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SaaS Marketing Strategy

25. 10. 2014

5 Ways You Can Demonstrate Your Value to Customers

Every customer likes to feel appreciated and to feel that he/she is very important for the company. The problem is, there are many competitors around you that can do exactly what you are doing. An important key to success for every company is to show a value to its customers and to let them know that you care.


So, in order to achieve this, your PR and marketing teams need to work jointly to decide on the ways of demonstrating the value to the customers. So, here you have some ways to show value to them and constantly demonstrate your commitment to their success.

1. Provide them with relevant and valuable content

One of the best ways to demonstrate your value is providing valuable information that will support them during their usage of your product or service.

Relevant content and information that will let your clients use your product in better ways is an alternative to thank them for buying your product or service and to support them to achieve success.

2. Create a customer community

By creating a customer community you will give your customers a place for knowledge and information exchange. Open your own page in social media networks, for example a page in Facebook or Twitter, and provide ways of connecting for your customers around the world.

In this way, they would share their usage practices, success and failures and other relevant information about your product, which would be useful for the rest of your customers.

3. Share your own stories

By sharing your success stories or everyday stories in your social media channels you will create a positive brand awareness and will promote your products and services.

If you post content about your team, for example photos or videos of them, it will help you differentiate your brand from the competitorsand will encourage relationships between you and your customers.

4. Meet customersneeds

You should foresee and meet customersneeds to show your respect and thankfulness for them and your dedication to their success. In order to know their needs you should analyse reviews and feedback from other customers.

So, you can create some how-to guides and troubleshooting tips for the bugs you find out from their reviews. In this way, customers will see that your main aim is not just selling your product and disappearing, but your aim is creating relationships with them and helping them to achieve success with your product.

5. Organize virtual events

You should organize some networking events which will gather your customers, relevant peers, influencers and your team in one place. These events are a huge opportunity to make your clients informed about your new products or about any other information that they should know.

Of course, physical events have much more effectiveness, but you can also achieve this effectiveness with the huge number of free web event hosting platforms like Google Hangout.

So, here are 5 ways you can use to deliver your value to your clients. Do you have other ideas in your mind? Share them with us in the comments below.

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