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20. 10. 2014

Twitter's Ad Retargeting Tool: What Advertisers Need to Know

Twitter is known for its many updates related to the ad products, and it wasn't a surprise that on July Twitter announced that retargeting is going to be the next effective tool for Twitter advertisers.

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While now Twitter is going to test this new tool with few advertisers in the United States, it’s obvious that it is going to develop and expand the retargeting tool, taking into account Facebook’s latest success in this field.

So what retargeting means for digital marketers? 

Retargeting is a type of advertising, which uses cookie technology, with the purpose of helping marketers concentrate their efforts on the customers, who visited their website earlier. A great example of retargeting strategy has been done by Ebay for years.

Imagine that you visited an Ebay store, you saw a very beautiful lamp for your bedroom and left the website without buying that product. Ebay is retargeting to you after you leave their website and you will see Ebay lamp ads everywhere on the web, maybe even the same ad of that lamp.

So, advertisers find this way much more effective, as retargeting to already-targeted people, than leading ads to unknown public, tends to increase ROI.

What is the meaning of Twitter retargeting?

Understanding the Twitter retargeting is very easy. The concept is that it gives the opportunity for the marketers to target those customers, who visited their website or subscribed by leaving their email. In this case, marketers promote their tweets to these people on their Twitter feed, by the help of cookies and emails.

It works like this: Email addresses that are in the CRM list of the company are coordinated with email addresses that users registered to enter their Twitter accounts. At first, you might think that it is a violation of the privacy, but Twitter thought about that and supplied some statements related to their plans for scrambling emails to make sure that there is anonymity of the users.

How to get the most of Twitter retargeting tool

To succeed in this tool, companies should clearly analyze what they want to achieve. When they have this huge user-based interaction, it is just insane to spend money on traditional and one-sided promotional content. However, maintaining interaction with Twitter’s users can be very beneficial for marketers.

Digital marketers have the chance of creating brand awareness, generating valuable reviews from the customers and promoting valuable content to brand advocates. Thus, the main problem for marketers is to investigate how to mix their already-planned marketing strategy with Twitter’s retargeting tool.

Twitter is a perfect place for building relationships with potential customers, rather than using it as a standard advertising platform. So, if you are an advertiser, you should better include retargeting to your Twitter marketing strategy.

So do you think that this is going to be a powerful tool for marketers? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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