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19. 09. 2014

Mastering Digital Analytics: 33 Ultimate Resources To Help You Understand Your Marketing Data Better

If you are an online marketing manager who tries it hard to have highly effective marketing campaigns with greater ROI and to understand your prospects better the first thing to do is the to master your analytics like a pro. By far this is the only way you can understand the performance of your online resources, see who are interested in your product, who are your potential customers, how your SERPs(search engine ranking positions) are performing and, of course, you can plan your future performance. So, today we’re going to introduce you some resources and tools to help you understand your marketing data better.

mastering digital analytics

Resources and tools to undestand your marketing peroformance better

1. Google Analytics

(Free/premium) - It’s, of course, one of the most famous analytics tools, which lets you find out who visit your site, what is their behavior/visitor flow, your main traffic sources and so on. If you are beginner in digital analytics we highly recommend you to begin with Google Analytics as well as watch their free educational resources

2. Yahoo Analytics

(Free) - It is very similar to Google Analytics, but has better control systems. Another key feature for Yahoo Analytics is that you have an option for Constant Contact and Orange Soda integration to your dashboard.

3. Crazy Egg

(30 days trial/premium starting from $9/month) - By using this resource you can understand what users find interesting on your website. Crazy Egg tracks also with Flash objects and iFrames on HTTPS websites. It provides visual analytics and heatmap reports.

4. Compete

(Trial version/premium starting from $199 per month) - Compete provides you with information about what your competitors are up to. Moreover, it offers traffic, engagement, and demographic data for millions of websites. If you subscribed with the pro version you may have also your competitors' keyword traffic and paid traffic. Use this tool to learn on what your competitors are bidding on.

5. Optimizely

(Premium starting from $17) - By Optimizely you can improve the customer experience on your website with A/B testing. The main advantage of this tool is that you don’t have to master any programming background for using it.

6. Kissmetrics

(14 days free trial/starter-$179 monthly) - Google Analytics tells you what is happening. KISSMetrics tells you who's doing it. By using this resource you can analyze the changing behavior of your users over time. An example of such a behavior that you can easily track with Kissmetrics is how many visitors go from your landing page to pricing to sign up and how many drop out at each stage.

7. Kissinsights from Kissmetrics

With kissinsights you can receive the feedbacks of your customers in the form of comments. Just like it is easy to set up KissMetrics - after a one-time JavaScript install, you can manage all of your questions directly from your dashboard.

8. 4Q by iPerceptions

(Free) - This free online tool helps you understand what visitors do at your website and how satisfied they are by completing a short 4 question surveys. 4Q is very quick to set up, provides a good user experience and yields measurable and usable qualitative information.

9. ClickTale

(Free/pro-$9.99 monthly) -Just like Crazy Egg ClickTale offers you to create visual maps, which will help you to find out your visitors’ behavior. While CrazyEgg is primarily giving you a heatmap data, ClickTale comes also with conversion funnels, campaign tracking, visitor recording and much more complex features.

10. Facebook Insights

(Free) - If you are running a Facebook business page is the simplest tool to have information about your followers, posts and comments performance and so on. Obviously you will find lots of valuable data for you about your page but for all beginners we highly recommend to check often ''Where Your Fans Are Online'' section, which is usually being ignored by most of the page owners.

11. Twitalyzer

(Free) - Twitalyzer is in the same principle as Facebook Insights but for Twitter.

12. Spring Metrics

(14 days free trial/$199 monthly) - The key feature for Spring Metrics is behavioral analytics and showing personalized content to your visitors, while they are on your site. With this resource you can have for example different offers for your repeat visitors VS your new visitors and see how it works for you.

13. Woopra

(30 days free trial/up to 400.000 actions-$79.95 monthly) - With Woopra you can chat live with site users and it can be a great real time customer analytics tools especially for eCommerce sites. Woopra has an easy to install Wordpress plugin as well as desktop and mobile apps so you can see at all times how many people are on your website and what they’re doing.

14. Clicky

(Free/pro-$9.99 monthly) - It helps you to get you get real-time analytics. Clicky has a mobile version as well, so you can use it no matter where you are. Some people really like their interface and top features include uptime monitoring, dynamic goals and tracking users who have disabled JavaScript

15. Mint Analytics

(Free) - Mint is another great tool to analyze your data and statistics. Compared to other analytic tools Mint reports activity to the minute, and is extendable through plugins (called “Peppers” in the ''Peppermill''). Peppers add additional tracking capabilities. You can get a list of official and 3rd part Mint plugins to see which can be valuable for you

16. Chartbeat

(free trial/editorial suite-$45 for 1000 concurrents) - Chartbeat lets you understand how you should improve your social media content and design. One of the key awesome features of Chartbeat is ''Peer Stats'' which allows you to see your data, put in context with the anonymized, aggregated stats of your sites like yours all in real time.

