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SaaS Marketing Strategy

26. 10. 2014

10 Signs You Might Need Marketing Automation

If you are a digital marketer, there are many things that you deal with during a day, such as keywords, leads, landing pages, email marketing, social media marketing, CTAs and so on. However, it’s impossible to manage doing all these things alone. That’s the reason marketing automation was created.


Of course, it is a huge investment, however if you choose the right software, it will definitely pay off. So let’s take a look at 10 signs, which are the reasons to start using marketing automation.

1. You website doesn’t generate enough leads

Many companies complain that they can’t get enough sales, however the real thing is that they can’t get enough LEADS. There are many companies who add a “Contact us” button, and wait for the leads to fill their website. However, this is mainly used by spammers and not the real users. So, you should get info from people when they are still in the consideration stage of the buyer's journey by offering them something of value in exchange for information. So your lead generation will flourish if you use marketing automation.

 2. Your leads don’t convert into customers

Marketing automation gives businesses a great chance to convert website leads into customers. With this, you can create some lead emails, which will help you achieve your goals. Here’s the way it works.

1. Lead is generated when a user fills out a form in order to get the desirable content

2. Lead receives “thank you” email, along with a link to get the content again

3. After 2-4 days lead receives email messages, which provide useful information about the desirable content

4. Lead is invited to try a free trial, get a demo or appoint a consultation

5. You receive info related to the level of interest of the lead.

So, you can decide whether to take actions or to keep them to follow up in the future.

3. You can’t manage your new leads

It’s very good if you continuously receive new leads, but there is probably no time to stop at each lead and examine it carefully. However, with marketing automation you can assign numbers to every action. For example, if someone downloads your content, it’s 8 points, if he/she just visits your website it’s 3 points. Someone who has a position of “CEO” or “owner” can have 15 points and so on. So, when someone hits the score, he/she can be moved to “hot leads” and it will be easier for you to determine which leads are worth concentrating.

4. Your leads are not organized

You can have too many leads, but if you don’t know what they are interested in, how can you determine what content you should send them? Marketing automation software allows you to create smart lists, where you can put any criteria you want for segmentation. So, when you have a new offer, new blog content or something else to send, it will be easy for you to select the list of people who will be interested in your content.

5. Your sales process is too long

 It is not a secret that nowadays sales process takes longer than it did several years ago, however if you use marketing automation it won’t affect your sales. Your marketing automation software will nurture your leads until they are ready to be closed as sales.

6. Your sales and marketing teams are not connected with each other

Your sales and marketing team should continuously work together. When these two teams are connected with each other and work effectively, the leads go from “Click Here” to “Sold” in a shorter period. Marketing automation software assigns some “lead scores” which give you the chance to understand which leads need to be sent to sales team and which ones still need some nurturing.

7. You spend too much time to build marketing campaigns

Do you feel that it takes from you a lot of time every time you create a new marketing campaign? If so, using marketing automation software will help you a lot, as it stores the data you need and lets you manipulate it. So, developing marketing campaigns or creating a new one if becoming more efficient.

8. You can’t decide what to write in your blog

Sometimes the most difficult part of blogging is deciding what topic to write about and what style to use. Keyword tools will help you see the ranking opportunities you didn’t consider and will show you where you already rank well.

9. You gather together too many marketing applications

Marketing automation collects all the functions necessary for you, in order to run a successful digital marketing strategy. In addition, instead of using too many applications to share the information with your team members, marketing automation gives you the opportunity to run reports in one spot.

10. Competition increases

So, the last sign that warns you to start using marketing automation is when your competitors start using it before you do. Everyone knows that being late to the party is not always a good idea. So, if you have a good product or something special to offer to your customers, you need to do it in the right time and in the right place, before they buy the other products of your competitors.

So, do you think that it’s the right time for you to start using marketing automation? If you already use it, do you think there are other signs to take into account? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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