marketing strategy, then there is no point for hiring them. So, make sure to talk with them and understand what kind of means they use to facilitate their work and get desired results.

While the reasons mentioned above are all important, it is also important whether the agency is ready to answer  all of your questions and concerns. A good agency will be able to provide answers and guidance for your questions and leave no blind spots.

Sona Hovhannisyan
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