17. UserTesting

(One user tester-$49) - It’s a unique way of gathering information about your users, as their activity is recorded on video. Sometime after spending a couple of months of thinking through and building your website or product, a startup finds that its users stumble through a sign-up flow or in finding a feature. All of the USerTesting analytics has been done by involving real users are paid $10 per website test and $15 per mobile test.

18. Mouseflow

(Small-$15 monthly) - It is the combination of UserTesting and Crazy Egg, as you can see the interaction of your users in video, including their every click, scrolling and so on. You can easliy integrate your Wordpress website with Mouseflow and start discovering all the problematic parts of your site.

19. Moz Analytics

(30 days free trial/standard $99) - Moz Analytics lets you collect your search marketing, content and social media marketing results in one place. It is usually recommended for SEO managers. The premium users of Moz Analytics get also advantage to have to access to Pro webinars and ask private questions directly to the guys at SEOmoz to get reliable answers.

20. TrueSocial Metrics

(30 days free trial/small-$30 monthly) - This tool is a great chance for you to calculate your social media marketing ROI. Another thing I really like a lot about TrueSocial Metrics is that it allows business owners to choose the most effective social networks for your business instead of spending hundreds of hours to utilize all possible social networks for their lead generation.

21. GoSquared

(14 days free trial/$18 monthly) - It’s another way of calculating real-time visitor engagement, but its difference from other ones mentioned above is its unique design.

22. Buzzstream

(Free trial/starter-$29 monthly) -It’s a tool which can help you with link building and social media researches. One of the advantageous features of BuzzStream’s link management feature is the email management facility. It has an ability to integrate with your email account so your entire message history (or that of your team) is recorded against a contact in Buzzstreams contact database.

22. BrightEdge

It is also used to measure your SEO effectiveness just like Moz Analytrics and Buzzstream. BrightEdge Analytics shows who your top competitors are for each keyword group by market share. The report includes a trend graph that makes it easy to identify when new competitors are entering the arena.

23. FoxMetrics

(14 days free trial/small-$20 monthly) - FoxMetrics is a real-time web analytics platform with actionable reports including your user profiling, top funnels. customer segments and triggers for automation based on user behavior.

24. Mixpanel

(Free/startup-$150 monthly) - Mixpanel is an advanced analytics service that helps improve web and mobile applications by tracking how users interact & engage with them. One of the greatest features on Mixpanel is ''People'' feature that let's you to to automate email notifications based on users activity.

25. Inspectlet

(Free/micro-$39 monthly) - Inspectlet has 4 useful parts: eye tracking heatmaps, screen capture, customizable metrics and real time analytics. It's a great UX analytics tool like ChartBeat + CrazyEgg + Google Analytics.

26. GoingUp

(Free) - GoingUp measures the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. This analytics tool has very intuitive UX which comes with many choices regarding how info is displayed and what info is displayed.

27. eTracker

(Free trial/€19) - It provides you with qualitative and quantitative data to understand your website’s traffic and determine accesses to defined areas of your website. Starting from PDF documents up to trace exact click paths - everything is available for you with eTracker. In terms of qualtitive data eTracker Analytics comes witha feature called ''Visitor Voice'', which allows you to survey website visitors and poll their feedback in easy to understand pain points

28. Coremetrics

(Free) - Coremetrics has been aquired by IBM and is often being used by eCommerce websites. All the solutions of Coremetrics are designed to generate high return on online marketing investments and it obviously comes integrated with IBM Campaigns and access to IBM Digital Data Exchange network of certified Business Partners for helping you to manage all your digital marketing campaigns.

29. FireStats

It’s another great web analytics system developed by Omry Yadan. FireStats is an excellent stats plugin for WordPress and other self-hosted systems

30. SiteMeter

(Up to 25.000 pages-$6.95 monthly) - It’s another analytics tool, but it’s particularity is the fact, that it can be customized based on your particular requirements. One of the more unique aspects of SiteMeter is the Traffic Estimator which looks at your historical website traffic and will give you expected traffic estimates for the upcoming milestones - hour, day, week and month. It’s fun to see bigger numbers sometimes. :)

31. BBClone

BBClone lets you know your users’ IP addresses, the browser that they use, when and from where they visit your website and so on. Other features include accurate country allocation of visitors by using its own lookup database and visualization of visitors by using icons.

32. Heap

(Free/premium starting from $59) - It is a mobile app analytics tool that helps you track anything from clicks to form submissions and users. The best thing about Heap is that you're no longer limited by events you definted upfront.

33. Countly

(Free trial/premium starting from $69) -It is a tool for mobile apps, with which you can get stats on how many users are currently using your app, on which platform each app user is on and so on. Moreover Countly can also track what counties the applications are being used in (useful for making decisons on your language support), what devices are running the application and defining the resolutions of the device screens.

So, here are some digital analytics tools and by the help of them you can understand your marketing data better. What one is your favorite from the list? Or are there any that we haven’t listed? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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