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26. 10. 2014

Instagram Ads Debuting in Australia: 9 Brands Have Already Signed-Up

Australia is the 3rd country after Britain and USA, where Instagram debuts its advertising campaign i. 9 brands have already signed-up the contract in order to be a part of the launch of advertising to Australian users of Instagram. These brands are Vegemite, Toyota, McDonald’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Audi, Flight Centre, Tourism Queensland, Lenovo and Philadelphia cream cheese.

In this ad campaign, photos, videos and other content will be in users’ feeds, which will be like other posts but marked as sponsored content. According to Instagram, Australia has users of nearly 4 million.

Instagram ads debuting in australia


Amy Cole, San-Francisco-based head of business operations said “People are inspired with Instagram, they come here to connect and to be inspired. We want ads to feel native on Instagram with the activities that brands are doing”.

All the ads that accepted on the app are being involved in a global process, which includes being accepted by co-founder Kevin Systrom to ensure that ads are compatible with users’ emotions.

The company has also had many educational trainings with local advertisers, to be sure that their advertising meets Instagram’s mission of providing users with moments of inspiration.

What brands say about Instagram ads...

Vegemite and Philadelphia cream cheese

Channel T has worked with Mondelez, an owner of Vegemite and Philadelphia and cream cheese, on their Instagram campaigns. According to the president of Mondelez, Vegemite’s Instagram advertising will be focused on “Vitality, energy and Australia”. He said that Vegemite does not need a brand awareness, as nearly 95 % of Australian households use their product and they do not need to put their product in centre. All they want to do is to inspire people to start their days with Vegemite.

As to Philadelphia cream cheese, they would tap into the tendency of people to share their love of food on Instagram. The president inspires people by saying “Now you have your cake: sahre it with your followers and then eat it”.


Brad Cramb, chief marketing officer of Toyota, said that Toyota is going to show their images from about 80.000 km drive around the country , with the purpose to create better cars.

Ben & Jerry’s

Kalli Swail, brand manager of Ben & Jerry’s, they want to use this opportunity to increase their brand awareness. She said, “People love ice cream and they tag us all the time in their photos, but there’s more people who don’t know that our company has an Australian instagram account and they tag on our US account. Our aim is to engage them with our tone and our perfect flavors”.

So, what do you think about Instagram Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Here is another article you may be interested in 10 Tools To Power Up Your Instagram Marketing


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