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30. 06. 2015

4 Tips on Turning Raving Fans Into Your Health Club's Lead Generators

Lead generation is essential for any business to grow and prosper and all companies invest huge amounts of time and recourses into this particular matter. There are multiple known ways to generate leads for your business, but today I want to tell you about how to create brand representatives, aka brand evangelists from unhappy customers in order to increase your results even more.


Health care industry is one of those that is much more reliant on exceptional customer service and positive feedback compared to many other industries. Being healthy is one of the most critical issues for pretty much every person and they tend to take it very seriously, so if you fail to deliver the best service possible it’s going to cost you a lot.

Statistics show that every happy customer would tell about their experience to 5 on average, and each unhappy customer will tell 18 people on average. From the numbers it’s obvious that every business top priority is not having happy customers, but rather NOT having unhappy ones. However nobody is protected from mistakes, they do and always will happen.

Now here is the opportunity that many businesses fail to see –Use unhappy customers in a way that can actually turn them into brand evangelists and generate more leads for your Health Club.

There are a few types of customers out there: some remain silent and just never come back, some complain about their bad experience to their close friends and family and some actively ravage your Health Club.

These are the ones you should focus on, and turn their experience into a good one and by so, acquiring brand evangelists, who will actively generate leads for you by telling their story at every possible opportunity. Here are our 4 tips on how to do it:

1. Listen Actively

Whenever you get to deal with unhappy customers, the first step is to hear them out, see what they have to say. Sometimes what customers really want is not fixing the problem or bad service, but just being heard and respected.

It gives them a feeling of “being special” which is important for them, meaning that they get separate attention and not being handled like everybody else. It’s equally important not to address them too soon, because this might mean that you did not take the time to look into their problem thoroughly and are just trying to make a good impression. So take your time and listen carefully.

2. Make no Excuses

Whether it’s the customer’s fault or the Health Club’s, it’s important not to make any excuses. Don’t try to convince the customer that it’s not your fault that for example there was a technical problem or anything else.

The customer doesn’t care about it and it’s your responsibility to leave him/her out of it. That’s what they expect to get. Instead, focus on the opportunity and look for ways to delight him/her, or if it’s not possible to undo whatever made him/her upset, offer a sincere apology, your thanks for their feedback and a promise that it will never happen again in the future.

Most of the customers will believe you, especially if they like your visiting your Health Club, and will give you a second chance. Do not miss that opportunity to delight them in the future, since delighted customers actually become more loyal when you solve their problems in a positive way, than those customers that were just happy from the start.

3. Take Action

After you have heard them out, it’s time to act quickly. Do not postpone your promise and get it done as fast as possible. The fast results and the quality of your service will build trust and confidence among your unhappy customers, thus converting them into happy ones.

4. Offer Something More

Sometimes it’s not enough to just set things right, because lots of companies provide great customer service nowadays, and set things right in no time. If you want to be memorized, you will have to offer your customers something more, while asking nothing in return.

This is especially true if you own a Health Club business, since it is directly connected with the health of your customers. Besides addressing their concerns, you can offer them a VIP status for next week or month completely for free, or invite them to become a member of your club, or maybe offer some discounts etc.

This might seem like a negative investment, but in the end you will earn more than just satisfied customers. You will get loyal followers that will come for your services no matter what and also promote your Health Club within their own networks, and if they are the active type, this will result in a huge number of generated leads, thus more business for your company.

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